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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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VINE VOICEon 1 May 2007
First of all I'll get my rant over; I bought this on iTunes and on two of the songs "When You Know You Know" and the bonus track "Loved By You" it seems as if the track ends before it's quite finished.

As two of my favourite songs, I find it quite irritating. Maybe it's just me!

However, onto the album. I can't help but compare it to it's predecessor "Unwritten" which I instantly fell in love with. The formula is still the same on "NB"; the lyrics still quirky, great melodies, her voice still amazing BUT I just don't love it, on the whole, as I did with her original album.

That doesn't mean to say it isn't a good album. It is. It's just not great (I'm living in hope it'll be a grower like Christina Aguilera's "Back To Basics"). Higlights include "STILL HERE" which is eaily the best song on the album. Think "Wild Horses" on "Unwritten", only better. It brought a tear to my eyes when I first heard it. "WHEN YOU KNOW YOU KNOW" is a soulful little number that pays homage to her year or so in La La Land. Then, of course, there's the quirky comeback single "I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES". When I first heard this song, I hated it, but like most things Natasha does, it's very infectious and it pops into your head (and heart!) when you least expect it. "LOVED BY YOU" which I believe is a hidden track on the CD version, is ace. It's very sentimental, and soppy but please don't let that put you off.

After listening to the album several times, I don't actively dislike any of the songs; I'm just not crazy about them all.

Natasha does British pop at it's best, and there are some fabulous songs on it.

So, go buy.
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VINE VOICEon 9 May 2007
There's no doubting that Natasha Bedingfield is an acquired taste. Her first album was great in parts, distinctly average in other. In fact this would tally with most people's opinion of the more agreeable Bedingfield. Some great tracks, some absolute dross.

NB, her second album, doesn't totally eradicate this equation but it is a definite step in the right direction.

Album opener How Do You Do sets a perfect opening tone; it's as lyrically daft as ever and sets off what would appear to be the theme of the album. Women have control over their own love-life destiny. Gone are the days when women had to wait for men to make the first move. All very admirable, but all very hen-night and school playground. What saves it though is that the tune is a catchy one which pretty soon is lodged in your brain. Indeed, we've started off on a high note indeed.

There are others too.

Say It Again nails a perfect pop chorus with such aplomb that I'll be very disappointed if it doesn't top the charts for weeks and will be the one where the audience waves their lighters (and mobile phones) in the air and sings along wholeheartedly at her concerts. Who Knows may be even better; it certainly was the one I found myself singing in the bath after listening to the album.

There are times though when it doesn't quite work. I doubt people will be remembering Eve's appearance here with the fondness reserved for her Gwen Stefani collaborations and Smell The Roses doesn't quite manage to disguise just how dull it is, despite the Aguilera style histrionics and luscious strings floating around in the background.

The sheer list of names that helped with the album (Mike Elizondo, Adam Levine, Diane Warren, Nate Hills, Danielle Brisebois and Pat Leonard to name but a handful) proves that this was never going to be a dull record, and indeed the sense is that it doesn't matter if you like a particular track or not...there's be another one you do like along any minute.
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on 13 July 2007
Was sadly disappointed with this album. Ordinarily I love Natasha's style, she stands out from many of the main stream artists as unique and after hearing the first two releases, I thought it would be a winner. Now on reflection, I struggle to identify which track she might release next, if any, from this collection.
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on 1 May 2007
Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield... The best Britain has to offer music in my point of view (of course that includes the ever amazing Joss). Natasha's last album was as many who own will agree: brilliant and fresh, certainly a talent that stood out for a british musician. Along with her brother, Natasha's amazing, strong, somewhat husky vocals leave me with little tingles all over my skin... I can't explain. Not only that but being a poetic soul I am more than plesantly passionate about listening to Natasha's stunning way with words late at night or early in the morning.

This album has a more urban feel than Natasha'a last and seems to be more shrouded with words of loneliness and wanting someone to love, or else being unconfident to tell them what your heart and soul really want to- Just like all of us. Natasha says what what we all think. However,she omits the sort of censored, dull manner many artists use in thier album and replaces it with a passionate heart felt plea or wonderment.

The music has a great feel to it with great upbeat numbers and refined ballads. The lyrics are definatley breath-taking and if this doesn't impress you I'm more than sure this beautiful womans voice will- which have grown both in power and passion. If you liked Natasha last album then you won't be dissapointed with N.B. which shows an escalation both through Natasha's lyrical genius and heart felt voice, which she is never afraid to experimant with hitting all the right notes every time.

N.B. Natasha has done it again
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I approached Bedingfield's album with trepidation after owning Unwritten which, like a sheep, I loved, but it was a truly amazing accomplishment on her behalf.

When I did get this album I discovered it was one of 'those' which you need to listen to loads of times before. Having done this, it has fully exceeded my expectations, and I now love N.B also.

Standout Tracks include:

I Wanna Have Your Babies (of course),

How Do You Do?,


Pirate Bones,

Tricky Angel,

(No More) What Ifs [featuring Eve], and

Not Givin' Up.

However, there is a reason why Bedingfield only acquired 4 stars; there is 1 track which is generally awful: 'When You Know You Know'. Despite this song having numerous writers, it stays in my mind because it is the only blip on an otherwise accomplished and notably more mature sounding album from her.

If you want a taster before spending a whole £10 on the album, I suggest downlading '(No More) What Ifs [featuring Eve]', 'Not Givin' Up' or 'Pirate Bones', all hopefully future singles which will see her dominate the charts here and across the Atlantic.

Bonuses include two extra hidden tracks: 'Lay Down' and 'Loved By You' (not amazing, not rubbish).
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on 13 July 2007
It does take a few listens to get the full impact of this album.

1)How Do You Do- It's not so much a song but an introduction to the album.

2)Wanna have your babies- Very catchy song, to get the song you need to listen to the lyrics. You'll have this song in your head for days!

3)Soulmate- It's a beautiful song, but it shouldn't have been chosen as the second single. Very nice to listen to and is sung with passion.

4)Who Knows- Definately catchy and a good contender for third single! A bit slow to start but once you hit the run up to the chorus, it's a very good solid song.

5)Say it again- Probably the worst song on the album, however it's a decent "album filler". It is sung with passion and honesty which gives it a bonus.

6)Pirate Bones- A completely new style of song. Never heard anything like it before, it is refreshing and unique but it does take too long to get into the song. The chorus gets stuck in your head! Overall a good song.

7)Backyard-Americanized! Unfortunately America has been too much of an influence on this BRITISH artist. The song is similar to one of the songs on her first album (see if u can work it out). However, looking past the American influences you can see that this song was written carefully and is a favourite of Natasha.

8)Tricky Angel- A bit to rushed and hard to listen to. All over the place. The last section of the song is a lot better than the first

9)When You Know You Know- A VERY good song. Has a Joss Stone edge to it (better Vocals than Joss!). Slow, Jazzy and Uplifting. A great listen

10 AND 11) Interlude/ No More What If's- A highly produced song featuring artist and rapper Eve. Not a great song, more of a "skip" song. Just a bit boring

12)Still Here- This song is deeply moving. Think Wild Horses (Unwritten) without the uncomfortable shouting. Sylvester Stylone asked Natasha to write this (she part wrote it). Listening to this song on a loud volume gives it the full impact. And is very moving. Beautiful ballad with Piano, what more could you want.

13) Smell the Roses- Also similiar to another song from her first Album. A great song in all. very catchy.


7 minutes 21 seconds- This song should have been part of the Main song list not hidden. It shows a lot of emotion in her voice and is thought provoking.

14 minutes 40 seconds- A beautiful slow melodic song sung with thought and meaning, Sung in a different way to the rest of the album, her voice has no effect on it and has not been altered in anyway. It is honest and sung closely to the microphone. a beautiful song.

Overall this album is a very good one. Not as good as "Unwritten" but a lot more mature and meaningful than it.

Let's hope her third studio albums takes aspects from Unwritten and this one.
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on 24 June 2007
Natasha Bedingfield's 2004 debut "Unwritten" is, in short, absoloutley phenomenal. Original, lyrics with a point, and an album to set her apart from the rest of the industry.

But now the year is 2007 and the industry is somewhat different. Now you can't turn around without seeing someone who's new and original. Sadly, this means Natasha may have waited too long in between albums and thus began to lose her place. The No9 debut of "NB", and it's rapid decline down the chart in the weeks that follows, says something. It's unfortunate, but Natasha's music seems to have lost some of its appeal.

Which is a shame, because "NB" does have moments of pure Natasha brilliance - the superior Bedingfield sibling doing what she does best, which is taking what she feels, putting it to paper in genuine lyrics, and accompanying it with a damn catchy tune ("How Do You Do?", "No More What Ifs"). When you hear such moments of magic you are grateful to the woman for keeping her music the way it was. But in some places the magic seems to have faded a bit ("Backyard", "Smell The Roses"), and it seems to be comprised of both killer and filler in equal measure. It's good, no disputing that, but is it as good as "Unwritten"?

The potential singles are packed towards the front end of the album. The first five tracks are all radio-friendly yet different. "Say It Again", which borrows the vocals of Maroon 5's frontman, is arguably the pick of the bunch, but die-hard Natasha fans will love the originality and thought behind "How Do You Do?".

"NB" is ultimatley inferior to "Unwritten". It does grow on you and although you may be initially disappointed, if you give it time you will see the Natasha Bedingfield we know and love. But let's just hope that sales pick up so she gets the opportunity to make a third.
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on 1 May 2007
I've read other reviews of this album and they don't appear to be very impressed. I would disagree. Granted, I didn't love it from the very first listen but after a few tries I have.

The production is different to "Unwritten" and the songs just as pop-py underneath but breaking through is harder. The debut album was great and I adored it from the start but this one is different. It's a more mature sound, revolves around the themes of before/during/after relationships and Natasha uses her voice differently.

Natahsa is still as quirky and open but she's just colouring outside the lines the first album laid down.

I would highly recommend it and hope that peopel take the time to warm to it.
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VINE VOICEon 3 May 2007
great album! I found some songs on unwritten a bit immemorable which was sunfortunate as the rest was very evry strong!The ballads like Soulmate shine the most, and catchy pop runs through with some fantastic potential singles in there (How do you do, Pirate Bones), I would reccomend this to pop lovers who like their music to have an extra edge.
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on 15 May 2007
Brilliant. 'I want to have your babies' was the first single, and I find gets even better on repeated hearings. The song 'soulmate' is sublime, my favourite from both her albums. . I was prepared to be dissapointed with this album, but the standard is consistantly high, and I now like it as much as 'unwritten'.
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