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Dog Rocks Urine Patch Preventer
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on 13 June 2011
Short review - Don't waste your money, it doesn't work.

Long review - I'm a vet, and against my better judgment I was persuaded to try these as a solution to the brown, dead patches developing on our lawn. They haven't worked, and if you read the pseudo-scientific bunkum on the manufacturer's website, they were never going to. The simple facts of the matter can be summed up as follows - 1) dogs are carnivores, 2) carnivores eat meat, 3) meat contains protein, 4) digesting protein creates nitrogenous waste, 5) carnivore urine contains high levels of nitrogen, 6) small amounts of nitrogen act as a fertiliser, high levels of nitrogen act as a weedkiller (as far as grass is concerned). It doesn't matter what nonsense the manufacturers spout about rebalancing nutrients or ions in the water (meaningless), or even worse "changing the paramagnetic balance of the water" (total gibberish), you can't deny the biology. In fact, if you read carefully, they actually acknowledge this by suggesting that if your results aren't great, avoid feeding a red-meat based diet...

What I will say in defence of Dog Rocks is that they are probably harmless. Some other products, whose manufacturers have even less of a grasp of biology, try to manipulate the pH of the dog's urine (in the mistaken belief that "acid" causes the brown patches), which may have harmful effects such as causing the development of kidney stones. Avoid these treatments at all costs, seriously. I don't think Dog Rocks will do this, because I don't think Dog Rocks will do anything at all.

Where these things SEEM to have worked for people, it is either because they have wet lawns where the nitrogenous urine gets diluted quickly, or they have extremely well rooted grass that can cope with the excess nitrogen, or their dogs are on a low-protein diet / drinking a lot of water / or for other reasons not producing nitrogen-rich urine. It is nothing to do with these INERT rocks that do NOTHING.

The ONLY truly effective solution to brown patches on your lawn is to pour a bucket of water on the exact spot that your dog has just had a wee, as soon as they have done it. If that's not practical, then your next best solution is to save the money you would be spending on Dog Rocks every two months, and buy 2 rolls of turf. Cut out the dead patches on your lawn, and replace them with new turf. Repeat every two months. Job done.
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on 7 December 2017
Seriously useless product. Two dog household for best part of 30 years (with different dogs, of course) and the lawn has never been more patchy. If anything, this product does the opposite of what it claims to do. I bought a twin pack, so wasted twice as much money as I could have. Utter rubbish, fake claims, totally useless product, avoid like the plague.
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on 27 November 2016
Well after spending a small fortune having our very large lawn turfed and our small female dog roaming the garden we slowly saw small patches of brown appearing.
We spoke to the turf company who immediately said it was due to the dog using the lawn as her loo. He then recommended "Dog Rocks" to us and said that he uses and swears by them .
I then discussed these with the well know lawn care company we use and they too recommended them.
So after 2 professional recommendations we decided to give them a try. At first we saw no change and were told to water the lawn after the dog had done her deeds with a watering can. This helped and then after a few weeks we noticed there was no need to continue with the watering and the brown spots stopped and we had a gorgeous lawn again.
We've now been using these "Dog Rocks" for 2 years and our lawn is lush and used in 2 companies advertising campaigns.

Would WE recommend them?............, hell yes. Give it time though, at least 4-6 weeks and you'll see difference.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 June 2017
it was against my better judgment that I was convinced to try these. There was no info on the packaging as to how they work just some glowing but vague testimonial statements - this always makes me suspicious. I have since read that they remove the nitrates from the drinking water, this strikes me as odd, nitrate in drinking water can be pretty toxic and difficult to remove. The high nitrogen in a dogs urine comes from the breakdown of protein in the food - rather than from this drinking water. The only mechanism I can see for this working is that it makes the water taste better so the dog drinks more and so the urine is more dilute. Anyway - all that grouching aside - one fact remains - these appear to work! My grass last year was awful, huge bare patches all across the lawn where urine had scorched and killed the grass. This year the lawn looks really good (by my standards anyway), There a few small scorched patches if you look closely, but only 2 or 3 and only about 8cm across as opposed the 30cm monster bare patches that we had last year. It is a huge improvement. Of course, there could be other factors to consider, has my dog's diet changed? is she peeing in a different part of the garden? has there been more rain this year? But it does appear that despite my skepticism the rocks have worked pretty well.
They are dead easy to use too, just drop them in the water bowl and leave then there.
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on 26 July 2016
Rubbish. Seemed to make it worse in fact. I used them as instructed and have been using for 2 months now and the patches are bigger and more yellow than ever! Waste of money in my opinion!
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on 17 July 2017
These rocks are very good and I must say they seem to work not 100% but I will continue to use them .
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on 1 August 2016
Despite advice from my vet that these would not work I gave them a go to try and save a newly put down lawn! I followed the guidelines to the letter, our dog has always been on a high quality dry food and the rocks were placed in his only source of water. After about 2 months the lawn was dying in large areas where the dog went to the toilet. No noticible change was noted. I contacted Dog Rocks to complain and ask for a refund which to be fair they offered but also suggested I try "double dosing" by putting another set of rocks in a decanting jug as given our dog was a labrador and drinks a lot of water, the rocks were not in contact with the water long enough. Again...another 6 weeks no difference...categorically 100% do not work despite them suggesting "with these simple tweaks I believe you should see a perfectly green lawn..." Well no, sorry!! I wrote back with pictures and it was suggested that what I was experiencing was in fact a "grub infestation".....well I was somewhat insulted...I know what urine damage looks like after 40 years of living with dogs. I suggested that I could not take this suggestion seriously and while I was again offered a refund I was written back to with sarcasm referring to a colleague "please take it from here as not being taken seriously probably won’t lead to an efficient or quick refund". Frankly shocked and insulted....told them to keep their refund and here is my review instead. Do not recommend this product!!
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on 2 January 2018
My husband laughed when I bought these - probably because we don’t have any grass!! I tried these as my 5 month old Newfypoo - who just looks like a shaggy rug was smelling of “burnt pee” on her rear end fur as she pees on her fur - she can’t help it - there is too much fur, even though the groomer trims it. With these stones, which we had to put in a bucket of water as she just played with them in her water bowl there is now absolutely NO smell at all. Even when she has the odd accident indoors there is zero smell - just a puddle of water - literally water. Works great- husband not laughing now!
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on 20 September 2017
I really wanted to believe this works but it made no difference whatsoever, the patches on our lawn kept increasing. What's more our dog became ill around two weeks after we introduced the rocks into her water dish and stopped eating. Our vet asked if anything had changed in her diet and we mentioned the rocks. He suggested that we should remove them as they are unlikely to make any difference to the lawn, dog urine is very high in nitrogen due to their diet and this kills grass roots. He said that rocks would not make enough difference to help the grass but might be upsetting her stomach. We removed the rocks and our dog recovered her appetite a few days later. This may have been coincidence but I have thrown the rocks away, just in case. I tried some patch-magic instead and now the lawn looks great!
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I had a lush weed free green lawn that I looked after and cared for and this was with a dog that urinated on the lawn for several years. Then came along our female pup (I hate the b**ch word) and suddenly brown patches start appearing where she urinates. So I picked these up at a local pet store and waited to see my garden get back to a lovely green colour again. I was expecting a few more patches to appear whilst it took effect and for the recently wet patches to turn brown, but after 6 months patches are still appearing despite my care. I think I can safely say that they have had zero effect, not even a reduction in patches.

Maybe it will be worth a try as they seem to have worked for some people, but don't hold your breath
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