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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2009
"Presented in its original aspect ratio" can be read in the package. But I sincerely think it is a false statement, because a "match frame" comparison with the DVD (which offered a 1,77:1 image), reveals that in order to get the 1,66:1 image offered here, all four sides of the frames have been cropped. It is not a minor thing: they are HEAVILY cropped, there's a big amount of image that's been lost and it's quite obvious in some of the shots' compositions.

I suggest you not to buy this item until Anchor Bay clears this matter.
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on 16 June 2016
Best British gangster movie that keeps your attention throughout. Wonderful selection of actors from Helen Mirren to a v young Pierce Brosnan. Worth a watch again or for the 1st time . Another plus is the views of London Docklands before the developers got there.
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on 26 July 2016
Fantastic 70s gangster/crime thriller. Best British film of the genre by far. Stands up well even after 35 years. Bob Hoskins is a tour de force excellent portrail of mob boss Harold Shand. Helen Mirren is also excellent and stunning.
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on 12 January 2001
An interesting film, an early prototype for the more recent UK-based gangster genre. Bob Hoskins is very effective as the schizophrenic London hood. His bonhomie and humour give way to truly disturbing violence, particularly in one scene where he exacts retribution on the colleague who has betrayed him. Perhaps this is the main source of suspense. The early impression is of genial, small-time crooks, but this illusion is destroyed by the escalating violence by and against an unknown adversary as Hoskins struggles to find who is out to destroy him. Helen Mirren is superb as his upper-class mistress - her first film role of note, although she also appeared much earlier in the little-known "Age of Consent" with James Mason. Note also an early cameo from Pierce Brosnan as an Irish terrorist. Cracking score as well. Well worth a viewing.
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on 3 June 2015
Contains spoilers

These films really wouldn't have been possible without the late George Harrison this Handmade films that was set up to support Monty Pythons Life of Brian , also eventually bought the rights to Tlgf, proving that if not only been an Ex Beatle, Harrison's taste in films was good as well.
This double bill of Bob Hoskins (Handmade films) association that began with TLGF and Mona Lisa is a superb set, neatly and concisely packaged, with the book being both informative-admitting Hoskin's death had cast a shadow on the set intended.
Tlgf had already got some infamy whilst I was still in my 1st year at senior school-due to running stories about its troubled production and "IRA" plot, tlgf went onto make Hoskins an international star-working with Helen mirren, whom is both his equal & aware of Harold Shand's real "business". Supported by Dave king (in a terrific and totally unsympathetic role), pierce brosnan and paul freeman & countless others. This superb British gangster movie looks and sounds superb. John McKenzie directs superbly.
The other movie is Mona Lisa again starring Hoskins as George a just out of prison, con who drives a prostitute around London, also starring Cathy Tyson in her debut movie, Michael Caine (in a superb cameo), this film is multi layered and like tlgf almost a time capsule of the UK they were shot in. Directed by Neil Jordan this to was a hit-due in no doubt to Hoskins/Tyson double hander.
Hoskins is superb in both films-his performance drives Tlgf for its sheer aggressiveness, in ML he shows a completely naive and vulnerable side.
Included are a Excellent book, covering the making of both films and multiple extras inluding Apaches (apparently long banned) although I am sure I've seen at least once.
It is nice to see Arrow video honouring Bob Hoskin's two seminal performances, This set hopefully will bring a new audience to these two brilliant films.
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on 13 June 2015
the steelbook edition is much better quality than all previous releases of this film, i was a bit apprehensive when i saw on the packaging that the sound was mono, as it was on its release back in 1980, however it reall works well, especially for dialogue, which is clear, crystal clear. the improved picture quality is also worth a mention, the scenes on the boat are a massive improvement.....still one of the finest films ever made thanks to the late, great mr hoskin's top drawer acting.....
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on 21 July 2007
... despite being mentioned in the user reviews, this edition does NOT (or at least not anymore) include the Soundtrack CD as of July 2007.

I do not regret ordering the title, but the user comment about the soundtrack finally nudged me into the purchase, and in this aspect, I have been disappointed.

Edit: It appears I am an idiot.
The Soundtrack CD is in the back of the front lid, hidden behind a leaflet.

Suggestion to Amazon: Please update the product description to 2 DVDs + 1 CD.
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on 29 November 2015
I'll not elaborate on the plot, as many have provided comprehensive detail here, but will restrict my comments to the quality, picture & audio wise, of the LGF steelbook release.
The picture clarity is absolutely wonderful; with just the right amount of sharpness and grain, to give the impression of a really sympathetic restoration. Colour saturation is also very good, although ( and I for one am grateful ) you don't get the sort of over-the-top depth that make the images almost shimmer. The colour balance for me is excellent, and gives great contrast to all the grimy cityscapes showcased in the film.
Audio, likewise, is nice and clear, with a good dynamic range, although my tv is woefully under-endowed in the speaker department when it comes to making judgments about nuances of sound reproduction, etc. Other, more informed reviewers, have highlighted quality here, and almost all seem to have been well satisfied.

I'm sure some will look at this steelbook, and think I'm being overly effusive in my praise, while almost certainly pointing out various flaws and technical issues, but for me its real strength, on both Blu Ray & DVD, is the fact that this release is so massively superior to anything that has come before. Earlier editions, in both formats, have been largely awful, and this really is something of a revelation in the proficiency of restoration, and sympathetic handling of source material. If you're a fan of this superb 80's gangster flick then this is an essential purchase, as there is nothing commercially available that comes close to bettering this offering from the good people at Arrowfilms.
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on 17 December 2009
Superb.Released in '82, I was just fifteen at the time but did not see the film until a friend introduced this great British gangster story later. From the able direction of John Mackenzie, did The Fourth Protocol, also a terrific film to the terrific acting performance by Bob Hoskins, surely the best part he has played, although I still think he would have made the best Fungus The Bogeyman ever, just check out his ears!So glad he one the case to have his own voice in the movie, that's right he had his dialogue dubbed by a chap from Wolverhampton so the American's could better understand him! Helen Mirren as his "significant other" is as good and not forgetting the first acting part, in a major movie, Pierce Brosnan.The music by Francis Monkman, what a great name, has to be mentioned as is one of the best. This is a great transfer to bluray and you get a great crisp copy of film and sound to look forward to. So all in all its a four out of five and well worth the purchase.
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on 6 January 2008
At the time of writing this, I've just been thoroughly impressed by a rare British TV screening of 'The Long Good Friday', a gripping, bleak and uncompromising study of a supposedly untouchable underworld kingpin whose organization collapses around his ears when a mystery adversary begins murdering his colleagues and blowing up his favourite haunts. Bob Hoskins is just incredible in this film. His performance sears the screen with its burning intensity. His character is undoubtedly a vile individual, but Hoskins employs so much depth and subtlety in his portrayal we actually find ourselves caring for him. The much-remarked-on final sequence is an absolute tour-de-force that takes your breath away. Doubtful whether any current director (let alone any current actor) would have the guts to even attempt something like that. Hoskins makes it all look so easy, the mark of a true professional. Be warned, however, that this is not a film for the faint-hearted, and the squeamish will most certainly wince more than once. The direction, editing, photography, soundtrack and acting are all top-notch, displaying a rare degree of outright quality that the British film industry rarely seems able to muster, for one reason or another. There's also some degree of fun to be had from spotting the familiar faces in the supporting cast - 'Charlie Fairhead' from Casualty, 'Denzil' from Only Fools and Horses, 'Terry' from Fawlty Towers, a couple of the sadistic warders from Alan Clarke's brutal borstal flick 'Scum' and a young Gillian Taylforth of Eastenders fame. I have one final comment to make regarding this movie. Guy Ritchie should be forced to watch this at least fifteen times in a row, in the vain hope that it teaches him something about the genre he idolizes but seems unable to make a decent job of depicting. Watch and learn, all you young 'mockney' pretenders, this film is the work of the masters.
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