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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
No Mercy 2006 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 10 April 2011
Great Smackdown Pay-Per-View

WWE No Mercy 2006 Match Ratings:

1. Matt Hardy vs Gregory Helms 4/5

Great opener to the pay-per-view with plenty of close pinfalls from both superstars.

2. Paul London & Brian Kendrick with Ashley vs Idol Stevens & KC James with Michelle McCool (WWE Tag Team Championship) 4/5

Great tag team contest with some fun, fast paced moves performed by both London and Kendrick.

3. MVP vs Matt Garner 1/5

Great debut for MVP, but bad match against an unknown superstar who does not even wrestle for the WWE.

4. Mr Kennedy vs The Undertaker 4/5

Great one on one match between these to, little disappointed towards the end when Undertaker got himself disqualified for hitting Kennedy with his United States Championship belt, but still a good match.

5. Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guererro (Falls Count Anywhere Match) 4/5

Match of the night in my opinion, with this match being exciting from start to finish. This match got took from the ring, to the stage area, and then into the crowd, this match is a must see and great effort by both superstars.

6. Chris Benoit vs William Regal 4/5

Great comeback for Chris Benoit who went against William Regal, who did have a spot of bother during the pay-per-view, but they both put on a great match that involved lots of technical wrestling.

7. King Booker vs Finlay vs Lashley vs Batista (Fatal Four Way Match for World Heavyweight Championship) 4/5

Great main event for the World Heavyweight Championship with a good effort by all four superstars who participated in the match with me wanting Batista to win, but the King found a way of keeping the World Heavyweight Championship, but a good main event to finish the pay-per-view off.

Match Favourite: Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guererro (Falls Count Anywhere Match)
Worst Match: MVP vs Matt Garner

WWE No Mercy 2006 is a great Smackdown pay-per-view and they really gave the fans their moneys worth with some matches that would have you glued to the tv screen, with a few words to say than to get this pay-per-view, you will not be disappointed.
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on 16 December 2014
Extremely average smackdown PPV. Some decent matches. The William Regal sketches were hilarious.
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on 1 March 2016
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on 25 December 2014
this was a present and was greatly enjoyed
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on 19 November 2014
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on 22 April 2007
Matt Hardy vs Gregory Helms

A great way to start the show as both guys where hometowners. Fast matchup with some interesting moves (especially a shining wizard off the top rope by Helms). 8/10

Tag Team Championship

KC James, Idol Stevens vs Paul london, Brian Kendrick (c)

Once again a very fun match to watch with some awesome moves from London and Kendrick, Stevens and James seemed a little out of place in this match but still a good 8/10.

MVP vs Mardy Garner

After all the MVP poromos i was thinking that MVP would be the next big mid carder on smackdown, and i expected him to be facing the likes of chris benoit. Instead we got a squash match with some random guy. In hignsight i dont mind as it led to the feud with Kane (which i really liked) but at the time it was really dissapointing. 2/10

Undertaker vs Mr Kennedy

Awesome match, and in my opinion the match that catapaulted Kennedy to world championship level. Back and forth with some good wrestling. Possible match of the night. 9/10

Falls Count Anywhere

Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

I was dissapointed with there match at summerslam and i was dissapointed with this, it was not particulaily brutal and was way to short (rey messed up the ending) Still an ok match. 7/10

Chris Benoit vs William Regal

This match was a bonus and saw the return of chris benoit. This was a very rough and tough match with lots of technical wrestling. WWE could not have chosen a better guy to wrestle benoit than regal. 8.5/10

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs King Booker (c) vs Finley vs Bobby Lashley

This was originally mean to be two one on one matches with Booker v Lashley and Finley vs Batista combined at the last minute. Bacially what you would expect out of a fatel 4 way, realiativly fast pased, some hard hitting moves and an awesome spear by lashley at the end. The highlight of the reign of king booker. 9/10

All in all a good event, maybe not as good as the previous 2 no mercys but still well worth buying. overall 8.5/10
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on 9 June 2008
October 2006 and smackdown had a chance to showcase their talent to the world again and to be blunt,they messed up,there were some great matches here and some ones so bad that i am holding back the vomit as i type,i mustn't ruin the keyboard.
The event started well with gregory helms going up against matt hardy,this match had style,pace,hunger,precision,attitude and skill and served as a good opener indeed,hard to find fault with that then.
Next up was a tag team title match,the champions,paul london and brian kendrick went up against,drum roll please! ,idol stevens and kc james,this was a dogs dinner of a match,stevens and james were pathetic,the crowd were perplexed,the commentary team sounded as if they were blushing through gritted teeth,shocking choice of oppenents for the champs,the match was a blur of horrible,stevens and james were released soon after,case closed.
On the back of the dvd of this it says the pay per view debut of MVP,it doesnt state that he is in a match,he is and his oppenent is matt garner,so ashamed are the WWE of this match that they have removed garners name from the cover,this match is a joke,they could have had this on smackdown,jbl on commentary was even bemused as to what garner was doing here,coming out looking like an anorexic piece of string,i felt cheated,a squash match followed and we learnt nothing,well actually we learnt something,the booking team should be fined a years salary,a disgrace and im being kind with that.
The undertaker fought mr kennedy next,this match lasted a bit too long and got boring pretty fast,there were some good moments,thats a given with these two,but in truth they overcooked the stew and left us all a bit bored and a cheap ending meant that we waited for nothing in truth,yes thats a little harsh but this wasnt a great match.
A falls count anywhere match was next and was probably the match of the night,it was superb,rey mysterio went up against chavo,this match was engaging,lively,suicidal,the works,i loved it,both men went for it and went into the crowd and all over,this was great stuff and a mad finish that gave the crowd back some of their dignity and belief in the company after the horrors of what came earlier in the night.
This was followed by a wee cracker,chris benoit went up against william regal in a match that probably wasnt meant to steal any thunder but it surely did,this was a good toe to toe contest,regal was in great form here,showing cat like agility which seemed like i was watching him for the very first time all those years ago,benoit was also in good form and both men looked to be having a good time and it was a shame it had to end but this was a great match,simple as that really.
The main event was next,the world heavyweight title was the prize and was contested in a fatal four way match,the champ booker T went up against finlay,batista and lashley,this match was decent enough,at times batista was absent for a long time which wasnt that believable,all men had their chances of course and there were some moves that were certainly brutal and heartfelt but i didnt go wild for this,a good ending though but by this stage the crowd had lost some of its spirit,three great matches and then some real dross,2 stars and thats that,am i being kind,oh well,its my choice.
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on 14 January 2007

Gregory Helms vs Matt Hardy

*** Good Above Average match, good way to start the PPV!

Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs KC James and Idiol Stevens- Tag Titles

** It was OK, Dragged at times nothing special but it was OK Average at best

MVP vs Marty Garner

-* Who the hell is Marty Garner!, anyways this was a poor Debut this should of been on smackdown couldn't they put on somebody that someone knows what about are favorite jobber Scotty 2 Hotty!

The Undertaker vs Mr Kennedy

* Below Average match i got very bored after a few minutes it picked up at the end a bit but the match was way to long

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero- Falls count anywhere match

** Another Average match could of been better all they did was fight in the crowd dead exciting no weapons used it wasn't that long either

Chris Benoit vs William Regal

*** Good Match finally, Good to see Benoit again and a good idea to make his return on PPV to make it seem special, lots of techinal moves and reversals and a nice satisfying finish

Batista vs Finlay vs Bobby Lashley vs King Booker- World Heavyweight Title

** Average Main Event, Never boring just not particuly exciting either.

I would have to give No Mercy a 5/10 and thats being Kind, even though the Hardy/helms match, and Benoit/regal match was good, the other matches i thought were Average and the MVP Debut was dreadful it just felt like a Plain Smackdown just 1/2 hour longer i would not buy this DVD.
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