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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Colour: Wireless receiver for windows|Change
Price:£16.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 14 March 2017
What can I say what hasn't already been detailed by others. This is an outstanding controller. I am a PC gamer through and through but have an ageing 360 I use for when my mates come around for food and beers. I have never seen the need for a controller but I have a few titles bought recently that benefit from it and in all honesty due to the way the games have been designed benefit from a controller over a mouse and keyboard.

I got Assassins Creed Black Flag in a steam sale and played it for a while and thought this could do with a controller. So left the game until I got one. Then just forgot about it. Having just bought Ghost Recon Wildlands my mate mentioned the flight controls and vehicles are great fun with a controller. So I took the plunge and WOW it is so much fun. I use it solely for vehicles as in combat it is a hinderance. So I just put the controller down when we reach our destination or get into a Bun fight.

The build quality is perfect, the weight is perfect the surfaces are also perfect. Nice textured rubber with decent grip.

It is a fantastic purchase and the plus side is it is also an extra pad for use with my 360. So if you are on the market for a controller you cannot go wrong with this.
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on 12 April 2016
A purchase I wish I had made earlier. The controller is extremely easy to set-up; install the drivers from the disc (or Microsoft's website), plug in the wireless receiver, pair the controller with the receiver and you're done (I'm on Windows 10, so if you are wondering, it is fully compatible). The receiver powers up automatically when you turn your computer on, so all you need to do is turn on your controller when you need it. Every game I've tried with this controller automatically loads the profile for the controller, and updates all of the in game prompts accordingly. All the features work very well, including vibration. I've been having a great time using this controller for Dark Souls III. It is very comfortable, and very high quality, I'm sure it will last for years. Highly recommended.
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on 17 January 2016
First of all this comes with the Official Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver that costs £17 on Amazon, so it's a really good deal. I also bought a charging kit for it, but the controller came with 2 Duracell batteries. The packaging was damaged, as noted by the non-Amazon seller, but it was clearly unopened, so, cosnidering the price, I didn't care. There was a CD with some Windows Cntroller software, which I isntalled, although I think the controller would've worked without it.

I bought this, because I recently got a PC for the living room and hooked it up to the TV. I have bought tons of games from Steam sales, so it seemed like a better idea than buying a console (cheaper and more upgradeable too). I made the PC launch in Steam Game mode and now I basically have a Steam Machine, with the added benefits of being able to use Windows if needed.

I don't need a mouse or keyboard, as Steam Game Mode can navigate through and isntall (even purchase) games using the controller. It works perfectly with Steam and every single controller-supported game recognizes it. It is very reliable and comfortable too, much better than my other £12 Acme controller.

I will probably buy a second one and start buying local-coop games on Steam as it is much more comfortable than gaming sitting by the desk.
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on 30 May 2016
As a pc controller it works wonderfully. Set up us easy and it works great work most games. A lot of games expect a 360 controller so it seems like an obvious choice. But! I hate the D pad. Hate hate hate.

Being an playstation gal I disliked it but could ignore it, but now I play on my pc more it really is awful. It's all top easy to press down and for the game pad to think it was left or right etc. Quick movements then become impossible as you have to be really precise. Many times I've died since I thought I press down and it does a different command blah!
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on 31 July 2014
Brought as a second controller for the xbox 360. Comes with a set of two Duracell batteries that slot into a holder that then clips easily into the underside of the controller and a charging pack that clips into the same place and sits on a charging cradle. The charging pack sits on the cradle and can be charged independently of the controller. So that you can immediatley use the controller whilst you wait for the pack to charge up. There might possibly be a certain amount of charge in the pack that would last you awhile before requiring charging, but using the Duracell batteries allows the pack time to fully charge. Pushing the xbox symbol in the middle of the controller connects it to the xbox. Saying an 8 year old could use it is exactly who uses it. One twin has used the wired controller on my husband's xbox before and the other had not, but it did not take them long to figure out what all the buttons did and were not long before they were "Minecrafting" it with the best of them.
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on 15 December 2014
Excellent with Windows 7 64bit Pc. Downloaded the drives for the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller and it was quick efficient and easy to get the correct driver software. Then plugged the Official Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver into a USb3 port and Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system checked found any other software and drivers required and installed them quickly efficiently. So next after it had done this and said the device was ready pressed the sync buttons on both the Xbox 360 Wireless Control and the Wireless Gaming Receiver and in a matter of seconds the two were paired with perfection and on playing a game(Bioshock was the game I tested it with)all the controls works flawlessly and I didn't have to keep re syncing both the products just did it once when the game was loaded and the game I was playing gave me the option to use the Xbox 360 control which I did and played for hours with no problems. So far so good it seems to be a quality Microsoft Official Product. Easy to use,Fairly Easy to set up and the product seems well made. Has adequate cable length of a good 2M or more didn't measure the cable as it seemed suitably nice and long from device to USB port and when you have finished using the device for gaming you can unplug it from the USB Port and as the Xbox 360 control stays on just unplug the batteries so the control doesn't remain powered up and using the batteries power. As long as you plug the receiver into the same USB port no problems should occure on next time you use the Wireless Receiver. A true worth while purchase if you already own a Xbox 360 Wireless Control or controls. Also very worth while buying if you own a Xbox 360 with Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepads and want to use these for gaming on a Pc. Product does what it says and delivers with no unwanted driver software costs,registration of product which is tedious(and the product registration for guarantee purpose should be separate and never hinder use of any device)as it should be,unlike with lesser hardware device manufacturers for Windows Pc's.
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on 15 April 2015
This is the wireless xbox controller for PC.
It comes with non rechargable standard AA batteries, in addition to a wireless receiver that it attached via an integrated cable to your computers USB port.

With Windows 8 as an operating system, I simply plugged in the USB wireless receiver, and attached it via blu tack to the back of my monitor to keep it out the way. No driver disk was required, and the standard "finding device drivers " came up and then disappeared.
I then put the batteries in the controller, pressed the X button, and then pressed the single button on the wireless receiver so it was looking for a controller.
Then when I pressed the little "pair" button on the front of the controller (just to the side of the LB button), there was the normal "found new USB device" noise. another device driver installation, and then it was working.

Its great for driving games, via Steam. and I've yet to use it in anger for other styles, but it does what it should from what I can tell.
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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2012
The controller is exactly the same as you'll get with the Xbox Slim Console, so it will look the part when used either with a black xbox or PC.

Inside the package, you get the controller and a wireless usb receiver that you simply plug into Windows, after installing the software on the disc. Once installed, plug in the receiver, hold the button down until the green led starts flashing then, press and hold the guide button on the controller for 3 seconds, then press the link button on the top left of the controller body and you're done. The controller will "find" the receiver and you're off.

What suprised me initially was the sheer number of pc games that support this controller. Games years old like FEAR even support a controller, to modern ones such as Deus Ex and particularly ports of games you can be sure to support the Xbox controller if they were also released on the Xbox 360.

In terms of comfort, there is no comparison to the PS3 controller, or any other controller for that matter. No logitech controller has ever felt as comfortable, ergonomic or look as stunning in the hard. You will never get a cramp unlike when playing with a PSP, DS Lite, or PS3 Six-Axis.

Connection also is rock solid. When the controller is turned on, it's ready to use in <2 secs. Nor does there appear to be any lag or interference despite all the wireless accessories, keyboard, internet adapter, mouse, phone on my desk.

One flaw you might however look for is some controllers have a battery cover that is slightly loose, meaning that occasionally the controller will sometimes lose power due to the batteries not making proper contact. This happened with my Xbox 360 controller and I was sent a replacement from the Czech Republic, which seems to fit better and the problem hasn't occurred since. Beware though, shipping takes close to 9 days if this problem affects your unit from day one, it might be easier to return to Amazon for a replacement.

One final thing is the vibration. If you're used the wired white controllers from around 2007, the vibration is terrible. All the buttons and triggers rattle, and the effect feels very discrete and noisy, not representative on what action is occurring on the screen. The vibration in these new black controllers is extremely quiet, and it feels there are more degrees of sensitivity, from light to, heavy. It feels natural and responsive to what's actually occurring on the screen. E.g. If you're falling of a cliff, the vibration will start slow and gradually build up you fall further and faster.

In essence this is the cheapest I've ever since this wireless controller, and at only <£10 on top of a wireless xbox controller it's worth it considering that genuine wireless receivers cost >£10 on ebay with plenty of counterfeits posing the real thing.
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on 11 March 2017
its a good controller, probably one of the best, its just a shame that they only last 9 months or so before the analogue sticks start to stick and under perform, i have have repeated problems and for the money having to buy one every year is a bit annoying although i do appreciate the overall i do use them alot over the 9 months which is the reason i havent given it a 3 star, they are great fun to use, and feel just right. would still recommend getting one to use with the pc wireless dongle as it turns your high end pc into a high end xbox.
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on 8 April 2015
This item is brilliant, it allows me to use my XBOX 360 controller on the PC flawlessly. The trouble with the original XBOX 360 wireless controllers is the USB cable for them ONLY charges the battery, it doesn't send any data through it, where as the USB cable on the PS3 wireless controller charges the battery and can also be used to connect to your PC and send data. This wireless gaming receiver works flawlessly with my wireless XBOX 360 controller though. Highly recommended.
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