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on 18 January 2017
For fans of Ministry And Strapping Young Lad
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on 11 September 2016
One of Static'X's better albums. Some of the tracks work even better in a live situation, as witnessed on the "Cannibal Killers" DVD.
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on 28 September 2015
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on 7 September 2014
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on 20 September 2014
Many Thanks
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on 20 August 2015
The last good static x album.
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VINE VOICEon 30 October 2007
First of all, I'm not a fan of this band, so I'm FAR from biased. I bought WDT, their debut album when it was released and thought it was very good (gave it a 4 star review)but didn't give it much thought after that. Their following albums were dissapointing to me both musically and sonically so I never got around to buying any, just borrowed them. Then Cannibal came out and I was instantly hooked !! This album has a very fresh approach, a different style; yes, it still sounds nu-metalish, still has the evil-disco edge to it, but it's now more metal and the sampling is very restrained to a superbly pleasing effect, that's what it's all about, effect. While most people will tell you ¨the songs go nowhere¨, that appreciation is strictly uttered from a musical standpoint, because they go where I want them to, that is to say right to my stomach then right up to my brain !! This album is so heavy it's the musical equivalent to a kick in the groin !! Wayne Fukuda is a great guitarrist and is just not limited by genre boundaries anymore, unleashing apocaliptic solos that show influences as varied as Rammstein, Ministry and even an atonal Gregg Ginn-esque solo can be heard on one of the songs !!
Wayne Static sharpened his already hectic vocal style to an ear-piercing, stacatto shouting that actually sounds like another electric instrument if that were possible; it has to be heard to be believed !!
The production is breathtaking, the sound, dynamics,mixing, stereo imaging etc are flawless; they just don't record cds like this anymore, believe me !!
If 10% of my records had this good and aggressive sound, my stereo would have collapsed YEARS ago !!
Please don't listen to negative reviews and get yourselves this quick fix of intense heavy metal, you'll have the rush of your lives, guaranteed !!!
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on 23 August 2007
static x are a band that have never shook the metal worlds foundations,they have a hearty following but no real claim to the throne and with album number 5 proper there claim is now looking very unlikely for what my opinion is worth.
Alot of bands mess up when they go commercial,many people consider that fact,of course that leads to new fans and money,hard one to weigh up perhaps,static x have done the opposite and ditched their pop metal stylings as perfected on 2003s brilliant shadow zone and gone for a more metal album with vicious vocals in places and this to me is their downfall as they arent really good at it,well certainly not when you place this alongside the new albums from machine head and devildriver.
This album reveals itself to be devoid of good,simple melodies that gave the band stature for me,and the riffs are very basic along with some dodgy lyrics that put wayne static to shame in places,not the worst album i have ever heard but the song 'reptile' could well be the worst i have ever heard,shame,shame boys,you fouled the ball.
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on 10 April 2007
None of us were expecting a reinvention of the wheel with Static X's fifth album and while things haven't changed very much - no ballads, same silly beard - the bits that were good to start with have been improved upon. The thrashy riff are thrashier, the solos are better, the techno bits are not so much added on as part of the song. Wayne Static's vocals still veer a bit close to Coal Chamber at times (a good or bad thing depending on your taste) but generally this is a solid album if not as good as their first two. The only criticism I would make is that several of the tracks could do with being a bit longer the final one being a case in point, it just starts to get interesting, you think a tempo change or bass solo is coming...and it stops. There aren't many albums that are not improved by a seven minute closer after all.

So to all those who think Enter Shikari are doing something radical by melding metal and techno, Static X were there way before (albeit with stupider hair and beards) and they were not first by any means (check out Fear Factory and Ministry if your interested!).
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on 29 June 2007
Recently i was browsing for a gig to go to after my exams and the name static X came up. £8 per ticket was fantastic so i bought two tickets. however, the only song i was familiar with, was 'Cold' on the Queen of the Damned Soundtrack. (a handful of songs including 'destroyer' and 'push it' can bee seen on YouTube.) I thought it would be a good idea to buy the latest album.

By no way am i deceiving you when i say i am listening to the album as i write this review.

Cannibal starts off jumpy and bouncy, with harsh vocals from Wayne. trippy mid sections, heavy guitar riffs. There are also very good solos in this album.

Vocals across the album are either screams/roars, or gentle whispers.

lyrics wise the album is somewhat like rage against the machine the way the choruses are repeated, and lines are used repetitively to make up the verse, which is very good i think. it sounds very good.

Listening to this album you cant help but nod your head, and sing along.

Also, something that i have never experienced before - you can actually dance to this album because the beat is of such a rhythm that to actually gyrate is possible.

Overall this is a fantastic Album, No Submission and Destroyer being the best songs in my opinion.

Team Hate starts a bit Naff, but soon warms up.

After seeing the band live 2 days ago. listening to a CD is made even better to remember the way wayne looks when he sings - very animated man.

top CD. BUY IT NOW!!!
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