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on 28 February 2012
I have two of these in my rucksack at all times charged and ready to go.

The charge lasts 3 months, and will fully charge two iphones.

Get it, and get it now. You won't be sorry.
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on 5 July 2011
I bought this to charge my HTC Legend phone. I listen to audio when I go to sleep, and I charge every night, so if I'm away somewhere and the plug socket's not in a convenient position this is essential to me. To give you some idea, I've probably charged the phone 30 or so times with it since I got it.

It's quite a small unit, probably similar in size to a cigar pack. The bits I've kept from the box (can't remember exactly what it came with) are the main tecknet unit, the charging cable and a few of the ends, and the nice cloth case.

To charge the phone, you plug in the cable they supply with the correct end (the ends are interchangeable) and turn the tecknet on. The three bright blue lights will light on the tecknet (if it's fully charged), and your phone will begin to charge. I usually turn the tecknet over because the lights are quite bright at night! As the phone charges, the lights will start to go out.

I have found the lights have been a little bit unreliable in terms of letting me know how much charge is left in the tecknet, but trial and error has shown me that I can generally manage two nights' worth of charging my phone (although the phone probably has 1/3rd battery left at the end of the day).

Once the phone has finished charging, the tecknet keeps it topped up until you unplug it. At first I though this used a significant amount of battery power, and used to turn it off if I woke up in the night and saw it had finished charging, but actually I having left it on a few times by mistake, I've changed my mind.

One problem is that it's relatively easy to press the button on the tecknet by mistake, and stop it from charging the phone. I haven't had too much of a problem with this because I generally just put it on my bedside table and leave it, but I think if I wandered round with the tecknet in my pocket charging my phone, I'd be quite likely to turn it off accidentally.

Once I've finished charging my phone, I recharge the tecknet. This takes quite a long time. Much longer than it took to charge the phone. To recharge the tecknet, I switch the connector ends round (the tecknet takes a different variant of USB than my phone does - I think the tecknet takes mini USB), and plug it into some that provides USB power - I use the mains->USB plug that came with my phone.

This is the only real downside I've found with the tecknet. It's a bit annoying fiddling with the leads. You might think that you could be clever and just use the cable that came with your phone to charge the phone, and keep the lead that came with the tecknet to charge the tecknet with the next morning. However the cable that came with my phone charges the phone really slowly compared to using the tecknet one. I guess I might be able to buy a second cable but I'm not quite sure exactly what I need to get to make sure it can charge the phone quickly.

This brings me on to my second niggle - I'm worried I'm going to loose all of the little connectors. In fact, I only keep a few of them with the tecknet and I'm not sure where the rest are! Not really a fault with a product, but it is a little bit annoying.

And one last niggle - the micro USB connector that I used for my phone has split in half. I've had to hold it together with a cable tie. I guess I could send it back and get a replacement but I expect it would suffer the same fault, so I haven't bothered. I'd really like to buy a separate cable that wasn't curly like that one that came with it.

I'll finish with one warning - a friend tried to charge his iPhone 3GS and the 3GS wouldn't charge from it, it used the tecknet as a power source but without charging. However it says in the blurb that it should be supported, so perhaps it was just a one-off.

So - overall, it does what it says it will, it's a pretty good price, and I reckon I'd buy it again if I was in the market for another. If anyone could help me understand what kind of a lead I need to get my HTC Legend to charge at full speed, I'd be grateful ;-)
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on 30 June 2011
I had an ageing HTC Touch Pro 2 mobile phone that didn't have very good battery life and it seemed to have an uncanny knack of running out of go just when I needed it most and usually when charging was not an option. Looking at the options available on Amazon, I chose this one and have used fairly frequently since I bought it in early March.


It arrived quickly and was well packaged; not unexpected as the item is fulfilled by Amazon.

Getting started:

I did find the documentation a little bit on the thin side but, on the other hand, the unit is pretty easy to operate.

Following an initial charge (sorry I can't remember how long that took), I did find that it seemed to take a couple of charge-discharge cycles to reach full capacity. Since then I've tried to make sure to charge it up as soon as possible after using it and to always make sure that it gets charged at least once a month. So far it seems pretty reliable.

Physical characteristics:

I was expecting it to be bigger and heavier and was pleasantly surprised.

It comes with the large number of different adapters listed in the description, half of which I don't even recognise. The basics mini/micro USB, Nokia and apple connector are covered.

One disappointment, as others have mentioned, is that the switch is easy to turn on accidentally.

Another con is that the curly cable supplied is somewhat of a pain because it makes it a little bit thicker when trying to squeeze it into a crowded bag. A simple straight cable would be more compact but this a matter of personal preference and I suppose some would prefer the stretch that a curly cable gives.

They supply a black drawstring bag made out of some synthetic material, presumably to keep the battery pack, cable and adapters in. To be honest it seemed pretty useless to me and I've thrown it away.

One solution if you want a bag is to buy a Nintendo DS case, which is very nearly the perfect size carry case to keep everything together. Get a hard case and the switch problem goes away too. I went with this one Venom Black EVA Carry Case (Nintendo DS).

How well does it work?:

I can't comment on the specific power claims made but I've been very happy with the number of charges that I've got out of it before having to recharge it. I've used it with the HTC, my girlfriend's ancient Nokia and my new iPhone 4.


A very solid 4 stars. The device does what I wanted it to do and at what seems to me to be a reasonable price. Knocked one star off for the bag and the on/off switch being a little bit annoying but perhaps that is me being a little harsh.

I have recommended to a couple of friends and family.
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on 4 February 2011
This is a handy piece of equipment. I have tested it over the last 1-2 weeks and found that it stores a ridiculous amount and is more than happy to just keep topping my iphone up over and over and over...well, you get the idea.

It is a good size, I can actually carry it about in my passport sized wallet so that it is ready whenever I need it. It's pretty light as well.

I do, however, have 2 warnings for potential buyers.

The first is quite minor - the on/off button is very sensitive. You can easily find that it has been inadvertently activated. It shouldnt matter too much because it would take a LONG time to discharge just by being turned on. It does open up the possibility that if, like me, you give it a full charge and have it in a pocket for when you need it, but you dont need it for several days in a row, you can find that it isnt full anymore.

The second criticism, quite a biggy i think. it does not come with its own wall charger, only a usb lead. i never charge from my computer and prefer to use wall sockets, luckily for me i had one, not so luckily it exploded after giving a half charge. it took a bit of testing to find one that wouldnt blow up every time it was plugged in, but on the 3rd attempt i found one (my iphone wall charger).

One other thing i would like to mention is that the adapters it comes with are quite useful but if you have a table computer, the adapter that should fit doesnt (if its a round pin)

Its definately worth having around, its very useful. i havent had chance to test it charging two items at once which it is capable of, but i am sure there will me be issues there.
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on 4 March 2011
The first time I used this, I was extremely disappointed. I charged it up at home until it showed three blue lights and then took it on a day out when I knew that my iPhone would need charging. I attached the charger but after about 20 minutes it switched off and appeared to have run down completely. Before returning the item as useless, when I got home, I plugged it in to charge again to give it one more try.

After this, it charged my iPhone three times and my iPod once - and it still showed 3 lights! When I plugged it in to recharge, one light was flashing and it took a couple of hours to show three lights.

Having got used to this, I can highly recommend the item. All I need now is another USB lead to charge two items at one time.
Since writing the above, I have found this charger extremely useful. I have not bought another USB lead as I have not found it necessary to charge more than one item at a time and, as I said above, it lasts for a long time before it needs recharging.

Another use I found for it a couple of days ago - someone called me when my iPhone was in need of charging and it wasn't convenient to be near a socket outlet. I just connected my phone to this charger and continued my (lengthy!) chat!!!

I wouldn't like to be without this now.
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on 24 May 2012
I have sadly had to return my TeckNet battery pack as it was faulty. My overall impressions when I received it were good - it looked and felt high quality and had plenty of connectors and attachments. I plugged it in and charged it up and after 5 hours or so it reported as fully charged so I tried it out. Firstly on an HTC Wildfire S phone. I plugged the phone in and it immediately registered as charging from the battery pack, even though I hadn't switched it on. I left it charging for a few minutes, but noticed that the charge reading on my phone went _down_ during this time. It made no difference if I switched the pack on and off - the phone registered as charging - as did my MP3 player and Kobo that I also tried out. After 10 minutes or so the pack would no longer switch on. I connected it to charge and it showed as being completely empty! So, it's gone back and, having read the reviews more carefully there seem to be just too many faulty units around. I've therefore ordered a different make as a replacement: it doesn't look as nice as this one, but hopefully it will work. Two stars rather than one because clearly it works for most people and it looks the business. When the reliability improves, I'll probably buy one.
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on 30 June 2011
I bought this device to support the plethora of battery consuming devices that I have started accumulating: smartphone, ebook, ipad, bluetooth hands-free devices etc. Especially when travelling it's a nightmare, since not only you have to carry different charges but you are also at risk of being left out of battery in the middle of nowhere.
- good value for money. Sturdy, compact, relatively light weight
- does what it promises. It charges my Galaxy S twice before I have to recharge
- has saved me from carrying along different types of chargers when I travel. I take only this and charge my devices through it
- it supports almost every type of charging connector
- It does not include the usb to mains adaptor. You have to use one of your owns or buy it separately
- The pouch that comes along is really poor. I bought a separate 2.5'' hdd case to keep everything together and tied up
- The output is just sufficient to support charging of ipad2. And it has to be done through the short cable that comes along with the device. If you use the usb cable of your ipad it won't charge.
Overall I am quite happy with my purchase.
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on 18 January 2011
I bought this product on the following specs:
* high capacity
* two USB outputs
* charges a vast array of devices
* was cheaper than the other similar products
On receiving (quickly dispatched) the battery pack I was pleasantly surprised to find that it ticked all of my requirements.

So what was the actual charging ability, well on a totally unscientific and empirical basis, I managed to charge an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, Kindle 3 and 50% charge of an HTC TytnII - all from one charge of the battery pack. All the devices were at 0% charge before charging of the TeckNet battery pack. So in my opinion, that's not a bad effort and should do me well on my travels.

My only gripe, is that it comes with only one USB cable, when there are two ports - for the cost of another cable, it would have been useful.

I've also got a Solar charger for my Power Monkey and it was able to charge this pack - how long it will take to do it is another matter altogether - but basic calculations you're looking at 25-30hrs! Via AC/USB power it takes about 5-6 hrs to charge.
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on 29 February 2012
Absolute life saver. Only used it for my Iphone 3GS. On complete Iphone discharge the battery pack completely recharged the phone three times.

Nothing more to say. Does what it says on the tin!!!
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on 24 March 2011
Bought this via Amazon early December 2010 and am glad I did! It arrived extremely quickly, well packaged.Did not make the mistake of 'trying' straight away but put on charge until fully charged (have noticed with various battery items, people grumble about battery life in their reviews but I have never had problems in that respect, perhaps due to fact I never use without fully charging first!)
I have charged up probably three times since purchase and used countless times to charge Samsung Monte, i-pod, bluetooth earpiece, bluetooth stereo headphones etc, etc. It has paid for itself completely on one occasion -Snowdonia mountain,sudden change in weather, snow, high wind, poor visibility, going dark ,Garmin GPS60s rechargeable batteries fully discharge,have changed rucksack, no spare batteries! Straight connection to TeckNet battery pack - problem solved, safe descent! Have also passed to friends out walking etc to charge their items - they were well impresssed!Great versatile product, should be one in every pocket or car!
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