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on 23 February 2018
The older I get the more I love this film, the writing is first rate with so many quotable phrases & Richard E. Grants delivery of them is second to none. Even though this film paints a very bleak picture of life it is hysterically funny. There is a 30minute film about the making of the film on the extras section with the writer/director Bruce Robinson & others, I implore you to watch it as it will allow you to enjoy the film even more.
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on 4 May 2017
I already own Withnail on VHS, DVD and Bluray, but had the sudden and overwhelming urge to watch in the dead of night when I couldn't sleep and needed the comfort of this impeccable narrative. Amazon came in very handy when I couldn't be bothered to wake the household and fetch the physical copies. That alone is testament to how much you need this film in your life. It's nourishment for your soul.
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on 10 May 2017
If you don't like this film you have no soul. I have watched it many times over the last 30 years and Withnail's speech at the end still gets me very time.
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on 16 May 2017
"We've come on holiday … by mistake!"
Definitely one of my all-time favourite films.
What more do I need to say!?
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on 4 December 2012
Great movie for sure.. but here's the deal on the Studio Canal Blu-Ray version of Withnail & I:

First up, it runs for 107 minutes and 12 seconds as opposed to my Anchor Bay 20th Anniversary version which only clocks in at 102 minutes and 59 seconds.

There are no extras except for a trailer on the Studio Canal Blu Ray. The Bonus Features and Audio Commentaries on the Anchor Bay dvd are NOT repeated here, and for fans of the movie, they are indispensible.

The pictue is, of course, a little better on Blu Ray but it was never all that sharp to begin with so I wouldn't be rushing out to replace the old 20th Anniversary 2-disc Anchor Bay version which, IMHO, is still the superior product due to the many excellent extra features.

I checked out both Blu Ray and dvd on my 46" LG HD television monitor and there really isn't all that much difference in picture quality. The Blu Ray is just a tad more clear but that's about it.

I'm still glad I bought the Studio Canal Blu Ray because it is a great film and I don't mind having an extra copy around. I'm kinda weird like that...

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on 22 June 2013
I first saw Withnail on a video tape which I recorded during a Channel 4 'Withnail Weekend' some years ago. How I wish I'd watched the whole weekend show, but the actual film itself was all I saw. I hadn't held out much hope for the film and only recorded it on a friend's insistence; he was a bit of a Withnail nut and regaled me with quotes, which meant little to me then.

Slowly the film began to seep into my blood, and that first tape became a precious object, watched over and over again. During one particularly drunken party with friends someone managed to erase the beginning whilst trying to start the video, but never mind - I'm sure Withnail would have dismissed such a minor inconvenience - all the while the appalling quality of the tape seeming somehow to detract little from the film itself.

Now I've dispensed with that old tape. I've got a state of the art flatscreen (to replace the old portable) plus a Blu-ray player and now I've got the best quality DVD to go with it. Is my enjoyment any greater? No, not really. But that's an unfair comparison I suppose, and certainly the DVD is more watchable. A bit like a restored old painting, details are revealed which one never even suspected were there, and bits of dialogue begin to make sense in their now true form. The add-ons, like the Drinking Game, are fun and really this is the best way currently available to watch the film.

I'm preaching to the converted, and a lot of us probably regard this as our favourite film already; I must have seen it a hundred times and like many can recite the dialogue from any given point. Why am I even writing this review? Oh yes, to say that the Blu-ray is a good thing. Five stars. Hic.
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on 27 April 2012
Withnail And I portrays the last throes of an eccentric friendship during the final days of the sixties. Withnail and I are two young would-be actors who wake up one morning to find only ninety days left in the decade.

Bound together by poverty and dreams of stardom, they share a flat of indescribable squalor and live on a diet of booze, pills and grass. The two friends decide to spend a soul-cleansing weekend in the country in a primitive cottage borrowed from Withnail's eccentric Uncle Monty.

From the very start things go wrong and their dreams of an idyllic retreat rapidly degenerate into an hilarious nightmare.
You are cordially invited to spend a funny weekend in the English countryside.mix with Superb acting and fantastically memorable dialogue.
wow This film had to be drawn from real life to have been written because how could it have been imagined otherwise! Some of the things they get up to are totally unimaginable!
Richard E. Grant; he plays a strange, blunt, hilarious character in this film and brings life to it. He and Paul McGann both work so well together in the film and show the typical two sides of friendship, the loud and obnoxious friend and the one who bottles up and explodes. If you are interested in 60's music, dry comedy, cult films and a film with a moral at the end of the story
"Now Fetch me more BOOZE!!!!!!!
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on 31 January 2018
A film which very nearly wasn't distributed because the film company's publicity department did not know how to market it. This is a brilliant film about 2 out of work actors who stumble from one drug infused situation to another, The best caricature of a drug dealer ever with a brilliant cast. It gets 10 stars on my film list.
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on 7 March 2010
The picture quality is much better than the earlier dvd release and it is anamorphic. You get two commentaries: One from actors Paul McGann and Ralph Brown.. the other from the director.

There are also some fine bonus extras here on disc 2.
1."Postcards From Penrith" is short film (approx 20 minutes) where 2 lads retrace the steps of Withnail and I. They travel to The Lakes District taking in various film locations as they appear now.. culminating at Uncle Monty's country house.

2. A recent interview with director Bruce Robinson. He repeats a lot of stuff from the 1999 documentary, but there are some other things as well, and this runs for about 15 minutes.

3. 1999 documentary on the film approx 30 minutes in length.

4. Withnail and I Drinking Game: An amiable, heavy set fellow who speaks a little like Biggus Dickus in 'Monty Python's Life Of Brian' advises us on the best way to get drunk with Withnail...matching him drink for drink. A mildly amusing but pointless 10 or 15 minutes.

5. 'Swearathon' is a very short piece where various expletives from the movie are edited together. Another few minutes of wasted life...but watch it once. (It's all you'll ever need and at least you can say you've seen it.)

PLUS there are behind-the scenes still photos as well.

The 3rd disc is cd of the soundtrack. Don't expect to find Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile", "All Along The Watchtower", The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" or King Curtis' version of "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" here because you wont. What we get is about 15 minutes of incidental music from the film.. all very pleasant.

The movie itself is a masterpiece. People have complained that it "rambles" and "goes nowhere" but it is a dialog-driven film.. and what wonderful dialog. I enjoyed it immensely and, for me, it didn't drag one bit. Laugh-out-loud funny in places and melancholy in others... what more can I ask for? Sublime!
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on 11 June 2015
One of my favourite films - I've owned it on DVD for years and watched it several times but the picture quality wasn't great so decided to go for Blu ray. I first purchased the Studio Canal edition, but disappointingly, although the picture is definitely sharper than the DVD, there appears to be some distracting noise/speckling in the dark shadow areas of the picture, especially noticeable on the interior shots. After a quick bit of research I then purchased the Anchor Bay release (dartboard on the cover), and I'd say it's a much better transfer and makes the upgrade to Blu ray worthwhile.
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