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on 27 March 2007
I, like many horror fans, have been force fed the same banal big budget Hollywood remakes and MTV high school slasher tripe for the last 20 years. Here, at last, is an original horror genre movie that ticks all the right boxes.

You want a hot lead actress, you want vampires, you want cool weapons, you want cool vehicles and you want blood, lots of it, by the bucket load - you got it.

With excellent fight choreography and a supporting role from the Hammer Horror scream queen herself Stephanie Beacham, this really is fantastic stuff.

Despite it's low budget, by opting to use 35 mm stock and adding quality CG effects to the mix, director James Eaves has created something that feels much bigger.

A must for old school horror fans.
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on 24 July 2008
Rebecca is attacked on her way home to her family and left for dead by the vampire responsible. She's taken in by project 571 who turn her into the first genetically engineered vampire, she becomes a vampire assassin who targets vampires, with great success. But when project 571 is massacred she may need to form a new alliance with project 572 lead by the powerful witch Madeline to find a powerful book before the whole world is consumed by darkness...

I'm a fan of big budget horror and the more cultish stuff and this is most definitely the latter; it is obviously made on a very tight budget but what effects there are, are pretty good but don't expect anything better than flashes of blue light and glowing eyes. The hooded apparitions are pretty poorly crafted in particular. The acting is sometimes very real and sometimes kind of dodgy, but it works, Edward (Rebecca's partner) in particular has some awful moments. But Claudia Coulter as Rebecca is really quite good and Stephanie Beacham is great as Madeline. The action can be rather slow but personally I think this adds to the realism. Even though it was only last year it feels dated though I think that has much to do with how it was shot and the fact that the director is hankering back to British Hammer Horror films.

This definitely won't appeal to everyone but I found it massively entertaining (the bad bits and the good), the lead in ballsy and strong, the villains wonderfully eccentric, it's funny both intentionally and by fault and the seeing the story unfold to the backdrop of British pubs, manors, castles and stretching countryside was fun.
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on 4 October 2013
Rebecca is a genetically modified near-dead person made into a vampire and trained in the marshal arts in order to kill other kung-fu vampires. Rebecca is then captured by witches who want her to kill vampires to keep them from getting a book that can raise demons. Once Rebecca and the witch get the book, rather than destroy it they seek out the vampire who wants the book in order to kill him, all the time they are carrying said book. The plot is bad. The dialogue goes from bad to worse. The movie includes vampire circus midget and a fat lady who feed off of clowns. The four stars is because I enjoy bad campy movies and is not to be taken as if this is a quality film. No sex, no nudity, no bad language. The special effects are bad to comical, especially the demons which consist of a hooded robe with lights for eyes. When the mouth talks it looks as if it is from Johnny Quest. Better if stoned.
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on 25 September 2008
This is a similiar film to Razorblade Smile, another film concerning a vampire assassin. This is the lesser film, clearly filmed on a low budget, and not as exciting as the Eileen Daly film. Still, there is enough inventiveness and humour on show here to make it worth purchasing, even if the acting does leave something to be desired(not including the wonderful Stephanie Beacham of course), and you can ignore some large plot holes. Treat it as the tongue in cheek B-movie it clearly is, and you'll find plenty to enjoy.
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on 8 January 2008
This must be without doubt the worst horror film I have ever seen!

The filming is amateurish, there is no script and the acting is appalling.

A film to avoid at all costs. (It has one star because you cannot post the review with no stars).
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on 10 June 2013
it was fantastic had been looking for it for ages love the film .not whot i thort it was but i am glad to have the dvd for my colection
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on 18 August 2009
This film makes my top ten worst 'vampire' films of all time. I love vampire films but I don't rate this. Sure I laughed a bit and I know the intention was to be humourous but I am afraid I laughed at the ineptness of the film not in response to the childish 'humour'.
If you want a comedic vampire film go for Pardon me but your teeth are in my neck/fearless vampire killers. Unless you need to own every vampire film ever made or collect terrible films to fulfill some kind of perverse obession give this one a miss.
The film fails on atmosphere, humour, acting, plot and dialogue. Other than that it is dire.
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