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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 2012
I can't remember when I bought mine, but it must be the best part of a decade ago. I use it regularly in all sorts of situations - expeditions, camping trips, around the home, you name it - it works every time and it's damn near indestructible. I could probably wax lyrical about it all day long, but a couple of my favourite points are the combination of precision and power you can get from the pliers, ditto the scissors and the reamer/spike thing. Even the Philips screwdriver, despite seeming pretty chunky, manages to grip onto fairly small Philips screwheads without fuss or problems. Only one thing: mind you're careful with the wood saw, it's bloody lethal.

I've just bought some Victorinox multi-tool oil (also reviewed here on Amazon) and their small knife sharpener - now it's ready to do another decade. And probably another few beyond that.
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on 3 November 2013
I purchased this multitool for my archery equipment and i have to say that this is an excellent product, rock solid and very well made. Its now my standard tool and is great for basic and complex tasks. I can remove fletching from my ACE arrows, tighten and tweak my bow and dig out my arrows when they go astray and hit wood. it comes in a great leather pouch and really is a high quality item.
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on 12 September 2012
This really is a good tool, I use mine for all those "little jobs" round the house and it works perfectly every time. It is beautifully engineered and sits really well in the hand. Faultless build quality and superb finish - what more can I say? Buy one and try it for yourself, you won't regret it.
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on 7 June 2014
A good quality tool that I have in a kit bag as a general purpose "do-it-all" for the occasions that you need a basic tool. I spent time trawling through the different models from various manufacturers before settling in this tool. So far I am satisfied with it, All the blades lock in position when opened, this is where I knocked one star off as the release buttons are a little small and not easy to grip with slippy fingers when trying to close the blades
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on 31 December 2015
Because there a several variants of the Spirit, let me make it clear that this review is for the Victorinox Spirit XC in a leather belt pouch - the two together carry the code 3.0227.L. It has a single cutting blade, the "combi" unpointed type (unflatteringly labelled a butter knife by some) which is mostly serrated with a short unserrated region at the pivot end.

I bought the Spirit directly from Amazon UK and not through a market place seller. I paid around £90 in December 2015 and the item was delivered to France in a couple of days - well done, Amazon!

I got this after having carried another Multitool (Gerber Suspension) for a couple of years and finding it so useful having a small tool kit with pliers readily to hand. The Suspension is really good value for money (I paid around £25 if I remember) but doesn't quite cut it for me - the case is poor and the velcro closure unreliable, the Gerber is Chinese and not so "tight" - but it'll be put in the car or the fishing tackle bag and it'll still get plenty of use, I'm sure.

I wanted a better engineered tool for every day use and was undecided between a Leatherman or Victorinox. I guess the former are the multitool market leaders and you can find any number of reviews and forum arguments on the merits or otherwise of each of their products. Victorinox are unrivalled in the field of folding knives of varying complexity but, although they've been making multitools for many years, there don't seem to be a slew of reviews out there compared with enormous number comparing different Leatherman models - however, those reviews you do find seem to be unequivocal in their praise for Victorinox's quality of design, engineering and all-round reliability. I'm not sure whether all Victorinox products are Swiss made, but the Spirit certainly is (says so on the blade) - and it shows. Every tool on the Spirit does what it promises and does it well.

So, what do you get in the package? There's a very neat leather belt pouch which is tailor made for the Spirit - fits like a glove. It's got a velcro closure - I'd prefer a press stud closure, but we'll have to see how it holds up. The Gerber Suspension nylon pouch had a similar velcro closure and didn't last long, and I replaced it with a Leatherman studded leather one which has performed well. I like the Spirit one so much that I'll replace the velcro with studs if it starts to look as if it might become unreliable. The only other thing in the box is the leaflet Guide_Spirit_X_90179.pdf which you can download from the Victorinox site. I tried to put the link in this review, but Amazon won't allow me to do that.. . .

This gives you a guide to every tool on the Spirit as well as some guidance notes, so I won't duplicate the information here other than to replicate the image of the Spirit and the English language key to its functions. Note that you only get the tool and case - to get the add on drivers, bits and whatnot, you need to buy the Spirit Plus.......

So, I've only had the Spirit for a week but first impressions are that it is a first class piece of kit. Everything is rock solid, there is absolutely no unexpected play anywhere. Everything meets up exactly, every tool opens and locks into place with precision. The Spirit is feels heavier than it looks but I guess that's because it's so sturdily constructed.

Good points:-

Just about everything. Generally, the tools are really strong and give the impression that they'd be hard to damage. I'd be qote happy to do some serious llevering and prying with it. The pliers, while not what I would call needle-nosed, are beautifully constructed and you could just about pluck your eyebrows with them. The awl is a useful general prodder, digger, poker and cutter - works very well for me as the go-to for opening parcels and such rather than breaking out the VERY sharp knife. The chisel is something I've never seen on a tool of this type and I think will be really useful. The screwdrivers are very well formed and worked well in my tests. I love the wire strippers and cutters but I'd haven't used them beyond simple testing. Both wood-saw and metal file/saw are extremely effective.The combi blade is a matter of preference but I like it. Sharpening may or may not be simple - see comments below.........

Some caveats:-

Don't buy the Spirit if you have weak or bitten-down nails - you need a solid thumbnail to open the blades!

The scissors, while very effective, don't open very far and I can't see how you could possibly sharpen them - so I won't be using them fot anything too strenuous unless it was an emergency.

You're going to need something besides a simple whetstone or conventional sharpener to deal with the scalloped profile of the blade. There is a pdf on the Victorinox site which covers care of the tools - go to the Victorinox site and navigate to FAQs and HOW DO I RESHARPEN THE BLADE?, then the Swiss Tools link.

I didn't find the leaflet particularly helpful so wrote to Victorinox to ask them if they could give me some better instructions. I then received an email from their French agents (I live in France) with the same document in French(!) and that was it - so not much help there............

A bit of Googling should give you plenty of info on sharpening these blades.

I intend to add to this review when I've had the Spirit a bit longer and can report on its every day performance and also how easy it is to maintain. I've ordered a Lansky Blade Medic which looks as if it'll maintain an edge on the Combi blade - we'll see. But on brief acquaintance, I would thoroughly recommend the Spirit.

UPDATE: Well, I've had this for some 3 months now and I continue to be impressed. The tool lives on my belt in it's pouch and is in constant use. My worries about the velcro closure on the pouch seem to be unfounded - no sign as yet that it is anything but secure. The Lansky sharpener seems to be the perfect tool for maintaining the serrated blade, but the blade had kept a good edge so has only needed the lightest of occasional touches with the fine ceramic tool. I bought a small bottle of mineral oil intended for chopping board use on Amazon snd this has proved to be a perfect and lubricant for the Spirit - tasteless, odourless and VERY cheap compared with Victorinox's oil.

Thoroughly recommended.
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on 4 August 2014
The best multitool bar none. Superb built quality, every tool you'll need, very strong. You can really clamp down on the pliers and twist with the screwdriver and it'll hold up to it, very impressed. Considered the leatherman wave but this is far better quality.

Each tool locks and is easy to fold away, comes supplied with leather belt clip pouch. If you keep this tool on your person you'll be suprised how often you use it
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on 21 March 2012
Superb piece of kit from Victorinox. Elegant ergonomics, excellent quality finish & eminently practical. All the tools do the job they were designed for & all lock into position beautifully. Always on my belt when camping, fishing & hiking. Well worth the money.
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on 28 November 2014
Beautifully made and obviously very handy to have round the house. I took a star off because I would have preferred if it could have had a blade, which it does not. Having said that it is a crafted instrument - there has obviously been care and precision which has gone into its manufacture, and I expect it to last me many years.
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on 14 February 2011
shocking quality from victorinox here. a work of art, a symbol of great craftmanship, a thing of beauty. I struggle to describe the spirit and can not say a bad word about it. spring locks in place all tools, the rounded edge blade is safe, clean and looks marvelous. the wire cutters are lovely, the bit drivers clean and concise, even the leather pouch is beautiful. smaller than the other swiss tools but cleverly designed to fit in the hand, i'd pay five times the amount for this build and craftmanship and you will never, NEVER use your Gerber again.

Buy one, buy one for the wife and kids, get one for the mother-in-law, buy ten! just buy one now!!
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on 2 May 2013
Firstly, what a lovely looking tool. Good weight, lovely finish (although if you hate fingerprints then maybe not) and well constructed. Upon arrival I immediately noticed that the handles didn't line up when in the closed position. I wouldn't have minded, but for this money - and considering it's a Victorinox - I expected near perfection. I returned for a replacement (as usual Amazon were outstanding in their customer care) and that, too, had the same problem.

After a bit of time browsing forums it seems there's a 50/50 percentage of people whose tools are lined up or not. It doesn't seem to affect the operation, at least not at these early days, but the handles being 2-3mm out of alignment is a bit shoddy for Victorinox. Also, I did expect the tools to be of slightly harder steel. I know, compared to competitors, the Victorinox Swiss tools do have softer steel, but I didn't expect to see my pliers exhibit markings after only gripping a screw thread to remove it.

Not quite as amazing as I had hoped for, and future multi tools I buy may not be Victorinox, but nonetheless, I use it everyday and could not be without it. Almost outstanding, but not quite.
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