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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 February 2007
This is no ordinary album. It is a magnificent work of art, studded with diamonds. If you think that is OTT, wait till you hear it and you will know it is an understatement.

Let Me Lie. The album opens with a slow, gentle, lyrical song that admirably demonstrates Hayley's crystal clear vocals. As it develops, it is supported by lush strings.

Le Notte Del Silenzio. Humphrey Berney's vocal, which only occurs in the chorus, does not in any way detract from the beauty of Hayley's. It compliments it perfectly. This is a delightful song, the verse of which, sung in English, is gorgeous in its simplicity. The Italian chorus is quite powerful and contrasts well.

Santa Lucia. Mandolins and classical guitar feature very prominently here to tremendous effect. If anyone feels this song has been overdone, try this version. Hayley breathes new life into it.

Shenandoah. Hayley's melodious vocal with hauntingly beautiful backing, largely from the strings, is stunning. The addition of a rat-a-tat from a snare drum at the end almost suggests that she will break into a chorus of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. This doesn't happen but the effect is quite exhilarating.

Whispering Hope. This is just plain lovely. With its choral backing, it has actually a very full, rich sound, yet the overall effect is very soothing. It is a fairly short track that clearly whispers "hope".

Summer Rain. Pizzicato strings supply an introduction which is unusually rhythmic for Hayley. Are we in for something exciting? Well, not exactly but her lush vocal blends perfectly while this rhythm is sustained by the orchestra. Maybe you need to hear this song a few times to fully appreciate its beauty but there is nothing wrong with that. Indeed, it's beauty is enhanced every time you hear it.

Danny Boy. This song has surely been waiting since the day it was written for Hayley to sing it. You will never hear a lovelier version. Throughout much of the song, she is backed only by a harp but gentle strings enhance its beauty in the final verse. And check out the final note which she holds for a full thirteen seconds.

One Fine Day. How pleasing that Hayley chose to sing this mostly in English, yet it is still an interpretation that does Puccini proud. Hayley's remarkable voice control is breathtaking, yet she makes it sound so easy. I love the low note on the word "then". Such a lovely tone and hit with precision accuracy.

The Heart Worships. The introduction leads you to expect a gentle ballad but it develops into a complex melody which gives Hayley a splendid opportunity to demonstrate her amazing vocal talent.

E Pari Ra. Ever since the release of Pure, I have longed for another Maori song from Hayley. Here it is. Inevitably, it will be compared to `Pokarekare Ana' and `Hine e Hine' but it will stand equally well within her repertoire and its position here is more than justified. Gorgeous arrangements enhance the beauty of another little gem.

Sonny. I had only heard a relatively lively Country and Western version of this song - something I actually believe Hayley could have performed rather well. It therefore came as a slight shock to hear this slower, more gentle version but how perfect it is, especially when you consider the poignancy of the lyric. With merely a piano accompaniment, which incidentally is played by Hayley, her voice shines through and its emotion is spine-chilling.

Summer Fly. A lot of people have said that Hayley should be a little more adventurous - include something a little "less safe". Well, your wish is granted. Turn up the volume and this up-tempo number is electrifying. If she performs it in concert, her audience may begin by tapping their feet but, come the final verse, they'll be dancing in the aisles. Brilliant.

Melancholy Interlude. Time to slow the pace once more. This soothing melody is quite enchanting. Its brevity leaves you wanting more yet, somehow, it is that very brevity which makes the song so lovely.

Bist Du Bei Mir. Can it get any better? Yes. This track is spell-bindingly gorgeous. There is something about the melody in places that reminds me slightly of Wiegenlied, and I don't just mean the German lyric. As the song develops, its tranquil mood gives way to a sound that is grand and majestic.

Abide With Me. Imagine Hayley singing a cappella in a huge and cavernous cathedral with magnificent acoustics. That is how this final track begins. Gradually joined by piano and then strings, this hymn never sounded better. In the final verse, the restful melody becomes triumphant.

Overall, this is a sensational masterpiece throughout which Hayley's voice projects into the room so much that you believe she is really there. This album is purer than Pure and more beautiful than Odyssey. It is indeed Treasure - more precious than gold.
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on 1 March 2007
Hayley is quite simply the most listenable-to artist I know. She has such a beautiful voice and sings a well chosen variety of classical, traditional and popular tunes. Treasure contains a number of songs which are her own material, and they really are lovely. I particularly like Let Me Lie and Summer Rain. Her voice is quite something and it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, but it is so gentle and pure, and is so relaxing if you just let it wash over you. That makes it five Hayley albums for me, and as this is another album which will definitely treasure. Can't wait for her to take it on tour - she is simply wonderful live.
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on 23 February 2007
This is one of the most relaxing and de-stressing compilations Ihave ever listened too.It can be played and enjoyed where ever you are,on holiday whilst sunbathing,waiting in airports,driving to work or simply relaxing at home with hopefully a bottle of wine.Thank you Hayley its wonderful.
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on 16 August 2011
It may have taken me 4 years to get round to buying this album but, now that I have, I personally cannot see what there is to criticise. Although I do prefer the more 'classical' side to Hayley's repertoire this is, nevertheless, a tranquil and pleasant enough collection to relax to and just shows the extent of this young lady's versatility. Obviously, as with anything, it boils down to preference and taste - some like this type of music and some do not.
Either way, there is no denying that the purity of Hayley's voice is breathtaking and, although she was not originally my first choice of female vocalist, she has certainly risen close to the top of my list of favourites.
Thoroughly delightful. I definitely have no hesitation in recommending this album to anyone looking for relaxation, peace and tranquillity - something that seems difficult to find in to-day's world.
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on 31 May 2013
Like many 'in love' with this young singer/entertainer, all her works are much enjoyed, she portrays that degree of innocence
of the girl next door that make Haley and his music so very pleasurable.
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on 13 March 2007
After purchasing previous albums of Hayley's I was so pleased to see this new album advertised and what good reviews from Amazon customers Again, I was not disappointed - "Let me Lie" is a lovely opening title as the previous reviewer advised. What a lovely album - what a terrific melodic voice - I will continue to buy Hayley's albums - she is a superb singer and deserves all the credits due to her in other reviews. YES, I LOVE THIS ALBUM - MAYBE THE BEST SO FAR - until the next one!
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on 12 March 2007
"Let Me Lie" is worth the price of the album on it's own. What an opener, Hayley's voice is so clear and pure and every note just sets you tingling with pleasure.

My only dissapointment is with the choice of some of the songs on the album.

I'm not really sure that "Danny Boy" and "Shenandoah" are what Hayley is about and that perhaps (for me), she may have made a mistake going down that route.

That aside, words can not do justice to the sounds of an angel. So go and buy it and hear for yourself.
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on 23 August 2011
Hayley has an incredible voice, it is timeless, pure and full of emotion. She is so young, but has so much talent it is hard to believe how young she is; its not just her singing that is amazing, but also her writing talent which is displayed on this album with songs Summer Rain, Let Me Lie and Mealancholy Interlude. The reason I only give 4stars for this album is beacuse many of the songs I have heard before and there is nothing really new here in these songs (Danny Boy for example). My favourites are:

Summer Rain- this is very Enya like- I love the yrics and the feel of the song, and of course Hayley's vocals
Bist Du Bei Mir- Hayley is at her best singing in German, I always thought German was a bit of a harsh sounding language, but Hayley makes it sound soothing in this song
Summer Fly- this is up-beat and I love the arrangement of this
Santa Lucia- again very up-beat, it is arranged well, I love the way it sounds very Italian I could imagine I was there while listening to this!
E Pari Ra- I Love Hayley singing in Maori and this is a very nice arragement
Abide With Me- I love how this starts accapella and builds up, Hayley is very emotive in this song.
Sonny- a very good arrangement, sung with so much emotion
Whispering Hope- I love the use of the choir here, it fits Hayley's voice perfectly

I like many of the songs, but some I am not a huge fan of for example Danny Boy- I know Hayley chose this because of her grandmother, however I don't love this version and I do get tired of hearing it on classical albums, I like the Eva Cassidy version, but that's about it. I'm also not a huge fan of One Fine Day- Hayley has done this in English and has not tried to do an opera version which is a decision I respect, but again I don't think its amazing and I would rather hear the opera version. A couple of others I find a little boring such as Le Notte Del Silenzio and The Heart Worships and because of this it dosen't quite match up to 'Pure' and so I gave it 4 stars, however these are very personal criticisims and down to personal taste. This does not tae away from the amazing qualities in Hayley's voice, its simply some of the material I am not a fan of, however there are so many good songs on here it is still worth buying!
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on 6 June 2007
There are without doubt some great songs from Hayley on this Album. I can't say that every song choice is superb because Summer Rain is a mess. Songs like Let me Lie, Whispering Hope, Danny Boy and abide with me for example really show off her voice beautifully.

It's funny actually mentioning Whispering Hope to be one of my favorites after the previous reviewer slammed it. Whispering hope is one of my favorite Hayley songs and let me state why, it is pure singing. No musical instruments used, it's just Hayley and some backing singers. It sounds beautiful and you can hear every pure note that comes from the girls mouth.

I think the previous reviewer is kinda misguided when he declares Odyssey the better album. Granted not all the songs here suit Hayley (well summer rain doesn't suit her) but The Bridal Ballad was pretty bad too.

I have listened to this album a lot and I rate it highly. If amazon supported half stars then I would give it 4.5, sadly however I can only give it a 4 because of Summer Rain.
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on 6 December 2009
Hayley just gets better as her voice matures. This album has more than its fair share of tracks which make me stop everything else just to listen. Whispering Hope and Sonny do that for me every time. I like the mix of hymns and secular songs. There is quite a variation in styles throughout the album, but Hayley's performance brings life and feeling to every song. Treasure isn't good for background music; buy it to listen to it!
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