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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2008
I'll make an exception.
First point I have to make because it ticks me off.... why do people compare this to call of duty? They are different games, period.
I love COD4. It really is a masterpiece. But this is also brilliant fun both in solo and multiplayer modes.

OK. So on we go.
I've read some harsh statements about the voice acting, and much as I'd like to stick up for the game, I can't. It's rubbish. But for me it's one of the only weak points of the game, and it certainly doesn't take any of the enjoyment away.

The graphics vary immensely. There are indeed some parts where you think that you're looking at a PS2 game. But these are coupled more often than not with beautiful crisp next-gen graphics. I think this is a beautiful game visually. The environments are very good and usually pretty large (if somewhat linear at times). But effects like fog, rain, smoke are really something to behold. Similarly the explosions from air raids and other attacks are top notch.

The gameplay itself is top drawer. There are enough solo missions to make you feel like a one man army, but there are also a whole bunch of missions where you need to work with your team of Ghosts. I like this idea. It keeps you on your toes, and keeps the game interesting.

Along with your team of ghosts, you also possess such gadgetry as an unmanned aerial drone that you can use to scout the terrain ahead and identify enemy placements. This adds to the tactical side and makes it so much more than a simple FPS game. You also have the 'mule'. A unmanned resupply vehicle that you can use to swap from say, a sniper rifle, to a close quarter heavy machine gun. Again this is brilliant as it forces you to work tactically.
I'm sure you could probably do the missions without using these gadgets, but I seriously doubt it would be as much fun. People that complain about the shortness of the game are probably those that are a bit gung-ho and who enjoy the carnage more than anything else. But for those that realise that Ghosts are meant to be invisible, this is a cracking game.

The online play ups the adrenalin rush considerably, but I think most other reviewers have already said plenty on this aspect of the game. Suffice to say, that in multiplayer all rules go out the window...
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on 15 June 2017
Arrived in a paper bag inside a jiffy bag and scratched managed to get it to work after a lot of cleaning and some restoration
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on 12 March 2008
This game came bundled with my 60Gb PS3 and I've hardly stopped playing it. Everything from the graphics, to AI, to the online modes is brilliant. The only draw-back (And it's a major one if you don't play online) is that the single player offline game is rather short and can be completed over a weekend or so. But the online mode more than makes up for that, with Ranked Matches and a points-based promotion system to ensure reasonably well-matched games, although I seem to get my ass kicked repeatedly by amazingly talented students/unemployed people/people who REALLY need to get out more (or GRAW 2 fanatics).

Overall, your squad are reasonably smart (But you may find you'r doing most of the dirty work) and they're easy to control & command. The enemy AI is quite brilliant on the higher difficulty settings, as they attempt to pin you down and out-flank you or target the weakest member of your squad (which always seems to be me for some reason). All in all a cracking game and one that sets a benchmark for future PS3 squad-based tactical shooters.

N.B This isn't technically a First-Person Shooter as you can play it's 3rd person (by default) on single player. And will people stop comparing it to CoD4? They're two different sub-genres of Shooters!
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on 29 August 2007
I brought this after i had great fun with rainbow six and have never played a ghost recon since the first ever one on ps2. I played the demo which i thought was great but its nothing to playing the real game. The campaign is a decent length but won't keep you going for days but then again it is always more fun in online co-op or with your mates. The online multiplayer is one of the best i have ever played with a huge amount of weapons to choose from (50+) and a ranking system. What rainbow six was lacking in its online mode this has covered it. It also has new features added unlike the xbox version like more multiplayer and co-op maps. It also uses the six axis alot but im not one for the six axis and usually end up turning it off. Overall Graw 2 is a great game and what i think is the best game out there at the moment.
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on 29 November 2009
I was rather bored, as there had been no exeptional games out for a while so i had a look at buying this. It was cheap and had a four star rating so i read the reviews and they all seemed to say that it was a fairly good game. So i bought it.

The campaign is fantastic, it has to be one of the best 3rd person shooters ive played in ages. There are 4 levels of hardness, i played it on normal and completed it in around 9 hours. The gameplay was smooth, there was a good story line and i thoroughly enjoyed playing it, so i decided to give online a go...

The Online was absoultly appalling, it was unresponsive and there where no tactical options like in single player, you could also not do everything that you could do in single player, e.g get behind cover. It was if i was playing a different game.
I put the game on the shelf and have only gone back to it to play some campaign missions again.

If the multiplayer was as good as the single player this would be a five star game.
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on 15 December 2008
I got this game for PS3 quite a while ago and I'm not disappointed. the story line is impressive and believable and playing the whole campaign is extremely fun. The graphics are also quite good and a lot better than this game on xbox 360. there are though several downsides. unlike call of duty, close range shooting is very hard and you are nearly always shot. But this was not what the game was designed for. the multiplayer is also a slight let down and gets very boring and frustrating. this is also the same online.
Overall this is got to be one of the best titles on PS3, especially the single player campaign but if your looking for a game with great online features and multiplayer, it is not the game for you.
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on 14 January 2008
The game looks fantastic and is amazing fun to play. It takes a bit of time to get to grips with the complicated control system, but once you get the hang of it, it's great fun. Only loses one star because of the awful acting - really bad B-movie stuff!!
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on 27 June 2010
(like many people did) i downloaded the demo and thought it was sensational!I bought the game and said nothing but ... WOW ...!!! the grafics are extremely realistic and the explostions are superb. there is a multiplayer section which provides online play and split-screen for up to four players. although story mode is rather short,the missions are very thrilling!The good thing is you can replay your favourite mission over and over again. many people say C0D 4,5 and 6 are the best, but try this and you might just change your mind. WARNING: do not use connectors which connect your ps2 controller to your ps3 on split-screen, you may find it hard to turn. i recomend this game to everyone! (also check out rainbowsix vegas and H.A.W.X)there is so much more i could say but i dont want to spoil it for you. hope this helps you.
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VINE VOICEon 2 January 2010
Split screen is rock hard, no respawn means your in for a short game.
The single player mission looks good, but as there was no sound it felt very limited. What happened? I see googling a few people have had this problem but I see no answers for why?
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on 11 September 2007
The PS3 continues to amaze me. Like many people on here i took advantage of the demo before buying this game. The demo was good, the game is amazing! the combinations of play that can be achieved are different every time and more thought is required to plan your moves without loosing your support and team (i love FoM but it is more of a blast and hope type game than this).

One of the best ideas is that when a team mate is shot you can save them if you have a medi pack and get to them in time (during the campaign mode). Little things like this make the game play much more realistic and fun because instead of purley focusing on just killing you have to plan movements and when to switch from recon mode to assualt mode.

Totally recommend this game.
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