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on 2 March 2017
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on 28 May 2009
No problem at all installing this on a new PC. I was a bit worried about compatabily issues with the 64 bit version, but no problems yet. I installed a Belkin wireless card and USB card, and they installed automatically by Vista.
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on 26 May 2008
I bought this sometime ago and was going to install it on my old AMD A64X2 system until it went kaput!

So I bought all new components (£700's worth) and installed it.

Installation was so easy!

Just make sure that you when you goto install it that you tell the computer to boot from your CD/DVD drive by altering the settings in your computers BIOS and away it goes, you may need a little twiddling if you're going to use RAID, but I don't use it and it took about 45' to install.

I've had no driver problems at all, but then all of my components are new, however you may have a little bother if you use older componentry. So it maybe worthwhile checking compatibility before you choose to install Vista 64-bit.

You may find the most irritating thing about Vista is the UAC (User Account Control) keeps intervening, but you can quite easily turn it off in the Control Panel.

Also you may find that high speed wireless connections will only run at 54Mbps (Netgear) so do check if you use WiFi with your router & WiFi card (if applicable) manufacturer before hand if that sort of thing bothers you!

Most software (But NOT all) seems to work just remember there's the odd exception, but that I think is to be expected as XP is now pretty much the standard OS these days.

If you're at all worried about Vista, try doing a dual boot system so you have XP & Vista on your hard drive making the compatibility issue a non issue, just make sure that you install XP first otherwise it can get complicated.

So overall quite happy with the move from XP to Vista, one or two little niggles so I took a star off for those.

Oh by the way if you want to install MORE THAN 3Gb of system RAM then you'll need Vista 64-bit, the 32-bit can't access anymore than that!

Finally. This is the OEM version of Vista as a consequence if you install it on your system it "lives" with it & "dies" with it, if you have any sort of idea about porting it from one machine to another or your motherboard dies then this will die with it. Any doubts buy the Retail Version.

I now have a system which consists of:

A Q6700 Intel processor slightly overclocked to 3.01Ghz
Asus P5K Premium Motherboard
4Gb of Ram
2 Opitarc DVD/CD writers
A Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Soundcard
1.5Tb of Disc Space
A BFG 8800GTS OC Graphic Card

And it all zips along quite nicely!
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VINE VOICEon 11 January 2008
There are four versions of Widows Vista available to the public:
* Home Basic
* Home Premium
* Business
* Ultimate
Each version offers a different set of options with ultimate offering all options and a little bit more.
This edition is Home Basic which is the most basic of the product suite; the nice new Aero interface is not available. This would make a good choice if your computer is not up to the requirements standard for the other editions but you wanted to get the latest security enhancements. It provides all your basic home computing needs if you only need to use your home pc for tasks like browsing the internet, word processing, using e-mail and viewing pictures then this could be the right version. The enhanced security features will help protect your system from unwanted intrusion.
One aspect to be aware of before upgrading to windows vista is some manufacturers have not released drivers for this platform yet, you should check with their websites before upgrading to vista to avoid disappointment.
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on 31 July 2008
Bought Vista for a new build PC. Being new build I have had no compatabilty problems with any of the components installed. I did need a few updates for some games and software but most of this was done automatically with windows updater. This should be expected with a new operating system. As previous reviews have mentioned about drivers, Vista does not have as large a driver database as you are led to believe. This is for both x32 or x64 bit versions so you may well need updates from manufacturer websites if you are upgrading to Vista on an older PC.

Also note that Vista 32 will not support anyhting above 4Gb of RAM and 3Gb or less is the recommended. With the 64bit edition you can support larger amounts of RAM up to what the mother board will support so if this is an issue go for Vista x64 if you need more memory - Though 2Gb+ is more than enough for most users

One let down that I have experienced is that I have had to change my virus softaware. I was using Virgin Media Pc Care as part of my broadband package but this does not support x64, only x32 bit version. They say this is what is shipped with most of the shelf PC's and as such have no plans to support it. This is the only problem I have experienced but got round it with AVG virus gaurd which is free.
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on 24 May 2008
Bad reviews, like those below really put me of Vista. After XP service pack 3 caused my PC to become totally unusable, I couldn't face yet another installation of it, especially with the RAID driver hassles. So I took a risk and bought the 64 bit Vista OS with SP 1. I ran the Vista tool from the MS website first just to check all my hardware was OK and had all the 64 bit drivers out so I figured it'd be OK.

After the usual idiot errors MS make on OEM installations I now have it running and couldn't be happier. No driver problems at all, very slick and a much improved media centre, very solid and stable. I've not had one crashed program, hang, BSOD, etc. My computer is also working much faster under this than it ever did with XP and that's something I truly didn't expect.

I never thought i'd say it but it's actually a very good OS.

There is an installation 'issue' if you have a RAID drive setup and any other additional hard drives in your machine.

Vista will recognise the RAID and let you install onto it...BUT... it will install some of the critical boot files on any other drive it finds (i.e. D:); meaning the computer won't boot. You need to remove any additional drives other than the RAID drives your installing it onto first. After it's on the RAID put in your other hard drives and it'll be OK.
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on 12 February 2008
having previously used windows xp for many a time, and the disk suddenly decaying from scratches etc after continuous use, it was time to dump xp overall. Microsoft were unable to send a new cd, so I found this package on the amazon website, and believe me this is value for money.

First, it supports my AMD 4000 SLI esc motherboard, to true 64 bit processing. Second it has 32 bit backward compatibility with older applications which I later found to be ideal as I have xp on the other side of my hard drive, although corrupted, the program files are intact.

Third the OS is more stable to me, and I feel secure/safe, when applying firewall and antivirus and vista updates.

Forth It makes world of warcraft come to life, so those of you who play the game, and want to use your 64bit motherboard/processor to the max, this is the OS for you.

Happy browsing.

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on 21 April 2009
Boot from DVD, fine. Then it couldn't find the drivers for the SATA DVD drive that it was booting from. Had to connect an old IDE DVD drive and start the boot process fromn that. After the install, bingo! It could quite happily see the original SATA drive and has continued to do so ever since.

Forget Vista for gaming, it sucks. I can now access over 4Gb of memory, but the sheer bloody nonsense with trying to get games like BF 1942 or BF2 to run on Vista is not worth the grief. If you can wait until Windows 7, then do so. My SB X-Fi soundcard has not been recognozed by any of my games as such, and so even though I have the latest Creative drivers, I am left with a sub-standard sound set-up. Utter pants.

Actually seems to function as well as my old XP rig. No better though.

In a word, frustrating. Log on as an Administrator, you aren't actually given Admin rights. You still get nanny-ed by the OS to confirm this or allow that. IT'S MY COMPUTER! Microsoft can go take a running jump for this complete lack of trust in me to run my own system.
Connecting a non-Vista PC to this one involves a bit of Googling to find a usable solution.

To sum up - 64-bit computing is strictly for the geeks at the moment. Stick to 32-bit XP and the 4-gig limit to run anything at the moment. If you want to handle large video or other media - go to Apple. If 64-bit Windows 7 is any good, the reviews will let you know, but Vista is a bust.
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on 5 October 2008
I changed my computer and Vista came with it. Many of my favourite digital photo programmes will no longer run, Vista no longer even supports picture it (thier own programme) and instead have a very limited photo programme where you can look at them or print them.
The drivers for my creative mp3 players are not supported nor the programmes that come with the players. The driver and programme for my wife's sony mp3 is not supported. The driver for my digital camera is not supported. This has become a total farce. I guess this would be a reasonable system if you are just starting out new but when you need to replace either the operating system or the programmes and players you already have then I afraid the vista gets evicted and I go back to XP.
Give it another few years and perhaps more stuff will be supported but at the moment it is very limited in what will run.
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on 18 April 2007
I installed 64 bit vista on my AMD 64 machine. I had previously run Win XP x64 and was impressed with the speed, but had to spend ages on getting all the right drivers for everything. I upgraded to vista because I assumed that all the drivers will be available.

However, I was proved wrong. Problem after problem, struggle after struggle. Even games made by Microsoft like 'Age Of Empires 3' don't work unless you find the updates. You are very likely to come across problems with sound drivers too. The speed that x64 vista gives you is hardly worth the time it takes to get it working - assuming you ever do.

Vista is a great OS - I have the x32 'Business' version on my other machine. Some of the touches are brilliant, including the sidebar (where gadets like clocks and notepads can be added) and the improved Start button with built in search. Just avoid the x64 versions. It's simply not worth it. x32 additions are not that much slower if you have an AMD machine but the chances of compatibility problems with your system are much lower.

Only buy if you truely know what you're doing.

Otherwise, 5 stars for the x32 version.
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