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on 6 December 2017
Very good roll along briefcase. had 3 of them over the past 5 years. After a 12-18 months of bumping over London pavements, eventually one of the wheels falls off and the only option is to buy a new case.
The other pain in the neck is that the screws on the telescopic handle come loose and you cannot collapse it....this happened a few times when meeting anew customer which was very frustrating. I now keep a tube of nutlock and a small screwdriver in the case for periodic repairs while I am travelling along on the Underground! ....
The fall-off wheels and loose screws have led me to looks for other options many times but have found the briefcase good value for money so keep buying another one.
Pity the manufacturer cant sort these 2 simple problems....especially the loose screw problem....seems such a simple things to put right. i have noticed other reviews refer to the same problem.
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on 7 May 2017
This case is outstanding! I am flying a lot, over 10 trips a month, usually for 1-2 days. Case is ideal to fit in 2 shirts, jacket, some underpants, socks, shower gel, laptop, tablet, few phones, cables, chargers etc. Everything is perfectly accessible. At the same time case is overall compact, great for overhead locker when you want to get out of the plane to taxi and hotel super fast. Overall weight even when loaded is fairly small which also helps. Case is well built. Highly recommend to everyone.
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on 18 January 2017
This bag cost around £90 when I bought it, so it isn't cheap. It is, however, good quality. It includes a main bag, and a small laptop case.

Main Bag

Going from the front of the bag to the back, it has:

1. A front zipped pocket with spaces for phone, documents / tickets etc.. This also has two mesh pockets. The pocket as a whole is large enough for A4 documents.

2. A small zipped pocket. The length of the pocket matches the two red flashes on the front of the bag. This is easy to access, and can hold tickets, a phone, an iPad mini sized tablet, or an eBook reader.

3. A document pocket, with three pockets. I find this really useful for separating course materials when I am teaching.

4 A large pocket with a straining strap for a laptop or similar. It fits a large Toshiba laptop, and I can get the cable in as well. Alternatively, it would carry a lot of papers. The zipper pulls on this compartment have a loop to allow a padlock to be used, if wishes.

5. A final pocket at the rear of the bag that can be used for a shirt / blouse, etc. It also has two mesh pockets for bits and pieces. The size of this pocket is constrained by extendable handle, which is immediately behind it.

The extendable handle is in a zipped compartment at the back, so folds away completely. There is a button on the handle that you use when opening and closing it. It doesnt feel particularly sturdy, but it works fine so far. There is a band on the back of the bag with a velcro fastening, whcih seems to be there to allow it to be looped over a larger bag.

The bottom of the case has a hard plastic rest that can also be used a a handle if you need to move it about. The wheels are small, and quite neat, with the Wenger logo on their hub. There is a small carrying handle on the top, again with the Wenger logo. There is another Wenger logo on the hard plastic at the back of the bag, and a further logo on a tag inside the first ompartment.

Laptop Bag

When you buy the bag, this laptop bag is inside the main laptop compartment. It is a fairly light, padded shoulder bag. It has a soft rubber carrying handle, and a shoulder strap.

The laptop bag has a front pocket with two mesh pockets inside it, and a small rectangular pocket. The front pocket itself easily accommodates the kind of A4 size papers you would have for an average meeting.

The main pocket is a padded, zipped compartment. My Toshiba laptop, which is 36cm x 25cm x 3.5cm just fits in it, but you wouldn't be able to fit in something much larger. This bag also has a strap on the back with can be looped over the extended carrying handle of the main case.


In use, it can et quite heavy. The main bag is not very comfortable to carry for long periods by it's carry handle, because of the width of the bag, and also because of the amoutn of gear you can cram in to it. Obviously it is designed to be rolled, using the extendable handle, however, and it works well like this,with the laptop bag fitting well on to the handle.

It feels like a quality item to me. I don't have anything to compare it to, but the zips are strong, the zippers are wide and satisfyingly solid, and the bag itself feels well made. It's made as light as possible, so it's not like handling a hard case, but it is certainly strong enough for my use. I don't think I would want to pull it over rough ground, partly because of the wheel size, but also because I feel the wheels could be damaged (although I have no evidence for this feeling). I have used it in moderate rain, and while it's not waterproof as far as I can see, it kept everything dry.

I use it when I am delivering training courses, and it's great for that. It looks professional, so gives a better impression, I believe, than taking materials out of a back pack as I used to do at times. .

It's fine to take from car to hotel to training venue, and it's even okay on a train. I haven't taken it on a 'plane. I wouldn't like to carry it, laden, for long distances where I couldn't roll it, but for the purpose I'm using it for, it's excellent.
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on 3 June 2017
Initial receipt of this product was not good. I opened it to find one of the wheels was very loose and wobbly! I sent the product back without delay and new bag arrived 2 days later of which the wheels are solid and I am very happy with the bag. There are many zips and compartments. The back area for clothes is quite thin and small which is expected so you have to get used to rolling up your clothes :)
Overall a good bag for the money but watch out for wobbly wheels.
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on 8 March 2015
An excellent, well built case. I have slung it around quite a lot, dragging it on some pretty rough surfaces, and everything is holding together well so far. I can get 3 nights worth of shirts etc in it, plus all the work gear. It's heavy, and carrying it upstairs in the winter the salt will happily spread itself off the wheels all over your trousers, unless you remember to turn it around so the wheels are away from you. The compartments are pretty cavernous and the little pockets are useful. The little laptop bag is nice too when you can leave the rest of the bag in the hotel and travel light, although I wish it had 2 zips for the laptop pocket and the strap is not particularly comfortable. But overall, it's the best case I've ever had. I'm 6'2" and it doesn't catch my feet so long as I remember to hold the handle at one side, rather than in the middle. The case trails along behind just enough to one side to be free of my heels.
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on 3 January 2017
This item could be considered slightly pricey however if you want to protect multiple expensive items such as laptops and tablets along with being able to keep your documents filed neatly then this is the case for you. It can be a bit cumbersome if you are taking multiple flights but the trade off is item security and build quality. The handle is sturdy even when fully extended and the wheels have stayed in great condition and I am over a year into using this product.

Highly recommended
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on 7 November 2015
I've had this for over a year now and used it as hand-luggage on several international trips, as well as on a number of domestic train trips or as part of my luggage for car trips. So far it is holding up very well - the wheels and retractable handle work well, although as it's wider than taller (unlike much wheeled hand luggage) it can be a bit awkward when wheeling it through crowded airport terminals. I generally fly easyJet with their Plus programme so have a slightly larger hand-luggage allowance than standard and this seems to be acceptable for that ... just, provided the front zipped compartment is left almost empty; I can get most of what I want to carry in the other compartments, plus I can carry a small second piece of hand luggage. I doubt though it would be accepted in certain other low-cost airlines. However, I'm perfectly happy with it so far and if it gives me a few more years of trouble-free service then it will have repaid the purchase price.
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on 5 June 2017
This bag is very, very good indeed. I needed a bag to carry clothes and conference equipment and this fits the bill. Easy to manage, very well made, very professional in appearance. This is the new design and the problems associated with the old design have disappeared. I am delighted with the purchase and with the delivery, which was super fast.
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on 25 January 2015
This is an expensive case, £83, and one needs to be clear of the dimensions. Clearly states suitable for for widescreen 17" + laptops, which is not the case, My HP envy 17 fits but is really snug fit. when charger is added to the compartment then its a struggle to close the zip. In fact I found that a problem with all the different compartments. Once you put something in it becomes a problem trying to close the zips. I bought this Wenger case because I already have the backpack type case for 15" and it is good quality, I went for this case because I have to carry quite a lot of peripherals and other files etc with me but I'm afraid this one is far from up to the task.
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on 19 August 2014
So far an excellent piece of kit. I use a bag everyday and carry around 10 kilos of paperwork and such in it. After destroying a number of rucksacks, I bought a Wenger one which was so tough. Now due to a hernia I cannot carry the bag on my shoulder so I bought the roller version instead. Now I have not had it long but an inspection shows that it is built just as strong as the rucksack was and I expect it to last. As for practicality, I have brochures, order forms, folder, ipad etc and the bag has around eight different sectioned compartments and also a small top compartment for pens and such. As a home demonstration rep it does the job perfectly and looks professional when a client opens theory front door to me. If you are looking at these types of bags, you can buy them for half this price, but we all know what you get if you buy cheap. We all know why Wenger gear is twice the price of similar products. It's because it lasts four times as long.
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