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on 4 March 2007
For those of you who have never played a SSX game, SSX is a arcade style snowboarding game, it will have you racing down lush snow filled mountains pulling off the most rediculus tricks that are not even remotely possible in real life to earn boost and go even faster.

I LOVE this game! I have played it nonstop since I bought it. I love everything about it...the style, the graphics, the soundtrack, and (gasp) the controls. I'll admit that I hated the controls at first (more on that later) but it all feels like second nature now...even the uber tricks.

As I write this review, the game has only been out for a couple of days. I find it interesting that on day 1, everybody was complaining about how the controls were "unresponsive" or "didn't register" or "just plain didn't work." Then on day 2 and 3, people were starting to get it and sing its praises. If you don't believe me, visit different gamer forums and see for yourself.

I admit that I also HATED the controls at first. The uber tricks just felt like a bad experiment, and everything else felt touchy and inconsistent. I stuck with it (cuz I shelled out $50!) and was happy to see results after an hour or two. There is definitely a learning curve, but it feels great once you get it. Now everything just feels natural and "right."

For those that don't know, uber tricks are these flashy tricks that can only be pulled off by moving the Wii remote in specific directions/patterns. You have to be fairly precise in a small window of time. The big hint here is that the remote and nunchuk have accelerometers in them, so you have to move your ENTIRE HAND in the shape of the pattern, rather than "drawing" it with the tip of the remote. Once I got this, I was pulling uber tricks off more than 90% of the time.

The bottom line is that the controls register just fine once you understand how to use them properly. I understand that people want instant gratification, but TRUST ME when I say that these controls feel deep and rewarding after some practice.

As for the graphics, they are smooth and cartoonishly Wii-appropriate. There have been some reports about lagging framerates, but I have yet to experience this. Unfortunately the game has COMPLETELY FROZEN on me a couple of times, and I've seen this reported by others as well.

The soundtrack matches the game perfectly, but I wish there was a little more variety. You kinda hear everything you're gonna hear after the first half-hour.

Right now SSX Blur is getting mixed reviews, but that's mostly because people are either hot or cold with the controls. Do some research and you'll find that most people are coming around to loving it. As a previous hater, I now wholeheartedly recommend it to all!
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on 21 March 2007
Let's start out with the overall oppinion, superb game, definately worth adding to your Wii library, especially seeing as the choices aren't superb at the moment. If you've got the money no problem, don't read further, just buy it.

For the rest, I will be comparing this game mainly to the 3rd game, as it was the only one I owned. I'm going to go over this a section at a time, starting with


Artisticly this is an average game, nothing in comparison to the artistry of Zelda, but what were you expecting from a snowboarding game? The theme is very consistant, feels like a bubbly colourful adventure, kind of like a more child friendly version of the Tricky theme.

Technically it's pretty impressive, everything is Wiid up as you'd expect, the snow effect isn't quite as pretty as SSX3's but it's definately impressive looking, more than enough to be enjoyable. Framerate is more than acceptable, with only an occasional slowdown.


Excellent, I kinda miss the EA trax from SSX3 but the sound fits in much better with the game, and a couple of these completely originally composed tracks you really get into, I'd like a couple as MP3s!


The most important bit right? Yes they work, very well, really really well! But there's no way you'll think that unless you play for 2 hours. Everyone's right, you just won't get it for some time. So I'm going to break these down into oppinions and learning curve;

Carving - Excellent, much more fun, 20mins learning while you're leaning the nunchuck one way and the stick the other, feeling confused

Spins - Good, but a little bit random, you kinda flick your controller around and hope, 10mins learning, hour to master

Rails - Feels much more like balancing, 3 mins learning

Grabs - Not all too impressed, it works, but is a little sluggish, 1 min to learn, good half hour to start using

UBERs - I hated these beyond belief to start, but they work, if you're here of frustration, some tips; you are not supposed to be pointing at the screen, you're tracing through the air using the motion sensors. Also, you need to be releasing A the second you finish the motion, really helps. For me, hour to learn, 3-4 to really get down.

But now that I'm used to the controls, I'd hate to pick up a control pad again, really, you actually feel like you have some kind of real experience here. (which let's face it, is probably why you bought a Wii)


Very good, enjoyable courses, generally pleased with events and layout except for slalom. Which to be honest, is abysmal. Gate's are waaaaaaaaaaay too close together, and only when you max out your character do you start to be able to hit a couple at an enjoyable speed, if your line is just a little off, chances are you'll hit that rail and be screwed.

My one other little gripe is the mountain itself. As you may know, the courses are made up of a combination of SSX3 and SSX on tour (4). One of my favorite things about 3 was how well the mountain fit together, I could board down from the very top off-piste run all the way down, through various little settlements as I went, it was amazing.

Here, that's almost gone, yes you can ski down the mountain from the top, but the feel of it all tying together well isn't there at all, they seem glued on to each other. What doesn't help is that the little challet buildings where you could go in and change your gear or hitch a ride on a chairlift/chopper have gone, now you'll occasionally board a ridiculously coloured chopper but mostly transport yourself with a nice loading bar.

My other gripe is that you can't change gear once you're out on the mountain, if you fancy switching to Skis you have to exit the game and go back into the main menu, then reselect, it seems like the little challet's could have been kept for such needs.

But these gripes aside, SSX blur delivers, it's a great game that you'll really enjoy flying through, multiplayer is good, problem of course presents itself that controls aren't pick up and play. The mountain system still works, you can still go from top to bottom and enjoy it, the character's are fun as ever and the tricks feel very rewarding. So go ahead, give it a shot, there's not alot else out for Wii for a couple months anyway, this will give you alot of fun while you wait for some of the other releases!
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on 5 June 2007
I was a little worried when I first got SSX Blur as I had heard bad things about the game in a few reviews mainly relating to the control system. So when I first put it into my Wii I didn't really know what to expect from the game. Well all can say is that it was great fun to play. The controls, while difficult to master, are very good, not quite perfect yet but I will come onto that later. Carving feels excellent and natural and the standard tricks like spins flips etc are easy to pull off and feel rewarding. The Ubertricks are much harder to pull off. Some Ubertricks are simple enough to get right but others are very difficult and will take a lot of practice, there is an area where you can practice drawing the tricks which helps alot. The single player game is long enough to keep you entertained for ages and all 3 of the mountains have a lot of reply value especially if you want to unlock everything. The events are all varied and all fun (with on exception) and you can also freeride down the mountain which is great.

However here is the reason I gave this game 4 stars instead of the 5 it proabably could have got and that is the Slalom event. The controls really don't work in these events as you cannot turn tight enough to get round the gates which are far too close together. I found it easiest to turn off the motion controls for this event and do it all with the analogue stick so you keep it slow and steady round the gates.

Overall I would this game is a great example of the Wii's motion senseing abilities and if you like winter sports and are looking for an challenging game with plenty to keep you interested you should definatly give this game a try.
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on 2 April 2007
Like most of the reviews in here, I was a bit worried at first when I bought it. My thought process went along the lines of:

"Ahh, I hate this game, these people should never be allowed to make games, look, I am drawing the shape, I AM DRAWING THE SHAPE!!!"

The "shape" in question is for the ubertricks (more on that in a bit). I was at the point of giving up, until I looked in the internet and found if you press "+" there is an option there to help practice the ubertricks!

Object of the Game:

To snowboard / Ski down the mountain. There is a lot of freedom, though the course can be tricky to make sure you have found all the events you can do, which is why there is also a handy "map" feature to let you shortcut to them.

Events include races, slalom, points score, head to head...

Score more points to get more gear and unlock features, such as characters and more gear..

Big points can be scored with ubertricks, which are quote straight forward to do (depending on which one it is), once you have the hang on them, but remember to keep your cool on the mountain, and not try to rush them. One more thing which was not immediatly obvious to me: You do NOT have to perform the ubertrick which the symbol is showing. When you are in the air, which enough "groove" you can perform whichever ubertrick you like!


Controls at first are good for general moving about, but difficult to start with for the ubertricks.

Tricks seem to be a bit random at the moment, backflip, frontflip, spins and grabs are the basics, nothing really is obvious to doing more than that.


It is a good game, and enjoyable to play. It is difficult to start with, and once it starts going wrong on a run, it seems to continue to get worse and worse (for me).

Controls could be better, though you do get used to them, they are not completely intuitive. On the ground the nunchuck controls the direction (i.e. the snowboard / skis), however in the air, it is the wii remote which controls the snowboard / skis - with flips and spins. The nunchuck is used for grabs.

Tutorials are not too well thought out, they do not bring you in at a completly "fresh" level, and it is not clear which the best one to start with is, as they are preseneted to you in a circle. The "ubertricks" one would be better off sending you on a long jump to let you get the hang of it. There is also no real feedback for the ubertricks on what you are doing right or wrong (even an indication that you were pressing the "A" button would have been nice, early on).

Courses are big, and there is quite a bit of play on how to get to the bottom, taking some shortcuts, or cutting a corner etc.

So 4*, because it is above average, but the controls could be better thought through, or at least the tutorials / missions could take you through them better.
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on 18 April 2007
If you like snowboarding or skiing, then this is a must have game. I heard a few bad reviews, but in my opinion they are just lies. The graphics on this game are great. The music soundtracks are good, and make you want to play the game even more.

There is alot to do on this game, there are 3 mountains in all, and you have the choice of the following. You can free ride, which means you can ski around the mountains with no mission involved. You can challenge other characters, you can do the tasks, do special tasks hich allow you to unlock more snowboards and skiis and outfits. There are tornements whih you can take part in, this will allow you to unlock the new peaks and gain points to build your stats up.

There are many characters to hoose from, which have to be unlocked, and this isn't hard to do, you just play the career mode.

This game requires the numchucks and the control style is great, you twist the numchuck to turn left or right.

The multiplayer is fun, you do it by split screen, but on a big tv which most people will have nowadays, split screen isn't a problem :)

There is alot more i can say about this game. But if your looking for a fun wii game which is great on your own, or great with others, then this is the game for you!
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on 18 March 2007
I LOVE this game its my favourite wii title its a great fun game,the controls take a bit of getting used to but please stick with it you'll eventually get the feel of it,to do the uber tricks you basically have to draw a pattern in the air with your wii remote,the nunchuck can be tilted left or right to carve the snow (this really feels good),while the stick pushed forward accelerates and back will brake.My hat goes off to ea this has obviously been given a lot of care and thought ,the graphics are the best yet on the wii,the overall style is fresh and modern and the soundtrack by junkie XL is awesome.If your a ssx fan this is essential if youve never played ssx befor you have to buy this-awesome!!
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on 10 July 2007
SSX Tricky was a stone cold classic, but the offerings since have failed to live up to it. Blur does not disappoint.

Firstly, it looks fantastic. The environments are gorgeous and the characters have been designed so well that it's almost as much fun to watch as it is to play. The design of the menus and the styling is consistent, and manages to fall on the right side of hip, just.

The controls, as with Wii games, are a bit tough to grasp. You can alter the steering control between using the motion sensor of the nunchuck and using just the control stick. I highly recommend the latter, as the game is a lot less frustrating this way. Once you get into the way it works, the controls actually become very fluent and natural. This is what the Wii was supposed to be all about.

All things considered, this is a worthy investment of £30, as the various different characters add replay value to the bargain. It's fun, it's great to look at and it's just difficult enough to be challenging without causing an atonic seizure. Highly recommended.
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on 26 March 2007
I loved SSX3 on my xbox and this is pretty much the same game. The control system makes it suffiecently different for me to enjoy it again Carving feels natural and I really like this control but the uber tricks are quite frustrating (probably just need more practice). Definately worth buying.
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on 6 April 2007
I think im going to have to add my name to those that started off hating the controls. As specified by other reviewers the controls take some practice and im personally of the opinion that games should not feel like work.

I was a massive fan of SSX 3 on playstation and this seems a logical game for me, as I see it however there are four main problems.

- Difficult to master controls

- THE MUSIC!!! I loved the SSX 3 Soundtrack and now all I have to play to is a bunch of noise that sounds like it was composed by a 12 year old

- The slaloming, this honestly drives me crazy if I wanted to lamely move from side to side and get angry over nothing i'd buy a winter olympics game. This I really felt was a pointless inclusion for SSX especially because its part of the tournaments, if it were optional it would be ok but you have to do them grrrr...

- You cant customize your character which isnt a major problem but I do wish you could

Bad features then why the high review?

Because overall SSX has still got it. Though alot of the courses are still the same they have added new ones which just make you want to play all day. This is one of the best ever multiplayer games getting your friends around to play this will keep you entertained for hours. Once your into this game it is truly good and the best thing for me is that its a pick up and play game which I love, once youve got the hang of it you dont have to dedicate hours on end to playing it, a quick ten minute run will leave you with a smile on your face.

Overall if SSX 3 was a 9/10 this is a 8/10 a little bit of a step back in my opinion but still well worth adding to your Wii collection.
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on 11 May 2008
This game combines high adrenaline downhill stunts with a fantastic soundtrack. A mesmerizing experience and the Wii controls make it a unique entry for the SSX franchise. Fantastic!
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