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on 29 January 2007
I've just got through my second listening of this album having bought it on release day. There are not many artists who I deem good enough to make me go out and purchase an album on release day, but Norah Jones is one of them after here excellent debut effort and, in my opinion, the even better and more eclectic 'Feels Like Home'.

Was it worth the effort to get straight away? Yes, I think it probably was. It is different from the first two in a way that I find difficult to define. It feels more laid back and sparse than previously, certainly than 'Feels Like Home'. It also comes across as more raw and unpolished, though that's probably more as a result of a change of producer than anything Jones has specifically done herself.

It's worth noting that all of the tracks on this CD have been written by her and she is clearly developing into a fine songwriter. Her voice continues to carry through even the weak tracks and the support musicians she uses are all on good form. You can appreciate more her skills as a muscian on this than on earlier releases which relied heavily on her voice and the 'novelty factor' of a new artist selling in a section of the market that was under supported in the past.

I can't really say what I regard as standout tracks from only two listens, though they will be there. This is a more complex album than she has released in the past and will take more effort to fully enjoy. Previous releases have been fine as background music, but I don't think you really gained a whole lot more by putting time aside and listening with no distractions. This is different in that it will, and is the better for it.

Highly recommended.
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on 3 September 2007
Norah Jones's third album finds her relaxed and maybe a little more revealing. Recorded at home, Not Too Late doesn't make its differences known with any sudden shifts in style, though Broken's arrangement has an adventurous twist, My Dear Country's mild political comment catches the ear and Sinkin' Soon nods towards Kurt Weill.

Comfortingly for her fans, there are still the slight jazz touches to ballads and mid-tempo songs that recline somewhere between country, pop and cocktail-lounge soul and concern themselves primarily with love. That warmed caramel voice of hers seems even more like a purring cat just woken from a nap. Once you listen to the first track, ' Wish I Could' , you feel that Norah Jones is ona sure winner !

That the songs are all originals is not immediately apparent, in that there is nothing about them that suggests a particular individuality. They flow past perfectly easily, just as we've come to expect.

Apart from the slinky sensuousness of The Sun Doesn't Like You, their lack of deep traction (compared with the great writers she's assayed previously) will eventually make this album more memorable for its mood than its material.
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on 14 December 2011
Some reviews say 'not for radio'. Some say 'an acquired taste'. Some, 'this needs listening to'.

And you know what, they're all right.

'Not too late' isn't full of disposable three-minute pop tunes. It is an acquired taste, but then so's a Chateau Lafite. And it does, most definately, need to be listened to.

And that's the key with Norah. You have to listen. The attention grabbing pop jingles aren't there. Instead, this record, like a very expensive red wine, is full of rich colours, flavours and textures, and is there to be savoured.

So, open the red wine, turn off the lights, shut the world outside and listen. You'll be amazed at what you find.

Thank you Norah.
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on 31 January 2007
Most people reading this will be interested in knowing what is different about Norah Jones' latest offering and whether it maintains the high standards she has set previously.

The answer to what has changed is a relieved 'Not much, if anything.' The album features the same delightful mix of slightly jazzy country blues that Norah has made her very own. It has a similar range of material to her previous albums, with the same superb arrangements and musicianship and, at the centre of all, there is that wonderful voice.

On first hearing them, a couple of the tracks got an immediate 'Oh yeah, girl!' from me but they have been supplanted by new favourites. That is the usual way of things with a new Norah Jones album - it just gets better with every listen.

So, is this album up to scratch? You betcha! She is right on song yet again so don't hesitate, buy it!
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Although this isn't a bad album, it isn't that good either. Norah Jones doesn't challenge herself and just makes the same music as her previous albums. If you are a fan of her back catalogue you'll probably love this as it is more of the same, if you looking for something new and different stay clear of this.
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on 2 February 2007
Norah Jones continues to produce high quality music. There is little here to attract new fans but once again a classy collection of songs. She has always had a darker edge to her music and this is evident again here.

For me 3 tracks raise this set above the norm. "My Dear Country" is a masterpiece with Norah producing an edge to her lyrics. "Sinking Soon" shows her versatility and has a superb backing track. The title track too will replay many listens.

This will not rock too many boats, and I am sure some critics will get their teeth into it, but overall an excellent CD.
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on 30 January 2007
I thought it was quite good. I only got it yesterday and I still have to make up my mind completely. I gave it 4 stars because its good, but it didn't blow me away immediately.

Thinking about you is a really nice song but the rest seem very "arty".

If you liked the second album MUCH more than the first then you will abosolutely love this one. However if you are like me and you liked the fist one much more than the second, you'd probably do well by just getting the single.

I call it an Artists Album because normally when an artist has a first album that is really good, there's that "Second Album Syndrome". If the second album is also sucessful the artist has a bit of freedom to do whatever they like on the third album. Therefore the third album is the artist's album.

Based on the above you can really hear the effort and love she puts into the tunes and you can hear that she really enjoyed making the album, but it is moving slightly more away from the pop side and focusing more on her interests rather than on what has traditionally been proved that will sell.

All in all I think its a good buy and will do well as background music for a romantic dinner.
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on 3 November 2012
I've now bought all cds available by Norah Jones, I love her intuitive voice and accomplished playing, so good that I just had to buy them all,what a talent! good for the house and the car, just brilliant! Enjoy!
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on 28 August 2013
I have been a very ardent fan of NJ since she began.....this is a very inward album.....I just adore wish I could...a very powerful social story in song format.....dont play it too often...as it reduces me to tears.....
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on 30 January 2007
To be brief, I'm not too impressed by Norah's third album. It just doesn't cut it. It seems too pared down, and just lacking in the breezy excitement I associated with her first two efforts. It feels tired and limps along from the opening track, though it does pick up somewhat as the tracklist progresses. There are, in my opinion, three noteworthy tracks : (9) My Dear Country, which is evocative and makes you sit up and listen; (10)Wake Me Up, now this is Norah at what she does best, this is what I had been anticipating and was begining to get fed-up waiting for; and finally (11) Little Room, which is just cute, and that's fine. Overall, I can't honestly say I'm excited, or in a hurry to trudge through it again. I'll just go for the three tracks I mentioned.
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