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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 22 March 2016
It is nice to do this workout because it is something completely different. It also differs from traditional yoga. The mantras and breath work exercises left me feeling very 'stimulated'... it was great. The initial warm up of mainly the spine, left my back feeling loose and ache-free. Though I would warn people who have a serious back issue to take these exercises slowly and carefully to find out if they are safe for you.

The whole workout is seated on a mat. There is a sequence where you do exercises one after another and you do build up a sweat, not a major one, but you still do and this is the detox aspect.

I am so chilled out. My shoulders are free of tension, my muscles are loosened - especially my back - and relaxed and I am breathing freer. Mentally, I feel uplifted and relaxed at the same time. It's wonderful! and I truly recommend giving this DVD a try because it leaves you feeling great!
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on 9 July 2011
I was "led" to buy my first Kundalinin Yoga DVD by Maya Fiennes. I ws actually looking for a Lego star wars item for my son but this DVD kept popping up instead. I was forced to read about it and the reviews. I did think that a lot of people seemed way too over enthusiatic about the effects that this DVD had on them but none the less recognisd my own need to de tox and de stress, particularly at that time. I felt that someone was guiding me to a path which would help me to cope.
Well,I have now become one of the converted! I find the music and Maya's voice absolutely relaxing and reassuring. She introduces and explains mantra and kundalini yoga beautifully and is a wondeful teacher. It sounds rather twee to say that discovering Kundalini Yoga has changed my life but it has and I would love others to at least give it a try! My life is very stressful but I now feel calmer and in control. I have had chronic back problems, hip problems and endometriosis for years. Doing yoga with Maya over a period of months has more or less taken away the chronic back and hip pain and my endometriosis, whilst still evident at times, is massively improved. I was advised last year to have some major surgery to help with severe chronic pain but I no longer require such drastic intervention. I am medical too, so I am quite taken aback that such changes could be possible!
Of course it is the practice of Kundalini yoga that has brought about many changes in my mind, body and Spirit but I do feel that Maya has a gift to reach people where others might possibly fail. For me she is the perfect teacher, but for those who find her teaching methods not for them, do give Kundalini yoga a try anyaway because it is the most wonderful healing tool available to us all in the Aquarian age.
My approach to life is more balanced and I have found my approach to food, drink and excercise changing in quite a profound way. I cannot explain how or why these changes are happening, I just know that I am a healthier individual, who still has the same stresses in her life but who just feels much more equipt to cope with them! Sat Nam x
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on 9 March 2009
I discovered Maya Feinnes on the Sky Channel, Body in Balance and decided I liked what I saw. This DVD is wonderful, some sections seem hard to start with but after two weeks I'm finding it easier and almost addictive. Maya explains everything clearly, the part of the body being affected by the each of the exercises and the spiritual connection with the chakras and all this is enhanced by her encouragement as you do the repetitions and her wonderful music - she is a classical pianist. This is an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to try Kundalini Yoga and the repetitions of the exercises are very meditative. Without having to bend into weird contortions, I know I've worked and I feel my body is benefitting from doing this every other day. A definite must in today's stressful times - the warm up and exercises take one hour and include a nice relaxation section at the end - if you're feeling stressed - get up an hour early and do this - I feel totally rejuvenated and set for the day - but make sure you try and fit it into your day somehow.Kundalini Yoga - to Detox and De-stress - Includes bonus music CD featuring Maya [DVD]
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on 18 September 2010
I cannot praise Maya enough.I have struggled all my life motivating myself to exercise on a regular basis.Its always felt like a chore before.I believe it comes down to finding what is right for you and your body.I have practiced yoga before and really enjoyed it.However it is this dvd that gives me so much personal fullfilment.The dvd is easy to follow and the moves can be mastered after watching it only once.The music is soothing and beautiful and I really look forward to this dvd every morning now,6.30am never used to exist in my world until this dvd but it does now with no complaints.It really does make a difference to your life.I am going to purchase Maya's other dvd's also to vary the experience.Yes there has been weight loss as an added bonus and toning up after only 6 weeks however my diet is made up of a high percentage of raw foods.I believe this to be the perfect combination.
Bright Blessings
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on 20 August 2013
As I take Kundalini classes I was looking for something that I could follow at home on a regular basis. This is ideal and covers what I do in classes in a relaxed, concise way and much easier than doing the practice on my own. Like having your own pocket Yogini in the nicest way.
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on 13 March 2017
Enjoyed this dvd, very good.
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on 29 November 2012
I am a single mother of 2 and I have sickle cell anaemia, an inherited blood disorder that often causes me to be in crippling pain for days at a time. I love going for long meditative walks when I'm strong enough, but the cold can be very discouraging as it can bring about painful crisis. I bought an exercise bike to eliminate the excuse of cold weather, and while I did use it, over the past couple of months it has gradually become a glorified clothes horse and is, as I write being used to dry my bath towel. I bought this DVD on recommendation by a friend, and was further assured of how good it is by the reviews of others here before me. Even so, I still didn't take it out of its packaging til about 3 weeks later and even then, the first time I put it in to my DVD player it was just to be able to tell my friend I'd 'followed' it. Well, it was hard not to take part and before I knew it I was doing the whole thing on my bed. I was unable to complete some of the exercises, but I'd say I got through about 85% of it. I got so into it, that I soon found myself on the floor in my room on all fours in I think what is called kat-kow position?! I actually look forward to exercising now. This is coming from someone who has had a pilates DVD sat by my bedside for the past 6 months gathering dust (I also have a Barbara Curry yoga DVD that has sat firmly on the shelf for the past 4/5 years). If I had only known of this DVD before purchasing my bike, I'd have a lot more space in my room and a bit more money in the bank.

The thing about sickle cell is the limited ability of the red blood cells to mobilise oxygen throughout the body, so this kind of yoga is brilliant, as much of the focus is the breath and the exercises are gentle enough to strengthen and tone without crisis being an outcome. Thus far I'm on week four and I do Maya's DVD 3-4 times a week, but I now want to try adding a couple more days where I just do the warm up. I don't really have weight to lose, so I can't comment on that, but what is important is that I am dedicating time to my personal self developement. What I can say is, that I have much more energy and climbing the stairs no long has my legs screaming for mercy while I fight to get my breath back.

Spirituality is an important aspect of my life; I had been wanting to strenghten my body and also give more focus to meditation and this covers both of those needs as well as nurtures my soul. Maya is a wonderful teacher, whose guidance is descriptive enough to follow with your eyes closed and yet doesn't drown the experience with constant talking. I love how her words of encouragement come at the right time and the reminders to 'smile' really make this the best ever exercise DVD I've ever owned. I now make a ritual of it by lighting a candle, burning incense and having some of my crystals in close proximity. I'd recommend anyone to buy and follow this DVD not just for the sake of adding a little more movement to your life, but because YOU are WORTH all the benefits that come with the journey it takes you on.

------ Update ------

Sooooo it's now about a year and 3months later and I've come back to update my review. There are other reviewers who commented on how one's fertility could be resurrected... well my reason for taking so long to write this is because a month after my initial review I fell pregnant! After having my last child 13 years ago, I was too damn stunned to do anything more than muddle through the first 3 months in a daze. I have since given birth, and for how difficult both the pregnancy and labour were, I was unable to continue with any form of exercise at all. After the birth of my son by last minute cesarean, I could barely get out of bed let alone walk anywhere and I fell into a depression. Fortunately, although I took such a big time out, my will was strong enough to have me finally put my foot down to stop myself falling any deeper into my personal abyss.

I decided to get my life back on track and start exercising again, but my health had deteriorated to the point of no longer being able to take a walk around my house let alone down the street. Everything I tried made me feel like more of a failure until I remembered I owned this DVD! Why on earth I was trying to reinvent the wheel by looking for other forms of exercise, I really do not know, but I am glad that I came back to my senses eventually. Doing it again for the first time made me cry for how much my body needed this, and also for the fact I was actually able to complete it. I finally felt like I had accomplished something for me. My husband who had been over-protective about my trying so hard to get back into exercise, actually encourages me with this as he knows it is gentle and won't have me do myself an injury by ripping my stitches or provoking a sickle cell pain episode. I'm looking forward to losing my baby belly without feeling like I'm doing more harm than good, but more importantly, I feel like I have found 'me' again. I cannot recommend this DVD highly enough, but for any women out there who do not want any more children, please do take added precaution. I thought my baby making days were over, but was gravely mistaken.

Obviously as with any course of exercise, the dedication to embark on the journey to fitness starts with you, but Maya's routine and pleasant disposition (in my opinion) make this yoga DVD a cut above the rest. Once you get started, the short and long term benefits are priceless. You owe yourself the opportunity to become a better you, and with dedication and minimal effort, this DVD will help get you there.
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on 5 April 2012
I bought this after reading the excellent and comprehensive reviews on Amazon (particularly JM Bunting's review which I found very inspiring). What was the worst that could have happened? I would have wasted the monetry equivalent of a pastry and glossy mag.

I have had this for a while now and used it as an introduction to Maya Fiennes and Kundalini Yoga. Until recently, I hadn't used this DVD for a wee while but I am drawn back to it again. I have been using the chakras series and mantras (I have completed separate reviews for those) and have seen real improvements in my mental wellbeing. However, I started to feel good and became complacent and stopped using the DVDs. I gradually began to start feeling like I used to: grumpy, irritable and more stressed. I decided that Kundalini had to become part of my life again.

Now I'm back 'on the wagon' I feel compelled to complete this DVD every morning before I get on with the day. This morning, for example, I woke up the wrong side of the bed but did the DVD anyway. Weirdly, despite my initial bad mood, I am feeling better, progressively as the day goes on (must be the Kundalini rising!).

When I first did this DVD I found it challenging but not insurmountable. I am OK sitting cross-legged but some may find that uncomfortable. In that case, use a cushion/prop and stick with it. I can't touch my toes (long-limbed, overweight and inflexible) but I have improved over time. Improvements will come quickly and you will surprise yourself.

I can't remember the exact order but here are some examples of exercises:

Warm up:
Spine mobilising exercises e.g. sitting cross-legged and moving upper body in circular motion & hands on shoulders moving from side to side with momentum.
Neck Rolls
Pushing cupped hands from torso to outstretched sides (tough but stick with it!)


Breath of Fire (rapid breath through nostrils): I couldn't do this at first but quickly progressed. You also do mouth breathing which produces a cold sensation.

Modified Cow pose: on all fours bringing bent leg to chest in time with head raises up and under body to meet knee. Should be performed rythmically in time to music.

Bridge: moving rythmically from back on floor (knees bent) and lifting pelvis hips off floor.


Left hand on kidneys with right hand outstretched and 60o while chanting 'har'.

This list is not exhaustive as Maya packs in a lot into a 1 hour session. Most poses are in Easy Pose (Cross-legs) but some will require legs outstretched straight in front (I modify this as I find this tricky).

At first you may think to yourself, 'I can't do this' and, while some people with chronic health problems will need to exercise some caution, in most cases you will progress quickly and surprise yourself.

I always feel better for doing this DVD and it has made me a calmer person. Also, since starting my Kundalini journey, I have found that I very rarely suffer from Panic Attacks and Anxiety (they were debilitating to the extent that I could not leave the house unaccompanied). Even when I had a Kundalini sabatical, I found the anxiety attacks were less prevalent.

Therefore, in my opinion, it is definitely worth a try as it could have amazing results. If you want Warrior pose, forget it, but if you want to open your heart to something more enriching then give it a try. The worst things that can happen is that you don't like it and, in that case, you can give it to a friend who will be eternally grateful as mine have been.
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on 25 March 2012
I've been doing this DVD nearly every day for about 4 weeks now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an obsessive exerciser and I think I actually bought the DVD about 4 years ago so it's really not as good as it sounds! I did used to go to a yoga class once a week and wanted to go back again but couldn't really afford to and remembered I had this and thought I'd give it a shot, what a worthwhile effort!

I did it once and already felt very calm and relaxed afterwards, which was nice, though I wasn't sure if the exercises were going to be tough enough and effective enough to tone my body and help my mind but I was so very wrong!

After only a week, I was hooked on doing the DVD every day (I try to take one day off from it a week, just to let my body recover from anything it needs to recover from but I don't feel like it's suffering or in any pain) and I happily get up at half passed five in the morning, just so I can do it. After that short amount of time I really felt more mellow and the difference during the day at work was phenomenal - I felt so much more energised, especially considering I woke up so early, as long as I started the day with the yoga, I didn't spend the afternoon yawning constantly or feeling like I needed to slide under my desk for a nap, pretty much regardless of when I went to bed.

Over the next few weeks after that, I've realised that I generally feel calmer and happier during the day and for someone that's suffered for ten years of panic attacks and anxiety, I really hadn't felt like that for no reason in quite a while (not that I realised I hadn't felt like that but suddenly I was just sitting at work or making dinner and I'd be smiling and humming without even knowing why!).

Now to add to this, I seemed to be feeling more stable, emotionally and courageous because after ten years of travel anxiety and not even getting on to a plane since 2001/2002, last Friday I booked myself onto a flying lesson on a two seater plane and last Sunday off I went for an hour in the skies! I'm not saying there was no anxiety as there was a little (which I think anybody would feel) but it wasn't gut-wrenching nausea and my stomach wasn't in knots and I really think doing this DVD every day is the reason for that because nothing has made me feel courageous enough since I got the anxieties, to actually take the final step and get on a plane, never mind a tiny two-seater!

I realise that the effects of doing the Kundalini yoga will be subjective to everybody but in under a month my anxieties feel immeasurably better and I feel so grateful for having just tried doing this DVD a couple of times, otherwise I really don't know what would have got me to the very happy place I'm at now. If anyone reading this has any anxieties or stesses that they've had a hard time with, I'd urge you just to give it a go, aside from a few quid, you've got nothing to lose.

Body-wise, I'm definitely stronger and more toned which to me is just an icing on the cake after the wonderful benefits to my mental health!

Update 21/08/2013:

I had to give a little update because not only did the DVD prompt all those positive effects but it officially started a huge change in my life. After enjoying doing a nearly daily practice of the DVD last year, at the beginning of this year I signed up to yoga teacher training and have recently become a qualified yoga teacher.

A lot of the justification I had for doing the training was that if that simple, comparatively easy DVD could make such a difference to my life then I want to see if I can do the same for other people. I truly believe that had I not started doing the DVD back in 2012, that my life would be following a different path now and I'm truly grateful for every benefit I took from it and the sense of motivation and purpose it gave me. I'm not saying that this will happen for everybody but I am saying that it's worth seeing what benefits you can take from it, I promise you won't regret it!

Oh and a little P.S. part of the training was in Spain and I had nearly zero issues with the travel anxieties that had plagued me for so long when I flew over there and back - in fact I absolutely loved it!
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on 1 May 2010
I cannot say how wonderful this is. I am 56 and although I walked 2 miles to work and back every day (4),was physically active at work, walked as recreation and ate healthily the weight was steadily increasing then I broke my ankle last summer and the weight just piled on. Enter this Maya Fiennes dvd which I bought having trauled through the yoga section in Amazon looking for another yoga dvd. The reviews inspired me so I bought it and now can't live without doing the 'warm up' daily which is roughly 20 minutes long. My ankle was a problem as I couldn't sit in 'easy pose' so I sat on a low table or stool and used the edge of the table instead of holding my ankle (so the reviewer who critisised it because of easy pose being too difficult just needs to be creative!) Eventually I could sit in 'easy pose' for one warm up exercise then two and now I can do the lot sometimes propping a cushion under my bum. Imagine my delight when the weight started to come off even though I was unable to walk far and doing a bit of comfort eating! My appetite has changed and I can eat more raw food which never agreed with me before and my energy level is better. This dvd is transforming - it's slow and subtle but hang in there. I have bought copies for other people and people at work have been inspired to buy it. At the price it is now what are you waiting for. I have gone on to buy her book and her chakra sets and they are the best presents I have ever given myself. Don't buy it if you want to stay the way you are!
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