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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2009
I can't find many faults with these USBCell batteries, they're incredibly useful. I bought a single pack of 2 batteries, and I use one in my wireless mouse, leaving the other one as a replacement when I need to recharge the current one. At times I have also used them in my Xbox 360 controller and anything I quickly need that runs on AA batteries.

There are a few issues however. Because of the need to accommodate a USB connector into a fixed form factor, the batteries are only about 65% capacity of a standard AA. It also takes a very, very long time for them to fully charge (c.5-6 hours after first charge which is c.8 hours) so don't buy a pair of these if you urgently need a battery for something, because you'll be in for a wait. They also get quite hot as they're charging, but they state this on the side of the battery.

For the price, I can't fault the batteries too much. They've been incredibly useful and will hopefully pay for themselves over the coming months.
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on 10 May 2013
-i use it for my wireless mouse and i have no complain at all!
-the idea of making this battery is great
-however the quality of the product could be
a bit better
it charges fully between:
*8-11 hours! (first time)
*5-8 hours! (afterwards)
-the battery life is not excellent but is acceptable.
that's how different battery types last
on my wireless mouse:
*6 days
*6 days
4 days :(
yes the battery last 4 days for me(i use pc a lot!)
but because it's excellently portable
there is no any difficulty for that

***if you are travelling and you won't carry an extra battery charger in your backpack
that's the only choice for you

so i can recommend it to buy
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on 2 January 2009
A very nice gadget indeed, this one. They work perfectly and sometimes charge quicker than advertised. They are, though, only 1300mAh, which means they don't last long in high drain devices such as digital cameras and CD/Mp3 players, which is a shame. But, for wireless mice and keyboards, they are fantastic. You can't loose the lids, thanks to cords attaching them to the battery. One of my friends thought they stored information as well - so I will make this clear- they are batteries, not USB sticks with a built in battery. They do exactly what they say on the tin.

They can get hot after a lot of recharging, though. But I'm told you can recharge them in a normal battery AA recharger, too. The best thing is that you don't need a charger, which makes these somewhat cheap. And they look quite cool, too.
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on 23 October 2007
Have them in my Wiimote and charge them in the back of the Wii, must have saved the cost of the batteries many times over. Its good to be able to charge either by USB or mains charger, worth getting.
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on 1 July 2016
USB AA Batteries
I bought these on the 30th of March, 2014 when they were £6.99 for just 2x but have since gone up by a pound on Amazon and in some cases go for more ( £10.75 ) I have since bought another set due to their versatile nature of being compatible with all AA powered gadgets and gizmos. So what's the deal? Well they're just AA batteries that charge via USB port - they have a flip-top which reveals this. Once plugged in, a green LED light (a ring around the top) lights up, this slowly flashes when at 90% charged and stops entirely when fully charged. They're supposed to take 5 hours to do so which is a bit much but considering these were the very first USB rechargeable batteries I could find, some drawbacks were expected. Like most, they must not be disposed of in fires and should not be inserted at the wrong polarity. (+/-) They're only available in pairs and I could only find them on Amazon and originally in 'Argos but have since spread elsewhere online like eBay as have other manufacturers outside of Moxia like Wduk. Currently, they are only available in AA sizes but perhaps in the future their range will extend to AAA and those square ones or perhaps even the diddly ones inside watches and laser pens.

The Bad
Within minutes of being connected to my laptop, the connector part has gotten considerably warm. Give it half an hour and the whole unit gets seriously hot - to a point where it's quite worrying. I don't believe they could scold or set fire or anything but overheating in this way is generally a bad sign among technical appliances (with obvious exceptions). What gets on my nerves the most though is that you can't tell when they are charged. Sure, it claims to tell you with a little diagram on the side but this is pretty fictitious - because despite claiming the LED turns off completely when fully charged, you can simply remove them from the port, reinsert them and the light comes back on - so you're ironically, in the dark. This lack of clarity is annoying to the point where I wish I either had a dedicated rechargeable battery charger (which shows you the percentage) or perhaps better USB connectivity so that you can read them on the computer/laptop. Lastly, the materials used are kinda crappy too as the battery has a slippery sticker on it, the lid is bog standard plastic and the way it is connected is via an elasticated rope - yep, this thing is held together by a hairband.

The Good
They work though! You connect them by USB, leave them for long enough, clip the tops back on and put them into whatever AA powered device. There are no restrictions either - so you can use them in literally any AA slot. Being rechargeable, you no longer have to go out and keep buying packs of batteries, rummage the battery draw or switch over used batteries in the hope that they have some juice left in them. So you're not only saving money (a lot of money) and time but to a lesser extent, the planet! (because you aint throwin' away stuff no mo) The flip-top not only acts as a crucial part to connect the positive (+) part of the battery but also as decent protection for the USB connector. The design of dark brown and light green is a strange one but at least it helps them stand out from the crowd - as does the little spherical power/sun design which is nice. It was always an idea that had floated around in my mind (as well as many others obviously) that these should hit the market and hopefully in the near future, will have faster charges, better longevity and less compromising features. A 3 star rating may seem harsh to such a possible revolutionary product, but that's just it, they are satisfactory in most senses because they pretty much do as stated - but I'd still recommend them for leisurely use. So nothing essential/professional.
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on 15 May 2016
I'm very surprised more people don't know about these. I bought my first pair a few years ago, and have always found them to be perfect for my relatively power-hungry wireless mouse. When I think about the amount of money I would otherwise have spent buying AA batteries, they have probably paid for themselves several times over. I like them so much in fact that I bought another set the other day.

They hold their charge surprisingly well. I have found that a single charge (which takes about 4-5 hours through my laptop's USB port) lasts around the same as an 'average' AA battery (about 5-6 weeks in the case of my mouse). They are also very durable - over the course of the five years or so I've had them, the amount of charge they hold doesn't seem to have diminished at all.

I've told quite a few people about these and they've all been impressed by the idea, so it's a wonder these aren't better known about as it's a great concept. Although they're not as powerful as the very top-end batteries, they're certainly better than the lower-end of the market and are really good for things like remotes, clocks and mouses (or mice?). They're also a lot more healthy for the environment.

Can't really fault them at all, they are great for convenience as well as eventual money-saving.
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on 29 April 2014
Currently using these alternatively with my Work Wireless Mouse (MS 4000 BlueLight).

Not so fussed about battery life as one lives in laptop bag and other in the mouse. The 8 odd hour USB Port charging doesn't bother me either as I work an 8 hour day so usually after a day (or one plus a second day/period) of charging I can drop the recently charged battery in my laptop bag and wait for the in-use one to run out!
If I'm feeling impatient I can charge via pretty much and mobile phone/Kindle charger with a USB port so that's convenient enough.

So yes - They get hot when charging but I guess that's up to the end-user to be sensible about where they put it.... Also no issues with compatibility/size.

I would suggest that battery life wouldn't be great for high-draw applications like Cameras, Control Pads, etc, but for a Wireless Mouse and having another handy it seems to give me a month or two.... Not really checked, just pleased that it's more convenient that buying new disposable batteries all the time!
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on 19 May 2014
I have found these batteries to very useful for running items that need such portable power.
I have found them slow when being charged but they suit my purpose because they can be
plugged into my computer and I do not need a mains charger. I recommend them wit no hesitation.
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on 16 April 2014
And very very convenient. No - they arene't the best rechargeable batteries you can buy (I have some enyloops that fit that bill) - but what they are is the best batteries you have with you. The ease of charging almost anywhere makes these perfect.
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on 22 January 2016
I'm a bit of a geek and I bought these mainly because I just like the idea of them. They seemed to take a bit to charge fully, but keep the charge well and I use them in a wireless mouse I have for work. All in all, i'm pretty impressed.
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