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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2007
I really don't understand all bad reviews of this uber cool game.

Firstly I will admit I wasn't blown away by the game to begin with, the graphics did seem a bit ropey, it certainly didn't look as impressive as Assassins Creed, but as I got used to it though I realised that the developers have just gone for a more realistic look especially with the colours & textures. In fact the graphics in the nightclub level look fantastic, the whole atmosphere of that nightclub level is fantastic, and the frame rate is great considering the dance floor is packed full of amazingly detailed people dancing. In fact the attention to details is very good in Kane & Lynch, smoke, lighting effects everything seems so life like.

The whole game really tries to emulate the style of the excellent Micheal Mann, the nightclub level inparticular looks like it was cut and pasted from Collateral and the bank robbery levels from Heat. I almost expected to run out of the bank and run into Al Pacino! I admit this is probably the main reason I love this game, I love these sort of movies and it felt like I was in one.

There has been complaints about the targeting system, Yes I agree it does take some getting used to, its not quite got the pin point acuracy of GRAW but then again Kane is not a marine is he! I really don't find it a problem at all. Any one that is marginly skilled can enjoy taking a room of bad guys out with no problems. The game can be challenging though mainly because of the bad guys superb AI, they run for cover crouch behind anything can find, some times I saw a leg slightly sticking out I shot and clipped them, and the bad guy quicky moved himself to more covered position.

The story its self again looks like it come from the pen of Micheal Mann its fantastic, I will warn you its not for children of big wimps that don't like grown up games. It really gets you involved, the characters are really cool lynch is just funny in psychotic kind of way, Kane is great and it feels fantastic to control this gun totting merc. The bad guys (I say bad guys but this nearly the whole cast of K&L are bad guys) are very well scripted and very menancing.

Multiplayer! one of the best features of K&L, the multiplayer really gives you something different than the usual death matches, CTF, headquarters ect. You start working as team of mercs, and you must work together to rob a number of locations, banks, shops diners ect. Your objective is to steal as much dollar as possible, so you break in, grap & get out and the total amount of your teams bounty is shared amongst all of your team. Of course there are number of armed guards to try and stop you, and should you get killed by said guards you become one of them and must stop your former gang members. The best bit is once your gang has made it out of the bank with bags full of cash you can just decide to kill them all. letting you keep the whole bounty and head straight to the top of the rankings, but just bare in mind your gang memebers will be gunning for you on the next round and a nice orange flag saying traitor lights up above your head just to remind them.

To sum up this is a very stylish, tough, adult, fun, cool mother of a game that does have its faults and could have done with a couple of months more in developement, but it is different then most games out at the moment and if you like the movies HEAT, Colleteral ect then grab a copy today!
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on 29 November 2007
Okay, so the "hardcore" gamers here have found its not as raw as GRAW, well thats true. And if GRAW is a better game, who cares (I own both by the way) - thats not the point of K&L. If any of you have played Hitman and liked basically how cool it is, how it's a movie in a game (and now there's a movie of the game of course) but wanted more shooting, more explosions and less creeping about, then this is for you.

As for crack shot enemies etc, targeting problems etc. just play it through on the easiest "Aspirin" mode and have a blast - it's just like a film where the good guys never die! Then you can play with the online multiplayer to your hearts desire.

Relax, this is a fun game and I would recommend it to all. Just don't buy it over GRAW or Gears or something else that everyone says is amazing, if you're just going to moan about it afterwards.
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on 19 December 2007
This is a good game. There may be nothing terribly new in the set up (bank robberies, underworld characters, twists aplenty) but that's how genre entertainment works - the enjoyment of spending time in a world we are familiar with. And this is a game that is fully aware of its generic antecedents. At times this feels like Heat, then Collateral, then Reservoir Dogs. The central characters are different though. Flawed, pyschotic, balding - these are not the run of the mill game heroes. And the game is all the better because of it. One of the true pleasures of the game is learning more about them.

A lot of the negative comments are to do with pacing. This is not a blazing action game. Rather, the action serves the story. However, the action is great: intense, thrilling, varied and immersive. The control system has also received a lot of criticism and I can't really understand why. It is intuitive and responsive. The targeting is not absolutely precise, more of a guide, and in a game aiming for a more realistic approach, this works very well. Similarly the effectiveness of the enemy is a good thing - you really feel that Kane and Lynch are vulnerable, meaning you take your time, plan ahead. The graphics are good and the whole thing has a style that feels right. Highly recommended.
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on 23 December 2007
Confused as to whether to get this game? too many conflicting reviews?

Ask yourself, do you like interesting, twisted characters and a great plot? do you like an element of strategy and team leadership in your games, do you like a realistic aiming system, (does anyone really think firing a real gun and hitting the target is as easy as it is in a video game? come on!)

I despair of people who bleat and complain about quality games such as this, either you 'get' just what this game is offering you or you don't, if you do then it will offer you one of the best gaming experiences you could hope for, games like this are special and only come along every once in a while, IO Interactive created Hitman, and they have another gem on their hands with Kane and Lynch, and I think they know it as they are already working on the sequel, it wouldn't surprise me if the Kane and Lynch series becomes a movie one day just as Hitman did, it would certainly make the transition better than Hitman, Lynch; a self medicating schizophrenic murdered his wife and didn't even know it, but we won't hold that against him, he is an absolute scream at times the way he behaves, his rantings and paranoid comments cracked me up time and time again in this game, he just can't help himself, when Kane says 'keep calm' the reply is 'I am calm, are you saying I'm not calm?' or was that Liam Gallagher, I forget.
Either way, I hope you enjoy this gaming gem.
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on 20 January 2008
so many reviews are slating this game. i really do think its quite excellent probably second only to mass effect in my xbox collection (with the usual candidates GOW and halo 3 way below). First of all I'd like to say a lot of the issues other people have with the game i jsut haven't had. I didn't find it too hard. It's challenging, yeah just like hitman. I didn't find aiming a problem, ok machines guns are hit and miss but a rifle is pretty much spot on, surely thats quite realistic? i didn't hate the story line, it's no enthralling quest like good ol' mass effect, thats for sure, but it isn't bad. it's definitely entertaining. I thought the cover system worked rather well. I think that playing this game is more like doing it in real life, in a way. Whereas you might be looking for cheap leg-shot kills and cover that makes you totally invulnerable in other games you won't find it here. I think as what it set out to be a games take on true Michael Mann style action movie its truly superb. Hosts of memorable levels, very good gameply (i think anyway) and good variety too. This isn't run shoot repeat like halo or GOW or the army boy approach of COD4 (which is pretty excellent admittedly), this is a more stylised film approach with much more vulnerable and edgy chracters. I'm a big fan of IO, loving hitman and the equally underated Freedom Fighters and i don't think this game disappoints at all. Whatever is said about this game it doesnt look like many people are sitting on the fence. And as for divided opinions go, my opinion is very high. If you like hitman, heat, collateral or miami vice then just try it. if you want halo 4, i really wouldnt say this is it.
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on 26 May 2008
Kane & Lynch is a game which has more than it's fair share of serious detractors, scan the reviews on this page and you'll easily see that. But I urge you to read the positive reviews, as well as the negative ones, before deciding whether or not to buy this game. You may well hate this game, but you may well love it too. This is one of the most utterly unique, gripping, dark, adult, and memorable games I have ever played.
In this game you play as Kane, a balding, overweight, unfit mercenary who begins the game on death row writing a letter to his estranged teenage daughter. It's very unusual to have a central character in an action game who's this unlikable, in a genre filled with elite soldiers and heroic survivors it's both surprising and a welcome change to play a man as brutal, selfish and unpleasant as Kane. You're teammate and co-star is Lynch (a second player takes the role of Lynch in co-op play) a paranoid schizophrenic who helps break you out of the prison van on you're way to execution, thus starting the game-play as you battle you're way to freedom. Lynch isn't a nice guy either but you'll probably end up liking him a lot more than Kane, Lynch is flawed but unlike Kane he's more a victim of circumstance than someone who's an active force for evil in the world. These are not the good guys, Lynch might qualify for morally grey but it's hard to look at Kane as anything good by the end of the plot, and yet they are also completely compelling. The game's developers accurately compare Kane & Lynch to film characters like Scarface, you don't like them but you do care what happens to them and are compelled to follow their story to it's twisted, nihilistic conclusion.
Gameplay-wise this is a fairly solid third person shooter. Freedom Fighters' squad control scheme has basically been copied bit-for-bit into Kane & Lynch, which is no bad thing, giving a quick, simple and very useful series of commands which you can easily pick up in about a minute. You can hide behind cover, blindfire, shoot from the hip, precision aim, sprint (though not for very long since Kane is seriously out of shape) and do all the things TPS characters are expected to be able to do in the post-Gears of War market. The controls are well designed and as previously mentioned very easy to pick up, and you never find yourself having to go back to the manual in a tough spot.
The health system is a fairly standard regenerative set-up which allows you to take a very small number of hits before you have to get behind something heavy and automatically heal up. A nice touch is that when Kane goes down he doesn't die right away, if a teammate gets to him in time they will give him an emergency adrenaline injection that brings him back from the brink, Kane only dies when he's either too far away for his team to get to him or if he takes multiple injections in a short period and ODs. Whilst lying immobile waiting for help you're treated to a sound-bite of Kane's past as his life flashes before his eyes, this is a very clever (if occasionally disturbing) method of filling in Kane's back-story and you'll get put down enough times throughout the course of the game for you to hear all of the sound-bites.
The missions are largely well designed and feature a wide variety of locales and objectives ranging from bank robbery to kidnapping the owner of a Tokyo nightclub to fighting pitched battles in the streets of Havana. Some of these levels look utterly amazing, the nightclub level stands out in particular as does a level set in a rainy night-time construction yard. If you've ever wanted to play the bank-robbery shootout from Heat or the nightclub battle from Collateral then Kane & Lynch is definately worth checking out since both those films were clearly a major influence on several levels and those scenes in particular have been replicated as closely as it's possible to do so without infringing copyright.
The environments are very responsive and it's a lot of fun watching them tear apart in the midst of a firefight, as bullets shatter glass, blow chunks in concrete and send blood-stains flying onto walls with a stunning sense of impact and destruction which, particularly when considering the amoral motives for much of the killing in this game, can occasionally make you feel quite guilty for pulling the trigger. There are however quite a few bits of graphics in the game which look unpolished and last-gen which crop up too often, leaving you feeling that the developers were rushing the job on the graphics in places. I didn't find the graphical glitches overly distracting but I am aware others found it a major problem so it's worth taking into consideration.
Having completed Kane & Lynch I have to say it is one of the most unique games I have ever experienced. And maybe that's what this really is - an experience. If you play Kane & Lynch you will take part in a dark, violent, adult crime story which treats it's audience as intelligent and makes them fill in the blanks and read the subtext themselves, refusing to dumb itself down or explain everything in simple terms. It can be an unpleasant experience, as well as a thrilling and compelling one. When the credits role (no matter which of the two endings you choose) the world isn't a safer or better place then it was at the beginning and an awful lot of people are dead who shouldn't be; this is video game nihilism, and that makes it almost completely unique.
This game isn't for everyone, and that's fine (after all neither are Quentin Tarantino movies), and it's probably worth renting it or borrowing it from someone before you buy it just to make sure it suits your personal taste. But if you think you're point of view tends to line up with this game's fans rather than it's detractors (there's plenty of both on this or any other review page for you to sample) then I highly recommend you try it out because this game is something different, and something very special.
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on 28 November 2007
was wary bout buying this game at first, but in the overall result i am really glad i bought it, i feel this game has been a saving grace as most of the gamesi tend to play storylines are beginning to lack, i thought the storyline to this was gripping, you can control where your team stands and get them to cover fire for you, the online multiplayer is fun as you and a team of players get to steal money from AI banks or stores depending on level, and you get the choice whether you want to becomne a traitor and take the money for yourself or finish as a team and share to loot, if killed you come back as a guard to stop the team from taking the loot any cash dropped is added points if picked up by guard killing traitor is extra points and getting revenge for whoever killed you gets you points

this along with assassins creed are top of my list at the moment,


the aim is abit off admittingly but once you get used to it its not all that bad...when trying to get on multiplayer games some games throw you off and back on to main screen, when asked a few players have been patient with this but it gets old fast

all in all with current reviews i would rent it from blockbusters but in my eyes it is worth the buy
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on 12 December 2007
Okay this game doesn't "re-invent game play as we know it" but it is an enjoyable game. It's true that I wouldn't pay £40 for this but thanks to all these bad reviews a few places are now selling this game for £20. This is a bargain for what you get. (I suggest this is done each time so
Microsoft have to lower their prices), back to the game.

The voice acting is spot on, the aiming system feels more true to life than COD4, Gears or GRAW, this I feel helps to draw you in to the game.

I have had no trouble controling my squad, using cover or making head shots (got the head shot achievement on the first mission).

This game is a credit to some of the best action movies of my generation before they all became Cert 15 to make more money.

Rent it to decide for yourself. Looking at all these reviews you will either love this game or hate it. Their isn't a grey area.
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on 24 November 2007
Ok first off i dont know what all the other reviewer's are going on about, I purchased this game right away, I have been waiting for this game for months, It was worth it! the graphics look awesome in HD dont know what they look like in standard but HD is the way to play this game!, I dont think i have seen another game that makes models look so life like, The other reviewers saying where's the fun?, How about just shooting cop's,swat i love it!, the physics are top draw, The only thing that would lose half a mark for me is the bullets not hitting even when your crosshair is on there head..., But that's just a little niggle as you have 30 bullets in a clip?

Ok well other then that i cant say anything else about this game other then its bloody awesome and the graphics are superb!!!

Forget what the other reviews are saying this game is brillant!
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on 26 November 2007
This game to me is just like the hitman series but maybe better. The game as a whole is just spectacular. The guns are amazing and the way they are displayed on the screen is amazing, for example, when aiming with a m16 you can see the blood on the users hand also it feels real. Its simply amazing i had to give it a 5 star as it has everything I would personally want. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to shoot someone in the head with a shotgun or snipe someone and not recommend it someone who is impatient and will keep getting fustrated if they die once or twice. Simply Amazing
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