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on 29 June 2017
Medal of honor is a cut above anything I've played from a war perspective. You can't buy one without buying the complete sequence. / collection.
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on 20 September 2017
It was good
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on 19 November 2007
Essentially this Medal of Honour game is as good as any of the previous series. It could be said the graphics have improved very slightly and the games play matches that of similar titles. Almost all of the way through the games the difficulty is just about right, being an adequate challenge whilst at the same time not leading to frustration. However the final level throws this concept out of the window and instead offers a very, very long and annoying level. It takes approximately three hours of careful game play to reach what I can only assume is very close to the end of the level and possibly the game. At this point I had been killed a dozen times and re-spawned at some maddening point ensuring that I had to play through a portion of the level again. After three or more hours of this you are then confined to a shell of a house confronted with several tanks that seem inescapable. The best that I could manage after probably more than ten hours trying this level repeatedly was to destroy one tank.
I am no Johnny-come lately to gaming and especially this particular genre, but this game beat me. It is the first game of its type that I have not played to completion and for that reason I game the game only 3 stars where I would otherwise have given it 5.
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on 10 March 2012
I liked medal of honor European assault as it was great fun !! The vanguard I liked more as the gritty realism of combat is bought to it where I found it is a brainer to pull it off successfully . You have to use all available cover and anticipate where the enemy will be next . The End game and crucible are mindblowing , especially the last mission (crucible) where you navigate sniper territory in a factory and defend the ruins from German attack similar to zulu and the unit season 2 dark of the moon episode !I tend to kill myself in the last stage , defence of the factory entrance so I can replay that part !!I loved the aftermath of ww2 naration which states what the war was about fighting tyranny and fighting for freedom values to endure long after we`r gone . BUY THIS GEM !! I am a lover of ps2 and recently bought a new one , and have just ordered a wii and will be buying medal of honor vanguard for that as reflex control will add an even more challenging dimension to this video gaming masterpiece !!!Awesome.com
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on 31 December 2007
Medal of Honor has been an interesting series with many ups and downs. It first outing on the PS2, Frontline, was in my opinion a faboulous game. It had a brilliant soundtrack, long levels and for a game created 5 years ago, reasonable graphics.
For me, ever since then each further installment has seemed to be a step backwards for EA. Rising Sun was ok, European assault was quite good, but none lived up to its prequal.
Then came Vanguard, and for me this was the worst of the lot. For starters, medal of honor has always, at the very least, delivered a powerful and fantastic musical score. Not any more. For Vanguard all they have done is stolen extracts of music from previous medal of honor games.
Although graphics are supposed to be extraordinary nowadays, the graphics in this game are significantly worse than european assault; a game created by the same people over 2 years ago!
The lifespan of this game is, at best, a matter of several hours.

To some up it seems to the casual eye that EA are no longer taking time and dedication, as they did for frontline, to create a great and lengthy game, but are more concerned with creating a mediocre, unoriginal and tiresome heap of rushed boredom. Clearly they are only concerned with making as much money as possible, as quickly as possible.
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on 18 January 2008
It is sad to see Medal of Honour has turned into Call of Duty, I loved the previous games but this is just too easy.
No more headshot stats, no adrenaline, no keeping your platoon mates alive, no medikits just get shot then hide to recover and repeat and repeat.
More video now than game.
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on 3 April 2007
I BOUGHT THIS GAME hoping it would be a challenging game it was in some aspects.

Good points--- Enemy soldiers better trained and have better aim.No health pick ups health regenerates with rest. Longer levels with more enemys explosions and shellshock.

Bad points--- Levels longer but not long enougth. on some levels you may get outnumbered but i like that sort of thing

Altogether the game is quite short but quite challenging. my advice is to go to blockbuster or something rent the game and take the road from there.
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on 9 December 2014
One of my favourite MoH's to date, it's a shorter game than most so far, but it's quality was just about the best of the PS2 bunch. I love that you can upgrade the weapons on occasion, and the parachute challenge is still... well, challenging, when you get out of the habit. Also, the levels are so nicely planned in the name of strategy and atmosphere, and this time you don't have to look out for your AI buddies. They can take care of themselves as you spearhead the attack on those pesky Germans. If you must get Medal of Honor games for the PS2, make this your priority.
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on 2 April 2007
I must say that I did enjoy the game, even if it was a typical american troops win the war on thier own affair. Unfortunately I was very disapointed with the fact that the game was so short. The individual missions were long and suitably challenging but there weren't enough of them, I managed to complete the game in about 3 hours which was disapointing. Overall the effects of the game were a mixture of very impressive one minute and laughably poor the next. Not Medal of Honours greatest moment - I would recommend Call of Duty 2 or 3 over this game
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on 3 August 2007
This is a really terrible effort by EA. The graphics seem no better than any of the other Medal of Honour games. It is so short that I completed it in about 3 hours. There is hardly anything new in the game either. I suppose if you're a Medalof Honour fan, go and rent it. It's really not worth the money.
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