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on 3 September 2017
The wife uses it for stapling ribbon. It's the only one we've found that doesn't cause a run in the material. A very solid, well made product...
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on 23 March 2017
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on 24 September 2017
Best stapler I have ever bought
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on 13 November 2017
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on 8 September 2015
Great value for a quality stapler. I already own a similar model but needed a stapler for my vehicle. Essential requirement was durability and this will outlast me-it's that well made. Easily the best stapler you'll buy.
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on 28 March 2015
Very strong, and ideal for those heavy Jiffy Bags that you need to send in the post
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Colour: Powder Blue|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Rapesco Porpoise is a high end, heavy duty stapler that is surprising comfortable to hold and use..

I can see where they get the name from it does look cetacean like.
But more of a Northern Right Whale (rather than a Blue !)

Firstly the potential buyer wants to know if it is any good.

A simple answer is Yes.

It is a really well made, heavy duty, robust stapler that will deliver staples and tacks reliably year after year.

It is heavy duty in that it can staple up to 50 80gsm paper sheets and that is some capability more than twice the normal range for the very best staplers.
• It can take both the 26 and 24/6-8mm staples and my goodness it does fire them out.

Not too heavy to hold and not lightweight in any sense this is a solid steel machine that means business.
The trick to maintaining it is take care with loading and always remove any bent or damage staplers immediately

Secondly after its ability to staple is it comfortable to hold.

Again yes it has a contour handle that really helps you have a comfortable grip- as I mention about it is heavy duty BUT is not really heavy.
You should be able to staple quite a few items with ease.

Now a puzzle.

In the video and the photos the stapler is clearly a bright steel almost chrome.
Mine is a smart powder blue.
This is not a bad thing because you can easily indelibly mark it with your name or department and ensure it is returned.
Believe me once you colleagues get a hold of this it will disappear faster than the Flash in a rainstorm.

Rapeso are a make that has been making and selling these staplers for years and during that time the price has come down and the high quality maintained.

Now another tip.
A quick reversal of the plate and the stapler becomes a pin/tacker machine enabling you to join sheets of paper but making separation really easy.
(So for example if you are a school and send a covering letter with a form to be returned this will save tens of expensive manicured nails I don’t wonder.)
(Quite a few people who use these machines often forget this useful function).

This is a good stapler that should last well past the 15 year guarantee and I am sad to say it will out last me.
If I had had this in the 70’s I feel it would be still working well which is a lot more than I could say about myself!

(Have I repeated myself?- Old Age you see now where was I? Oh Yes)

Robust, Reliable, Tough As nails And Amazingly Cheap.

Thank you so much for reading.
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Colour: Chrome|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Rapesco's Porpoise is, in effect, the baby brother of their HD-73 (Heavy Duty) model used for several months and is based upon a traditional design shared by several brands and models. It uses the very common and usually very inexpensive 26/6 (56 gauge) staples, the deeper 26/8 version (8mm legs), and the slightly heavier gauge 24/6 and 24/8 sizes. The 24 sizes are best used where permanence, and tougher or thicker materials are relevant factors. The Porpoise lacks the finger guard of the larger model but has a contoured finger grip for improved handling.

For the purposes of review, 1,000 24/6 staples were included but supplies in all relevant sizes can be obtained in packs of 1,000 and 5,000 although multipack deals may sometimes be offered for large-scale use. Staplers using 26/6 staples are so commonplace that supplies are available under many brands. The other sizes used by this machine are less common but readily available from Amazon and larger high street stationers.

The long, open jaws allow this to be used for packaging and sealing operations on padded mailing bags, large envelopes, card sleeves and some cartons provided that the board is not too thick. Fabrics, rubber, leather, plastic sheeting and metallic foils are other materials with which it could be used, perhaps in some areas of crafting. It can also be used as a general purpose office stapler, for small booklets of 20-30 sheets of standard office paper, possibly a few extra with the longer 8mm staples. Most uses will probably be in a retail, office, warehouse or despatch environment where a standard office stapler may not be best-suited to a task. It is intended for use in the hand and should prove comfortable for most users. It is easy to use, without needing excessive effort, and offers the normal closed mode and the open 'tacking' mode common to most office staplers.

The machine is all-metal, solidly constructed and capable of taking a lot of potential abuse and should provide many years of use, probably beyond its generous 15-year warranty. It fills from the rear by releasing the sprung hook from the drawer and is capable of taking a full staple strip or two half strips.

A functional tool that could replace an office stapler or be a useful addition to one. The probability that you may be able to use the same staples (26/6) in both could be an advantage.
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on 16 September 2016
Colour: Powder Blue|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a teacher I am expected to produce handouts for every student in every class I teach (that is every student, every class every week over the academic year) as you can imagine I burn through a lot of staplers under the stress.

Up to this one the longest lasting has been a Rexel that lasted a massive 18 months (or there about) and a PaperPro Prodigy which I got in January this year. The problem with these, and previous staplers, is that they have a certain amount of plastic and it is this plastic that breaks.

I have hopes that this one will last a significantly longer time because it appears to be a solid metal.

I have managed to staple handouts of 28 pages but I have hit an issue. The pressure required to press the staple through the wads of paper that make each handout becomes a little more difficult each time. This may be due to my disaility or just to growing tiredness and the strain of having to apply the necessary pressure over and over again or possibly the lack of a softer cover on the grip, but it does become more difficult over time.

It is not the most aesthetically pleasing item on my desk; in fact it looks like it belongs in a tool box, but as long as it does the job and keeps on stapling I'm not really that bothered about its appearance.

I have only been using this for a couple of weeks and so far it has not jammed.

Conclusion: If you don't mind the look it is a great stapler.
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Colour: Candy Pink|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Rapesco's Porpoise Stapling Plier (26 and 24/6-8 mm) - Pink is a mid-duty hand-held plier stapler that is probably more useful in the warehouse or packaging area than it would be in the office, although it could also occasionally be of use there for certain tasks. It is the most affordable of its type and has the specific advantage of using a very common staple guage that many users may currently use in a desktop stapler. A blue version is also available.

The original chromed version has been in use for a couple of years alongside the similar in design but heavy-duty HD-73 Plier/Stapler, the latter most often used to pin together or reinforce thicker corrugated and non-corrugated boards and cartons. Of the two, the Porpoise is used to seal several types of padded and poly packaging bags and thin cardboard envelopes for which it is ideal, providing better security than low-tack packaging tapes sometimes encountered.

The smaller (by about 25%) Porpoise, is by far the easier to use especially for those with smaller hands as it requires significantly less operating pressure. The choice of two staple grades in two lengths, 24/6 & 24/8 plus 26/6 & 26/8, provides a wider scope and leeway for different situations. Also, at least from Rapesco if not other brands, there is also a hard wire version of the 24 guage staples for even greater security when sealing.

The jaws are a reasonable 59mm (almost 2.5-inches) deep which can allow a range of staple positions from an edge. Loading is from the rear and quite easy to reload and subsequently close. Thus far, neither of the Rapesco stapling plier models has jammed or failed in another way and they are in frequent use, usually several times each most days. In the event of a problem, there is always Rapesco's help line but it comes with a generous 15-year guarantee should all else fail.
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