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on 7 October 2017
*** Pros ***
- Large surface area and killer electric wires makes it easy to kill flying things and spiders in webs
- Supplied with 2 AA batteries
- Activates once button is pressed
- Dispatches wasps and hornets with ease (larger creatures are easier to kill)
- Tennis racket format makes it easy to control

*** Cons ***
- Makes you feel sorry for the creatures you've targeted!
- Doesn't always kill some creatures on contact (especially flies)
- Charge remains if you activate it, but don't use it (watch out!)
- Loud and unnerving when it makes contact with its victim
- Plastic construction means you can't always get to where the creature is or whack it against the wall

The Executioner is a scary piece of equipment. The first time I used it I jumped and my heart raced. I wasn't expecting the almighty electric crack as the wires made contact with the unsuspecting spider. The spider fizzed and a second contact briefly set the poor creature alight. It was dead immediately and confirmed that The Executioner lives up to its name.

However, flies are a little more robust and a touch of The Executioner was enough to knock a fly out, but not enough for a kill. You needed to get a good swipe at the fly and make contact with a wire to truly kill them. So for the times when flies are walking around the table or windows sill, then you might need to knock them out and then follow up with a tissue.
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on 11 May 2017
Pricey but it really works! You might be a bit startled by the crack as it cheerfully murders a marauding wasp but it is really effective (as a queen wasp in my conservatory found out)!.
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on 29 July 2016
Without doubt the best way to work out the frustration of biting insects on holiday.

The first time I went to the Caribbean I got bitten to death (well, not literally death, but close) by sand flies and mosquitoes. It was definitely advantage biting-bugs and I came home with bumps and an urge to get even.

My second trip I was prepared, I had sprays, bands, candles, scented sticks as well as enough cream to last a lifetime, but I also took the Executioner.

Within minutes of unboxing I knew that revenge was in site. Depress the little button on the handle, give it a little wave in the direction of the nearest bug (which was making straight for me, they must have heard I was back) and *snap* - the first bug exploded with a satisfying crack. Much like battles of old this one simple act swung the whole campaign my way, and from then on I took it upon myself to keep our group safe from biting insects. It got to such a point that one of our nightly rituals was to follow in the steps of the FBI and to literally 'sweep for bugs'. With the button depressed if you run the executioner up and down the curtains, cushions and bedding it will kill and bugs lurking in the soft furnishings (which was a surprising number).

This obviously won't repel bugs, but it does give you a fighting chance of getting them before they get you.

This executioner comes with batteries, which lasted me for a 2 week holiday of pretty heavy use, and is quite solid in its construction.

We liked this so much we have bought three (one each, plus one got broken after an overly vigorous swing at a bug too near the corner of a dining table.

It is worth noting that this is not a substitute for a tennis racket and should not be used for such! Also, try not to touch your own skin with the button pressed down, it really hurts. Try not to do the same to your partner, because that really REALLY hurts, even if you think it would be funny to test it.
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on 14 August 2017
Nothing beats the thrill of finally winning against the fly that was buzzing around your head all day. Sometimes they die instantly, sometimes it just knocks them out, then I would usually throw them outside to fly away. Some of the very persistent ones need to be whacked a couple of times before anything happens (rare)!
But it does make you feel like a serial killer, and I hate wasps so they don't get any second chances, they would do the same to us, evil little bastards.
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on 18 June 2017
Brilliant, arrived swiftly, opened it, put the supplied batteries in it and frazzled the nasty little sods flying about in my kitchen. Much better than the cheap one I bought last summer which ended up in 2 pieces after about a month. Well worth the extra tenner! 10/10
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on 8 December 2017
Omg this kills all manner of flying beast. Some take a swipe and roast (hold them in there and jiggle it with button held till they smoke)

Don’t miss and swing hard as if you hit a wall it breaks crap plastic glue seal at edges and the metal poles come out of place. If this was stronger it would be 5 stars

Also if you swing hard enough while charged you can actually slice the critters threw like a lightsaber
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on 1 June 2017
I write very few reviews, but wow, this thing just explodes the insects in a flash of electricity. Very effective. I had a cheaper model which malfunctioned from day 1 and did not produce anywhere near the same level of charge. If you're wondering whether the extra outlay is worth it, I would say definitely - the quality of this thing is far superior to the cheaper ones, which are just a false economy.
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on 27 August 2017
Killing beasties becomes a sport between you and your better half for a long time after you get this.. Say goodbye to daddy longlegs, wasps, flies, bluebottle and generally anything you don't want in your vicinity!! The initial bang is a bit daunting the first time you hear it and smelling a fly wings burning not long after the pop but I can't say I don't love it way more than I should do.

If you don't have one of these in your house then you need to re-evaluate and get one right now
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on 19 August 2016
Packaging: Well packaged and delivered promptly.

Initial impression: Well made and sturdy. The business end comprises a single row of bars (unlike the cheap rackets that have a 3 layer mesh) and batteries are included.

Verdict: After trying several methods to reduce the ridiculous number of flies in my new property I decided to spend a little more and purchased 2 Eliminator rackets. Upon arrival I put the batteries in and got to work decimating everything from small house flies to monster horse flies with relative ease!! It is worth noting that to take out horse flies fresh batteries are essential as they are beasts but the fact the Eliminator can kill them is amazing and proves these are no toys and should be kept out of the reach of children.

Tip: I quickly discovered that flies take off sideways 99% of the time, by using 2 bats you can use one in each hand close together, move slowly from behind and voilà, the fly takes off and flies into the bars resulting in a very satisfying loud 'crack' and a flash of light as it fries the fly :-)


Thank you.
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on 6 September 2017
The worlds best fly zapper.

This thing really packs a punch. Any poor fly or mozzie that gets in its way is pretty much fried immediately.

This is the second one I have owned, the first one took 5 years before a small piece of plastic near the switch gave up on itself. I think that is pretty impressive though, considering the nature of the product. Ours got knocked around, so if looked after, it would last a lot longer.

Added bonus is the included batteries.
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