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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Price:£119.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 21 July 2009
After buying a pair of 90lb Bowflex Selecttech I needed a solid, well build bench which can be collapsed for easy storage. There are many cheap imitations such as Argos' crappy Pro Power bench - don't be fooled, this bench is top quality and I have complete confidence even when using maximum weight.
I can't understand why people moan about adjusting the positions. From incline to flat takes me less than 5 seconds - you DON'T need to put the bench on the side - just support it with one hand, pull out the split and plug it into the correct hole. Are you people from a rival company or what?!?
True, some other positions requires you to pull out two splits, but that's because it offers several creative options such as biceps curl pad. Not possible in any other way.

In short - great product in every way. No downsides whatsoever
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on 22 January 2009
I bought this bench as I'm limited on space in my garage/home gym and needed a more versatile bench that could offer more than the usual inline/decline bench features. I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality and robustness of this bench as mentioned by other reviewers, it's really solid. The additional positions that it offers such as hyper extensions is fantastic. The alternative for this exercise is to buy a roman chair which is probably double the price of this bench alone! Ignore any comments that it's difficult to change the positions. You can simply move each bolt by hand with no need for tools. You also wont need to consult the manual after completing a couple of workouts as all you need to remember is for example: incline bench is bolt positions B-X-3, decline is A-Y-2 etc etc.

Overall I'm really impressed with my purchase and the bench has exceeded my expectations.

If you're in the market to buy a new DB bench you should seriously consider this.
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on 3 December 2016
I was 50/50 about ordering this as there were quite a lot of negative reviews about usability and ease of changing positions. I wished I'd listened to them...

After spending over an hour wrestling (almost literally) with this bench, I've decided to send it back. I'll caveat my review by saying that I am a relative newbie to the world of weight training and that my only experience of benches like this is at one gym which I accept will have professional/commercial standard gear that is probably much more expensive than this bench.

On opening the box, I was initially impressed with the build quality. It's certainly solid and the cushioning is nice and thick and looks like it will last.

But from a usability perspective, this is awful in my opinion. Two of the positional adjustment pins are pull out and push in - easy. But the other 2 are screw-in, heaven knows why. It seems to be lazy design or cost constraints in my opinion.

Some of this could be overcome by a simple set-up/user guide or clearer labelling of pin positions to achieve the various 13 positions - I easily got lost due to XYZ ABC label combinations and poor quality photos in the instructions. I couldn't even work out how to get it into the position on this photo..the bottom pin here is a screw type and doesn't go all the way through to the other side.

Brilliant customer service from Amazon - item being collected for return next week.
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on 22 April 2017
Very good quality item. You need to have your wits about you to figure out all the different adjustments required to change the bench settings but you get the hang of it.
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on 25 January 2010
I pay A LOT of attention to reviews and this is actually the first time I've created one myself. I'm doing so because there are a lot of conflicting reviews. Seems people either love or hate this bench.

If you do weights - this bench is not heavy. Just 22kg and can be easily picked up and moved around. Perhaps up and down stairs wouldn't be much fun though.

You only need to glance at the instructions to figure out how the bench works and it's more about understanding how it works rather than memorising the positions. You won't need to refer to the manual.

The bench position can be changed without moving it at all, let alone put it on its side. Granted - you need two hands for this statement to be true. It takes 30 seconds to change 3 or 4 pins. If this is too much for you - work out on the floor perhaps and forget getting a bench.

The quality is very good - not commercial level but vastly exceeding most home benches I've come across before. I can see this lasting a long time.

It's very comfortable. You won't be dissapointed, and if you are, you shouldn't be buying a gym bench because changing plates on a dumb bell is likely to be complicated for you too. Glad I bought it.
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on 26 September 2012
I bought this bench to use at home, but every time you try to alter the bench its so complicated the instruction manual comes out. I have been training for many years and used numerous benches so altering benches is something I`m used to. I would like to incline and decline this bench more often but its so complicated and awkard I find it infuriating. My wife does not even attempt to alter the bench as she can`t lift the bench on to its side let alone alter the tight pins. The bench is just used as a flat bench and never changes position as York have just tried to be too clever with this complicated design. Several times while trainning I have tried to alter the bench but it so complicated and time consuming that you lose interest and stop training (a thing I have never done before). If you are serious about building muscle and work the muscle in flat, inclined and declined positions my advice is don`t buy this bench. I regret ever purchasing this bench anyone who gives this bench 5 stars cannot be into serious weight training. I have since replaced this bench with one that can be altered in seconds and pumping iron has become enjoyable again.
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on 2 November 2012
I chose this bench based on it's ability to fold down for storage and concerns that some cheaper benches might lack sturdiness. I have to say I am delighted with this bench; everything from the rugged frame to the thickly padded seat/backrest says "quality". I was pleasantly surprised to find it came almost fully assembled; only the generously padded ankle bar needed to be fitted, and it was the work of moments to put it into place (you will need a spanner/wrench/sockets for the single bolt)and then ready to go.

Adjusting the bench takes some getting used to but soon becomes quicker once you have tried it a few times. The manual is very helpful in this regard (York also provide a pdf copy of it on their web site) and the quick-release pins mean very little time is spent changing the layout. Obviously it's a faff to keep changing positions but worth it overall for the versatility of the bench.

In all positions the parts lock satisfyingly into place and not once did I feel a wobble or have any concerns about stability whilst lifting weights on it. The bench can go totally flat, as well as incline and decline settings, and is very comfortable. Best of all, when finished it folds down to very compact dimensions - I've squeezed it into a 20cm wide gap next to the wardrobe - which was critical as space is at a premium in my house.

If I have any concerns at all it will be that constant removal/re-insertion of locking pins could damage the paintwork around the locating holes. Overall though, an exceptionally good piece of equipment.
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on 26 December 2008
There's not much I can say that's not been said about this product but I will back up the good reviews. I bought this bench primarily for dumbbell presses and flyes as I wanted the incline, flat and decline positions. It obviously allows for much more than that. It's perfect.

Very good build quality, very sturdy even during heavy lifting. Folds nice and flat for storage too. Very easy to setup and use. The padding is very supportive and the ankle supports are nice and comfortable, they do not dig into your legs at all.

If you want a good, multi-purpose bench then this is the one to go for.
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on 23 November 2009
This Bench is excellent. Takes a few minutes to figure out how to adjust the bench but it clicks after a while and you will probably find you leave it on one or two settings most of the time. Considering the end of the backrest doesn't have much support, it is amazingly rigid and strong - I even found kneeling near this end did not cause any movement at all. This is a quality product and well worth the money. Its also light enough to simply pick up (approx 23 kg) and store away.
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on 5 May 2009
I have been using this bench for a few months now and I'm really pleased to have found a strong, well built product. I bought it primarily because of the way it folds for storage and I've been able to easily store it underneath a single bed. (For those of you wanting to know the exact dimensions when folded flat they are 155cm x 39cm x 26cm or 145cm x 39cm x 18cm if you remove the ankle support).

The adjustments between positions are mostly easy to make. In one or two of the positions it is sometimes a little tricky to locate the pins or move the legs but at this price for a bench that is so versatile, I really can't complain.

All in all a good buy, I would highly recommend this bench.
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