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Soundboy Rock
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 6 April 2018
Best Groove Armada album ever! Literally mind blowing, played it over & over & amazed every time!
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on 15 July 2017
Love this sound
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on 21 February 2014
I have almost every single Album of Groove Armada as I absolutely love the music they do - I was looking for an Album with the song : Song 4 Mutya which seems to be only on this album so I had to buy it.

When I received the CD I was looking forward to all the song that I didn't know yet. After I listened to the whole CD I must say that it's not to my likeing at all - I tried to listen to it a few times in order to make me like it but No that didn't work....

Well I think its a shame that Song 4 Mutya is only on this CD !
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on 25 June 2013
My least favourite of Groove armadas stuff so far.
That doesnt mean it's bad, just not my cup of tea especially when compared to their other stuff
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on 25 May 2007
I can not properly express the way i feel about Groove Armada, and in particular this album, i can not think of another artist/artists that have progresseed this much throughout there albums, i have every album they have released so far and each one could be mistaken as coming from a different artist.

On Soundboy Rock, there are a couple of tracks that stay true to Armadas chill out laid back roots such as tracks heard on the classc Verigo but mjority of the album is very electro(ish) its hard to explain really what the style the album is, the title track is almots completly Dub style but with a nice modern edge, on the first listen it was my standout track.

Somehow though i think nearly every track has been my standout track at some point, which is something i have never experienced from any album!

the intro is sublime, but i cant explain why?? its just sets the album up perfectly and is the perfect length.

Get down the first single is ok but in my opinion the poorest track on the album, i think i would prefer just an instrumental version because the vocals annoy me. from here on though there is not a single second of the album that i would skip.

Most tracks are upbeat but the arrangment of the album is perfect with laid back tracks such as Paris and From the rooftops slotted in just to calm the album down just when needed. From the rooftops is such a beautiful track, it is instantly relaxing with it lazy piano and bass and featuring a simply georgeous slight vocal.

I do not want to say too much about each track but this album is amazing, i can not pick a standout track anymore, excluding the first single Get Down, they are all standout tracks in their own right.

I can not wait to see which style the boys are going to take their next album into.

In my opinion the best album of 2007 by a long long way, The Armada never fail to deliver, BUY IY NOW!!!
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on 17 July 2007
Absolute amazing album!
My album of the year so far!
What's so extraordinary about this album is the huge range of genres put onto one disc.
Being a dance fan, i've followed both Andy Cato and Tom Findlay as they pursued individual projects.
Andy set up his packupanddance label and released a mix for the sessions series (which was excellent), whilst Tom released an album under he's Sugardaddy concept (which again, was excellent).
I've got to say, their time apart to pursue their own sounds has meant that once they got back together for Groove Armada, it really is an explosive return. There are many album highlights, of which define a different sound that may only appeal to certain fans, but if you have an open ear, this album will not disappoint.

A must buy!!!
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on 30 May 2007
There's a big move to 80's-retro, clicky and 'Commodore 64 game soundtrack'-style sounds in a growing wave in the wide and wonderful world of Dance Music.

Much of this kind of music doesn't do anything for me at all. It's often barely tuneful, sometimes grating, and smacks of a sound that is going to date very quickly, once folk realise that isn't nothing short of annoying to listen to. It appears that underproduction is the new overproduction.

This album goes down that sonic avenue. But this album is different - it's a pleasure to listen to! They do allow big multitimbral sounds as well as minute '8-bit' waveforms. It is reminiscent of some of the better production values of the Nu Wave and Electric era in the early 80's, and a reason to reminiscence on quality music from my youth.

Some tracks stand out in both tunefulness and sound. Tracks 4, 6, 12, 15, 16 particularly so. That, for me, is alot of outstanding tracks on one album.

As the first reviewer here has said, it _is_ a grower. Listen to it once or twice, drop it for a week or two, and when you're in a good mood, pull it out again, pump up the volume - put the needle on the record

when the drum beats go like this.....
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on 19 November 2011
I think that a few older fans might listen to this and think ... what?!

However, this a really fresh album with plenty of really great tracks on it. Very minimalist, great in clubs and also brilliant to listen to at home. Get Down is EPIC, as are many of the tracks. Give this a chance (I think it does need to be listened to all the way through a few time) and you'll realise that the tracks are typically well produced with some good artists involved.

Nice one!
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on 15 October 2008
I used to be into my G*A back when the Vertigo album came out, but then moved on to the Goodbye Country.
Vertigo is a classic album in my mind now, goodbye Country only an average album so went off G*A.
But, when I got the Soundboy Rock album, it re-kindled my love of the groove (even though they have totally moved on from the other albums).
If you like one song off this album, but are not sure about the album, buy it. You won't be disappointed!
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Even though this album is called "Soundboy Rock", Groove Armada have left behind the rockier more guitar-heavy sound of previous album "Lovebox" and replaced it with a more Ibiza- and beachy-friendly mix of arrangements.

As well as being less rocky than "Lovebox" it's not as laidback as their classic album "Vertigo" (famous for "At The River"), so what you end up with is an inbetween-y album, not quite distinctive enough in too many places.

The first single "Get Down" is not representative of the album, as "Get Down" and "Out Of Control" (featuring ex-Sugababe Mutya) are by far the toughest tracks here. Some of the others border on lounge music, and there's plenty of atmospheric house. "Lightsonic" shows that they can do electro. Other highlights are "Love Sweet Sound" and the ballad (no really) "What's Your Version?". It's certainly varied enough to keep you listening.

The 'special edition' has two extra tracks "Feel The Same" and "Hands Up", bringing it to a generous total of 17 tracks. The two bonus tracks are pretty good but not essential listening.

This is a decent comeback album for Groove Armada (who have said in reviews that when they released their "Best Of" album they expected that the band would then split up), but it won't blow you away.
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