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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2008
This product is a must if you are viewing Satelite and/or terrestrial tv in 3 or 4 rooms. It allows you to change channels through a tv link and increases the picture quality. Compact design and easy installation makes this an ideal way to distribute your tv signals throughout the house. Great piece of equipment.
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on 23 August 2011
I never thought this box of tricks would work and when it arrived I really didn't, but it does. It's so small and doesn't need a power supply because it gets it from the sky box. You have to make sure that the coax connectors are done very well as if there not you can't use the magic eyes. As long as when you plug the input coax in to the F140 the power light comes on you should be good. I have used all 4 outlets with magic eyes and they all work. I can now watch the same sky box from every room in the house and change the channel to.
Just encase you have to same problem setting up this system. When I first plugged it all in the picture was a bit un-clear, but when you unplug the TV aerial from the back of the sky box its perfect. This is because the TV signal is to strong, you need to use a variable attenuator. I got mine from Screwfix, cost £4.19 and it fixes that problem.
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on 18 May 2013
I purchased a 'Global Magic Eye' to connect our Sky box downstairs to our bedroom a couple of years ago. Could not get it to work at all, no light would appear! So I shelved the idea...The other week saw and read up on this F140 Sky compatible amplifier, which I though might help getting a stronger signal to both that bedroom TV and other TVs upstairs in our house. We have always seen Sky programs upstairs, but had to rely on what was playing downstairs at the time! When I connected the Global F140 and read the instructions carefully, I could see what the earlier problems were. Firstly a good connection from F2 outlet on the Sky box coupled with powering up that outlet socket. Now I have installed the Global F140 downstairs which splits a signal to both the upstairs bedroom TV and a TV in the kitchen. When I now connect the Global Magic Eye (having blown the dust off!) to the TV and a cable direct from the downstairs F140 amplifier, everything works fine and I can change channels upstairs, using the Sky remote control. I've even purchased a new Sky remote to leave in the bedroom ready...Now I can start cabling the other upstairs TVs back to the F140. (although you do need to purchase a separate magic eye for each TV set). Cheaper than paying Sky Multi-room I think!
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on 13 January 2011
I searched around for a Sky compatible distribution amplifier so that I could rig up a magic eye device for my bedroom TV. I finally bit the bullet and decided on this one.

There is 1 input and 4 outputs on the amp, using F-type connectors - which I preferred as the ends don't slip off as easily. The best thing about this amp is that it does not need a power supply and powers itself from the RF2 output on the Sky box - you need to turn on the power source (Settings - 4, 0, 1, Select to access the menu - RF settings). You need to make sure you take your Sky box output from RF2 only.

After that, it's pretty simple - plug in the cables, hook up the magic eye on the required TV and hey presto, Sky control from my bedroom TV.
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on 28 January 2014
Just changed from virgin to sky and wanted to use RF2 to 2 other tvs.
The new sky boxes do not have an RF2 out on them. You have to buy an IO link from SKY for £25.00.
The IO link will then give you an RF2 out coax connection (once enabled in the menu) which you can connect to the F140. You will get a much better picture using the F140 but not be able to change channel so you need one more thing.
Lastly you will need the external 12v power supply (£6.99 from amazon) for the F140 as the new sky boxes do not supply enough power for the F140 and the magic eyes to work properly. The new boxes will power 1 extra tv + magic eye only.
Once all connected up, RF2 output enabled on the sky box, retuned TVs to channel 68 - it all works. Great picture, (not HD of course), clear sound and remotes working on all TVs.
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on 26 April 2016
Very pleased with this item, although I did have to buy the power adapter to make it work properly, please see this link for the right one on Amazon website, although I purchase it locally, as we wanted to get on with the job at the weekend. Global 12V Power Supply for F120 & F140. I followed the instructions that came with it and my husband did the manual work. Please note it did not give a good picture on Channel 68 which is the default channel setting on the RF2 outlet on Sky box. So I tentatively went into the Sky box settings as suggested in the amplifier instructions and set it to channel 47. It all works beautifully now. Good picture and sound. So together we got there somehow! Hope this helps. Would recommend this product if your Sky box is the model that has an RF2 outlet plug on the back. I believe there are ways around it if yours hasn't. Just Google and see!
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on 13 March 2014
Great device. Simple to use, allows my Sky_Out to be distributed with full control of Sky box using Magic Eyes.

I am using 3 of the 4 Outputs from the box. Decided to also buy a power supply for it. Found that while the power supply works fine, the DC out from my Sky+ box could also adequately power everything. Picture quality unaffected if powered from Sky box or via a PSU.

*** I strongly recommend this unit ****

I did have a little graininess on the SKY out signal. Nothing to do with the F140 box I hasten to add. Improved this by adding a variable attenuator at Aerial in on SHY box. Seems to be the high level of Freeview signal somehow cross-couples to the SKY out signal. Again, I repeat this is nothing to do with the F140, just commented as advice.
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on 22 January 2013
I have used this to replace an existing 4 way Distribution amplifier. which was supposed to be suitable for use with a sky remote and magic eye. I had constant pixtalation when the remote was being used elsewhere in the house. This unit fixed the problem I not only that but it works from the supply of the RF2 output on the sky box so does not need a mains socket in the loft if that is where you put the amplifier. I fully recommend this unit to any one.
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on 11 February 2012
What can one say about a superb product? The Global F140 Sky compatible magic eye amplifier is the best product on this planet for distributing a sky & DVB signal to other Tv's allowing the use of a magic eye with a DC pass for the control of the eye through to the sky box, giving full control at any Tv that is connected to it. Global F140 Sky compatible magic eye amplifier sky, HD
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on 3 August 2013
Please note this review is link to the magic eye I purchase that's why I include it here.

I was able to connect this to my son room so he can watch sky when I am watching other programs that don't require sky (Freeview). it solve the problem in the home and save a lot on money. Firstly I was to in install a second plug in his room I need to pay at least £100 . Then there is the cost of monthly fee from sky but now I don't need to do that as this solve the problem.

To solve the problem you need to follow the steps below:
1. Plug the coax cable into RF2 output in the sky box
2. Plug the magic eye into the Aerial on the tv
3. Tune the TV
4. Turn on RF2 output on the sky+hd box - service type 0001 then select to bring up the hidden menu the turn RF2 on.
5. Retune the TV
6. Select Cable to watch sky.
7. If signal isn't good buy the Global F140 Sky amplifier or a power aerial with a splitter

Solution #2.- Instruction form seller is great
this is technical but it works - please remember to turn on RF2 output on sky box.
1. connect RF2 to tv in on the F140 amplifier
2. Connect magic eye coax cable to output the aerial on the TV and the amplifier
3. RF1 on the sky box to aerial on the main TV
4. Aerial to aerial on the sky box
5. rescan the tv

From this you should discover you are going to need a few items. These are you coax cable and adaptors. Problem solve
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