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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2010
Okay, lets talk about the difference between grain....and sharpness. The Blu ray transfer of this film is pin sharp,thats because the focus puller and camera man on the original film crew did a very good job and got everything in perfect focus!! The Blu Ray transfer does exemplify the characteristics of the film stock used in 1968....remember this is a film shot entirely on location in an almost semi/documentary style using film stock suited to low light levels and with a minimum use of suplementary lighting, by nature the film stock can be slightly grainy in places but that is no accident and can be considered a creative choice by the director to convey the gritty on the spot realism required. Actually in many ways this film set a trend, not just because of the car chase but the visual style and realistic/ urgent nature of the camera work spawned a slew of gritty action thrillers, (see French Connection/Blu Ray). There is no point in trying to compare the visual quality of a Blu Ray film like "Bullit" to a Blu Ray Bond film, for one thing the visual styles are so disparate as to be incomparable, Bond films present a saturated hyper reality, a high gloss to go with the high fantasy, "Bullitt" is a gritty cop thriller, it doesn't need cleaned up or made glossy like a modern film, watch it as it was intended to be, this Blu ray is good, its sharp, its clear, its grainy in places, its how it should be. I have the DVD and the Blu Ray is far superior...enjoy.
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on 21 January 2010
There have been some pretty tough reviews concerning the picture quality of this blu ray. (I assume everyone knows the movie itself is great). I have to suggest that a direct comparison between the dvd and the blu ray shows what a massive improvement has been made. It's never going to "pop" off the screen the way some modern films do...... but the original footage was never capable of doing that. This blu ray is as good as Bullitt will ever look and it is a very big improvement over the dvd.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 October 2006
This film demonstrates to contemporary Hollywood just how to make a superb thriller without having an explosion every 5 minutes. You know its a classic from the opening shot. Lalo Schifrin's insistent theme kicks in over the credits and the rollercoaster ride starts.

McQueen is marvellous as a Frank Bullitt a no-nonsense, and somewhat rebellious detective who is having no truck with authority. Robert Vaughn, who I've always liked, but never really rated as an actor, is excellent here as Walter Charmers (who is anything but charming!). The scenes between him and McQueen are riveting. Theres the famous car chase of course, which is great, but watching it again recently, the thing that struck me was the completely realistic Hospital scenes. Its all very clinical if you'll excuse the pun.

On disc 1:

There is a commentary by the directory Peter Hyams and a trailer.

On Disc 2:

Documentary 1 'The Cutting Edge: The Magic Of Movie Editing' narrated by Kathy Bates

Documentary 2 'Steve McQueen: The Essence Of Cool' a film about McQueen.

3 'Bullitt: Steve McQueen's Commitment To Reality'.

Of the extras the commentary is probably the best bit, but the film itself is reason alone to buy these discs.
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on 19 March 2001
We all see films that stick in your mind for various reasons, the photography, acting, storyline, atmosphere, direction....Bullit has it all, I remember seeing when it was released in the late sixties and have never tired of still evokes the atmosphere of the time and represented a new landmark in crime movies...the director was not afraid enhance the action of film with relaxed breathing spaces...the scene in the restaurant ( shot at a real restaurant from outside looking in) the jazz music the wondeful serene morning when Bullit parks his car and goes and buys his weeks precooked meals at the chinese grocers opposite his girlfriends apartment If only my shopping trips were so simple!!!! Mqueen superb in this roll as a laid back supercop apparently turned down the part as Dirty Harry...would that have suited him? There is, as in any good film, an excellent supporting cast especially Robert Vaughan who oozes just the right amount of sleaze, Don Gordon his sidekick and Norman Fell his boss. With the magnificent backdrop of San Francisco a stunning car-chase and the airport shoot out (copied in Heat) this film is almost perfect.
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on 14 October 2009
40 odd years later and still one of the coolest movies ever made. I suppose what makes it so damn cool (besides the presence of Steve McQueen) is the minimal dialogue but each word is meaningful to the plot and character development. So much is also conveyed in looks and expression. A marvelously constructed and tense movie with real characters. And of course THE car chase that started them all. And no CGI or special effects in sight. Just real cars with real drivers on real roads and no ludicrous near misses such as with have these days where you need to suspend all disbelief. People actually die rather than walk away from massive explosions etc only requiring a band aid and a glib one liner. Well acted and tightly directed this movie has held up really well over time. Buy it you will not be disappointed.
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on 17 July 2002
Although at the time, he was still reeling from the after-effects of doing "The Thomas Crown Affair", here star Steve McQueen gave what was possibly the best performance of his life and career, and one that has matured all the more with the passing of time.
"Bullitt", released in 1968, is a very neat, clipped and stylish thriller which, although the basic plot ia little weak, does not detract from this. Known for "that car chase", where McQueen carves up San Francisco in pursuit of a hot rodding black Pontiac
, the actual story focuses on a police operation to guard a mafioso before he gives evidence against his friends in the mob, which goes wrong. McQueen as Detecive Frank Bullitt is as always, clipped and razor-sharp, letting his senses tell half of the story for him. He's excellent, his casting is perfect. Also on board is Robert Vaughn, himself in excellent form as a scheming politician, and Jackie Bissett as Frank's love interest.
No its not the best thriller ever made, but frame for frame it is good.
Now you too have the chance to own this classic on DVD, restored in widescreen and with renewed picture clarity and a a good selection of extras to make this one wicked addition to your collection. If you never buy another McQueen film, buy this one, you will not be disappointed!
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This film is so evocative of the 60s. That may seem a silly thing to say, after all that is when it was made, but watching this film doesn't leave you feeling you're watching something dated, it just leaves you feeling you want to be there, being him. The story is simple but gripping, the acting and dialog is superb, especially the scenes between McQueen and Robert Vaughn, the music is wonderful, and of course there is that utterly gorgeous Ford Mustang, and that noise, and THAT car chase. It was indeed the pioneer of the genre, and watching it too many times you can see all the flaws in the way it was put together, with multiple views of the same action being put back to back, but the film is nevertheless a true classic, and a genuinely watchable one at that.

And let's also mention the brilliant advert for the Ford Puma that, using what was quite ground breaking computer wizardry at the time, put Steve at the wheel of a Puma driving around SF to that wonderful music. We bought a Ford Puma when they came out, pretty much solely off the back of that advert, and another one afterwards, so advertising CAN work! If you have never seen it, just search for McQueen Puma advert, you will find it easily.

He was cool (Cooler King!) in The Great Escape, but I still think he's cooler here. Fab film. Think I will have to watch it again tonight now.
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on 7 February 2010
This film is brilliant ! Being a Steve McQueen fan i wanted to buy this on Blu Ray. The very first opening scene is a shot from a high building and on Blu Ray was terrible (old film i suppose) which made me think "oh no" BUT moving on into the film i was quite surprised by the transfer, it is actually very good ! Im not gonna go into Blu Ray jargon as i dont know too much ! but given its age it is very clear and the audio is also very good. There are also lots of extras on the disc which in turn i would say make it a good buy if you like this film...
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on 17 May 2015
Superb period cop drama that is really out there on its own for cinematography and character study. Lingering shots on incidental aspects of the scene(s) give this movie almost a documentary feel at times and the human study part of the film is seldom talked about but its part of what makes this so compelling. Jacqueline Bisset is wooden at times and Robert Vaughn's acting is a bit hammy at times but apart from that the movie is held together well by its characters with supporting roles giving the film some real depth. Steve McQueen is filmily believable at all times and carries the film on his own at times when the pace drops. The famous car chase is stunning for the way its filmed but its not the car chase that many think they remember... The blu ray is a must....far greater colour depth throughout and detail in scenes that DVD can not deliver. Grainy at times in low light and/or indoor scenes but this is a limitation of the prints used originally and the filming style so do not expect a 50 year old film to look like Skyfall.... BUY.
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on 19 March 2006
Like many, I watched Bullitt after years of hearing the hype about its car chase, I decided to buy the film to see if it lives up to its legacy.
I believe it does, but there is more to this film than the car chase. It oozes style as McQueen goes about investing the murder of the witness, and the serious injury his colleague sustains in the assassination. As Bullitt digs deeper into the case, he becomes involved with the murky world of a publicity & success hungry senator who seems keen to hinder Bullitt, but he is wise and works the system in his favour, a results driven policeman cynical at the world of politicians meddling in police affairs.
McQueen throws himself into this role, and the film stays true, it might seem plodding in places as Bullitt recreates the steps leading up to the assassination, but it thrives on detail rather than trying to cram in too much to the film.
And then there is the car chase, voted by some as the best ever. It is certainly one of the best, I never recall a film that fades the music out during car chase, but the soundtrack in this film is the V8 engines in Bullitt’s Mustang, and the hit men in the ’68 Charger. Unlike modern films, this entire chase was filmed in sequence and on real streets at real high speeds. Modern films like 2Fast 2Furious depend on poor computer generated chase scenes. The screeching of tyres, and roar of the engines make such an action packed chase as they tear through the streets of San Francisco. Yes the cameras filmed it from several angles so the Beetle reappears in the background more than once, but it doesn’t detract from the chase. It certainly isn’t unique in being a film with continuity errors.
A great film if you like action police dramas.
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