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on 26 March 2008
Somewhat surprisingly, I was thrilled to bits to get a Dyson for Christmas as I'd owned one previously and it had worked very well. Not very romantic, I know, but it it was just what I wanted. I was therefore rather disappointed to find that it doesn't pick up hairs very well.

When the marketing material sang the praises of the flat head, I was under the impression that this was an accessory, not the main all purpose head. The problem with this head is that it doesn't have a roller to pick up the hairs, so it pushes them around the carpet until you bend down to pick them up or have about five goes over them before they are sucked up. Dyson get round this by offering to sell you the turbine head, which is an extra £40, and whilst I will probably buy one, I think it's a bit much to have to buy an extra attachment so that the machine performs a very basic function. Maybe I'm just using it wrong, but in order to find out I will have to buy the user guide for £2.50! The strange thing about it is that the suction is fantastic and almost pulls the carpet off the floor, so it's great with dust and bits but somehow manages not to pick up the hairs. Just to clarify, our household has two people with shortish/shoulder length hair, one with long hair and a short haired cat, and it's the human hairs that are the problem, not the pet hairs.

I also agree with the reviewer who said that the handle can get in the way, which is also the case with the thingy that attaches the wand to the vacuum cleaner. It would be useful to be able to detach them as they can be a bit unwieldy when you want to get into nooks and crannies, and also when vacuuming stairs.

Sorry to be negative - Dysons are great machines, but this one isn't as good as the last one I had (DC08), which unfortunately broke down after about 7 years of use.
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on 13 May 2017
great hoover
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on 29 December 2007
Have just purchased the Dyson DC19 after a few years with an upright Dyson which I found heavy and awkward to manouvre although it did have a strong suction and cleaned well. I have a home with a mix of carpeted,laminate wood floors and some cushionflor and wanted a lighter cylinder model that would easily go from one to another without having to change heads. This model so far seems great. It is very easy to manouvre, not too heavy for my bad back, cleans really well and the slim head makes getting under furniture, beds etc really easy. It has a long extending hose which saves too much bending and the tools fit simply onto the main body and not the hose like my last one where they could be easily knocked off. The cord rewind is fine and means it can be tidily stored away except that the long hose does mean it is a little awkward for storing the vacuum in a small cupboard or under the stairs.
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on 12 April 2008
Our old vacuum broke down in the middle of a major house clean up. (I was doing the hovering so like everything it was my fault) My wife had always talked about how much she wanted a Dyson so I thought I could earn a couple of extra brownie points and splashed out. She was absolutely delighted and raves about how brilliant it is. She has even allowed me to have a go. The DC19 is a brilliant vacuum on both wooden and carpeted floors. It has great suction and is easy to use, although steering it takes a little getting used to. Other reviews have mentioned problems with removing the collection compartment saying it is tricky to detach. My wife is disabled and has major problems with her hands but can manage it quite easily. The flat head standard attachment is great, because it is so thin you can get almost half of the head under a sofa or low unit where a standard head simply wouldn't go. Overall it has a good quality feel about it. It's styling is futuristic but personally I don't think there is anthing wrong in that. On the negative side I would agree that it is quite noisy but a small price to pay for clean floors!

Two years down the line so I've decided to add a note to this review. Its Brilliant and we havent had a single problem. Best hoover we have ever had !!!!!!
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on 13 January 2008
Maybe I believed the hype too much, and bought my dyson on perception rather than anything else.

To a dyson novice, I thought very simply that all Dysons would be better than all existing vacuum cleaners, bearing in mind even in the sale this model is 3 times the price my last cleaner.

Anyway i got it home, expecting it would make vacuuming easier, picking up stuff no probs. Well it didn't

I have carpet, which i assumed the dyson would work it, as it said the flat head would work on all floors. This is the bit that picks up the grime. Well it might work well on wooden floors, or lino, but on carpet I just found it pushed the dirt around. This was because there were virtually no brushes on the "flat head". Ground in dirt was sucked up but not detached from the floor.

I range Dyson, and they said I need to spend even more money for it to work on Carpet!!!!!! It was already £150, and despite saying it worked on all floors, it doesn't. I have to buy the turbine head... which costs as much as a normal vacuum.

I have to be fair and say that it does have great suction, and it looks good, and a lot of grime quickly gets sucked into the cylinder.

Non the less I don't think models which come with the flat head only should be sold as suitable for carpet, unless you have clean carpets already and don't want it to pick up dirt.

I am gutted as I was looking forward to owning a Dyson so much
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on 16 November 2015
This is the first time we have owned anything other than an upright vacuum cleaner, and have previously owned a Dyson and a Vax so this review will aim to compare and contrast against the pros and cons of those.

Firstly, the vacuum cleaner is very, very easy to assemble. It came in four simple pieces that clipped together (solidly, I might add - you dont tend to feel anything is cheap or tacky when dealing with Dyson) vey quickly, so that is could be used literally within minutes of opening the box. This is a massive plus for me, given my aversion to anything 'flat pack', and thus initial signs were good.

In terms of the size of the Dyson, I think it takes up more storage space than an upright vacuum (something to obviously bear in mind if space is at a premium). The core unit itself is bigger that an upright, and when you add on the hose and head it really does look and feel bigger. I must say though, that with this extra size comes extra suction. It is good that this product has an adjustable control for suction as it was quite literally lifting rugs off the floor and loose carpets up. It really is the most powerful vacuum we have owned and, when I had got used to the control of the suction, one of our rugs came up like new (we are dog owners and they do shed a lot of hair).

It easily adjusts for all floor surfaces which, again, suits us as we have hard flooring downstairs and carpet upstairs. It lifts well off both surfaces so we have no complaints there.

In terms of noise, I think it is quieter than both our previous vacuums, something I think is likely attributed to more modern technology. I was able to hold a conversation with my wife while this Dyson was running, something that we couldn't do previously. It also comes with handy little additions such as an automatically retracting cord - no more winding up the lead when you have finished vaccuming!

I would hesitate to buy another one simply due to it's size and the storage implications, but it is a very powerful model and is typically Dyson: well built, solid and with an excellent 5 year guarantee.
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I bought this to replace a 13 year old Dyson that finally gave up the ghost, and I am so impressed by the improvements that have been made over the years.
This model has a lot more suction power than my old one, and makes an excellent job of cleaning both my wooden and carpeted floors. It is light and well designed, a real joy to use. The handle can be adjusted to suit the user (good when there is a foot difference between my husband and I) and it is so easy to make the adjustments. (The adjustable handle also makes storage easier.) The main tool for cleaning floors the "Flat Out" tool is very slim to enable it to get under furniture, and it is works well on both carpets and hard flooring. It is also small enough to get between the legs of my kitchen chairs so I don't have to move everything to get to the crumbs after each meal, but it seems big enough that you are not standing there for ages cleaning a large expanse of carpet. The three additional tools included (crevice tool, brush and stair tool) slot onto the Dyson itself when not in use so they are always available. On the old model, they hung on to the hose, and invariably got lost, so didn't get used very often. It is incredibly easy to change the dust bucket - and that's a good thing, because this thing has so much power you'll be emptying it often.
The filter is reusable - just needs to be washed and left to dry for 24 hours, once every six months, another improvement. I've checked and removing the filter could not be easier, so this maintenance job will not be too much like hard work!
I was always pleased with my previous Dyson, but am very impressed with how the product has evolved over the years. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new vacuum cleaner.
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on 17 January 2016
Great vacuum - bought it in 2008 and it's been going strong ever since. Be aware that there's an undocumented HEPA filter under the cylinder when you detach it. This is in addition to the washable foam filter at the top. You should change this every 6 months as they do get blocked by fine particles of dust (they go black) which reduces air flow and makes the motor work harder (a harder working motor will get hotter and its life will be shortened!.

We just purchased the turbine head - this has bought up a hell of a lot of dust from our carpets compared to the flat out head. Should have came with the vacuum as standard really, although the flat out head is good for hard floors (better suction) and getting under furniture.

My only gripe is that the power cord doesn't retract very fast any more.
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on 7 January 2008
I have had the DC19 for 7 months now. It has fulfilled my every expectation - from the hype I heard about Dyson. It is an updated version of the basic Dyson (now with 'root' technology) but it is everything I need. A 'basic' Dyson is still a premium-priced product so expectations should be high.

First, it is not that heavy (for such a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner) and not that noisy. If it was really light and silent, then I would have given it 5 stars. However, for the real work of cleaning, well, it is a 5 star product. I especially love:

a) easy to move around the house, the ergonomics are first class;
b) I especially like the way the flat head goes anywhere and how it is almost glued to the floor to get the best dust pick-up (it even has the power to lift the edges of rugs!);
c) the container is not only very easy to disengage but also to empty as the dust does not stick in it, it just glides out;
d) the head auto-adapts to the type of floor without one having to reach to a toggle key down whilst on the job (very handy as we have carpets in rooms and wood/tiles in the living area of our house PLUS rugs on the wooden flooring! One just ignores what surface is being cleaned);
e) I do not even have to change the flat head to the smaller round one for corners on my wood floors as the power is enough to suck dust from the corners with the flat head itself! Saves a lot of time.

It is such a pleasure to use that I find myself vacuuming the living areas almost everyday! In summary -

Average: low pick-up of 'sticky' items on some types of rugs (eg. thread bits) but then you might need the turbo brush (no pb at all with human hair though - you will be pleased to go bald)
Average: the Dyson range is a bit confusing, difficult to figure out what you need
Good: Weight, noise, price
Excellent: ergonomics, design, compactness, 5-yr warranty and (I was forgetting!) superb cleaning efficiency, almost completely hassle-free

Conclusion: Bravo James Dyson! A real life-improving device.
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on 20 November 2008
Dyson DC19 Cylinder Vacuum cleaner

This is potentially a great vacuum cleaner but is spoilt because in my opinion the flathead attachment for cleaning floors is next to useless on carpet. Because it's not possible to retract the brush elements when cleaning carpet they ended up collecting hairs and fibre and I then had to spent ages picking them out of the bristles by hand. I found the only way to get over the problem was to buy a turbo head attachment at an additional £40. Previously I owned an older Dyson DC05 and was very happy with it until it broke after 6 years. This older machine had a cleaning head that allowed the bristles to be retracted and it gave excellent cleaning on all surfaces, unfortunately because of different fittings I could not use the old head on the new machine. Sometimes new may not be better.
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