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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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Many reasons to rejoice. Superb scripts. Much inspired casting. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford terrific as Matt and Danny, hastily brought in to revitalize the studio's weekly live satirical show. Once a flagship winner, it has been brought to its knees by the demands of blinkered network executives, advertisers, religious bigots, political extremists. Away with pap - back with teeth and claws, fearlessly mocking and provoking discussion!

The series has everything. Much to amuse (as when in Nevada, guest star John Goodman hilarious as the sheriff). Much to move (as with the Christmas tribute to stricken New Orleans; then that reminder of dark days with so many blacklisted - a heartrending performance by guest Eli Wallach). Much to excite and uplift (as with the four episodes finale - a time of crisis and desperate measures with lives in danger).

"Studio 60" works better on DVD - especially with all the flashbacks to when Matt and Danny previously worked there. These confused a bit when originally shown on television with advertisements intervening. Not everything is perfect. Sarah Paulson no doubt shines elsewhere but seems miscast as Harriet - the love of Matt's life, but without the charisma needed to indicate why. The character is also meant to be funny, surely not such an irritant?

That reservation aside, five stars are still awarded - recognition of the writing and acting that throughout exhilarate. So often it makes the viewer sit up and take note. For example, that hefty fine threatened for an expletive on air. This was not in the comedy show but in a live newscast, the war reporter narrowly missed by a rocket. Censorship gone mad and needing to be challenged.

We need shows that keep us alert and increase our awareness. They may not win ratings but certainly earn respect. Recommended to all who enjoy a series that truly stimulates.
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on 29 July 2017
gutted this was canned after one series, awesome show
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on 21 July 2017
Great condition! The show itself is amazing. Bought it bcause I just had to watch it all over again ❤️
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on 11 April 2017
Perfect. Delivered as expected and with nice little note from seller.
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on 23 June 2009
Brilliantly written, but flawed. The characters are well drawn and interact extremely well. The dialogue is intelligent, thought provoking, fast and snappy. However the problem lies in the storytelling and the pace of the show. It just doesn't move fast enough and the story arcs don't grip you. There just isn't anything on the screen for you to invest in! It's worth watching, don't get me wrong, but it's not a 5 star show...... in fact it's not even close.

For those of you wondering why it was canceled..... It came down to cost and ratings. NBC committed to the show before a script was even in place and paid a huge amount of money to Warner Brothers so that the show would air on NBC.

As for the ratings, well they sucked and unfortunately it wasn't down to bad scheduling. NBC had the show airing at 10pm Mondays with Heroes as it's lead in. At the time heroes was drawing upwards of 15 million viewers, so the show had no excuses when it lost 60% of it's lead in audience. Granted the shows were not compatible, but what show would of worked with Studio 60?
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on 4 October 2007
I'll be honest, i was concerned that this would be another forgettable series of fake one liners and pointless story lines but...well....i was suprised. This show was acted out brilliantly by all he characters and the chemistry between them is amazing. Yet again though they cancel a show because it's not broad enough and doesnt appeal to the masses who would prefer to watch a fake painted backdrop and faceless characters batting forgettable one liners between one another. This show did make you feel you were getting a privliged behind the scenes view of a sketch show. I love how the writing was quick back and forth that at times seems ad-libded and the performance of Matthew Perry is fantastic (Chandler Bing is dead) I hope that the networks see sense and relaunch the show because seriously, how can a show like Will & Grace go on for a long as it did???? it still baffles me.
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on 20 August 2007
In this review I will frequently refer to 'Aaron Sorkin'. Sorkin is the writer/creator of this show, and he also wrote the mega-hit 'The West Wing'

Firstly if you liked 'Sports Night' or 'The West Wing' then this is an essential purchase.

Aaron Sorkin is in my opinion the best writer in the world and he proves it again with this show. The dialogue is witty, back-and-forth and yet somehow always seems real. Sorkin has an uncanny ability to throw out one-liners and insert jokes into a script, and it doesn't seem forced. I'm sure we have all seen shows where the characters interact with each other through a series of one-liners and the show seems fake because of it.

Sorkin always makes you believe that you are behind the scenes, watching regular people doing an extraordinary job. This is evidenced here.

The acting is superb, Perry is a revelation. Whitford and Peet are their normal brilliant selves, and Steven Weber's performances were a very welcome surprise. Hard to believe he was the same actor who played the ir-responsible brother on 'Wings'. All of Sorkin's shows are superbly acted and this is another example.

On top of an incredible core cast, there are an array of guest stars. Judd Hirsch, Allison Janney, Sting & Jason Alexander to name but a few.

Honestly up until this point, i'm sure it sounds like a perfect show - but there is a problem.

Matt (Perry's character) is sold to the audience as the best writer in Hollywood. He is the funniest guy in America and the only person who can save an ailing sketch show from being cancelled. He takes over the show along with his best friend and producer Danny Tripp(Whitford).

This was big news and there is a lot of pressure on their shoulders to prove that they are deserving of the praise being given to them.

This is an excellent premise for a show, and is something different. Up until this point the show is a 5 star television classic.

Now onto the major flaw I mentioned in the title, this is such a big flaw that IMO it is the reason the show got cancelled.

The sketches we see are painfully unfunny and quite frankly it shatters the entire illusion of the show. There are episodes where you watch 40 minutes of a great writer preparing this brilliant sketch, then when you see it performed at the end of the episode.... To call it underwhelming is to be kind.

As I said it shatters the entire illusion. When you watch 'The West Wing' you believe that you are watching the most powerful man in the world struggling with decisions that can affect the course of history. It is 100% believable. Now imagine if in every episode The President ultimately made the wrong decisions at the end.

That is what Studio 60 is like, instead of feeling like you are watching a comic genius constructing a piece of comic art, you feel you are watching a hack who has an undeserved reputation.

This is such a shame, because everything else about the show is so very good. The worst part is that i'm sure by hiring one or two writers with history of writing a sketch show, that this could have been easily avoided.

Here is another problem, although it isn't that big of a deal. Sometimes Sorkin takes the situations way too seriously. Sometimes I felt like yelling at the screen that they only work at a comedy show. You'd think you were watching the West Wing sometimes, they take it so seriously.

Matt Albi honestly thinks that he has a duty to the American public to make them laugh and to help them through their tough times etc it is at times ridiculous.

I know I have spent a lot of time criticising Studio 60, but I do love the show. It was brilliant and didn't deserve to be cancelled. It should have been allowed the chance to mature, very few shows hit the ground running.

I recommend this show to anybody - especially Sorkin fans, but sometimes the show has believability issues.

Nevertheless this was the best show on tv in 2006, and it's a damn shame we'll never see any more.

I'd just like to add that Sorkin knew that the show was cancelled, and as such there is a fitting finale, everything is resolved. You won't be left on a cliff-hanger or anything, as is sadly so often the case with other cancelled dramas.
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on 2 August 2007
If, like me you were a fan of the West Wing you will love this show! The writing is fast paced and the storylines are gripping; much the same as the west wing. The humour is sometimes a little too fast paced and you may miss it but will howl even more on repeat viewings. Watch out for cameos from some of Aaron Sorkin's previous shows and appearances from other great guest stars.

The main cast are simply excellent. This is Mathew Perry's best performance since Chandler, and Bradley Whitford's performance, although playing a similar character to Josh Lyman in the West Wing is also superb. That is to take nothing away from the other main cast members who have great chemistry throughout.

The only negatve comment about this show it that this is the one and only series. The storylines that Sorkin and co were developing needed much longer to flesh out, but on the whole, great viewing. I look forward to Sorkin's next project!
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on 8 December 2009
There are crimes of passion, crimes of neglect, crimes against humanity, war crimes, unsolved crimes and - well, just your average thief knocking over your granny for her purse! But the fact that "Studio 60" was cut after one series has to be the biggest crime in TV scheduling! I can only assume that the virtual lobotomy that most TV viewers must have had in order to prefer interminable reality and talent (sic) shows has also been applied to the TV magnates.

"Studio 60" is nowhere near as good as "The West Wing" but to those of us who loved the Bartlett Years, Sorkin's follow up was a welcome piece of quality writing, acting and production in a sea of dross. Again, I can only assume that the TV watching public has finally reached rock-bottom - that "Studio 60" was just too clever for the morons who, sadly, influence the affiliates and advertisers. There is obviously no room for quality television any more.

"Studio 60" will be watched by me again and again and, I am sure, will delight me each time. If it did come back, where the storyline would go after it was so neatly wrapped up in the final episode is anyone's guess. Perhaps that was ironically the final nail in the coffin.

If you want to see some favourite actors from "The West Wing" still at the top of their form - and I include Matt Perry in those ranks! - if you want to enjoy quality writing, drama and humour and an intelligent and thoughtful storyline - and if you do not want to be implicated in the greatest crime against quality TV! - buy this DVD and enjoy it! Indeed, you cannot fail to do anything but enjoy it.
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on 18 September 2010
The worst aspect of this series is that it is too cheesey. All these top television producers who would have shopped their own Grandma for shop-lifting if they felt it would move them up another rung suddenly have major attacks of conscience and put their integrity on the line: "I feel I have to resign - I really believe in America's freedom of speech even if it does upset the authorities..." type speeches fall out of virtually every corporate mouth. Oh come on! And then there is the "lurve" element - no-one has meaningless sex but are there to meet their soul-mate and swear undying love, always,and I mean always, at the end of an episode when the singing/music artiste is on and acting as the sound track. Oh come on!And another thing - no-one ever rats on anybody or tries to claim the credit for something they didn't do, everybody,even the bad guys, are decent human-beings and are just awaiting their chance for redemption - oh come on! This is American television and to survive you have to be as sharp as a government spin-doctor and have the integrity of a New York lawyer - this lot have about as much spunk as a dead gerbil.And I agree with one reviewer who says that the comedy it was supposed to espouse was about as unfunny as it gets. However, I did give it 3 stars - one star for the acting; one star for the episode with Sting (who stole the show - brilliantly)and one star for the Corporation who cancelled a further series - they knew it was unrealistic and unbelievable and unfunny because it was supposed to be about them and no-one recognised themselves.....
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