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4.5 out of 5 stars
WWE - Unforgiven 2006 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 21 October 2010
WWE Unforgiven 2006 is perhaps my number one favourite PPV of 2006 :)because it's an event that I could watch over and over again.

DX vs the McMahons who teamed up with the ECW World Champion The Big Show, squared off in a 2 on 3 handicap match inside Hell in a Cell. This match was very brutal as some of the match was mix dominated with DX taking the first 5-10 minutes destroying both Vince and Shane, with not only the cell, but weapons such as a screwdriver was used. Then as the Big Show pulled himself up, the McMahons were back in business with their fair amount of domination in the match, when they started to destroy DX inside the cell. One of the funniest segments in this match was when DX shoved Mr McMahon's head up Big Show's ass, which was mega funny, which led DX to winning the war again, against the McMahons. A really good Hell in a Cell match with lots of brutality and blood. ****

John Cena vs Edge in a TLC match e.g. Tables, Ladders and Chairs for the WWE Championship, was an ultimate classic between the two, who had a heated rivalry throughout the year of 2006, which began at New Years Revolution. This match had everything from chair shots, to both superstars being put through a table, this match was just awesome and it remains one of the best TLC matches off all time in the history of the WWE. John Cena did an awesome FU to Edge who was hoisted off the ladder and put through a set of tables where Cena took the opportunity to grab the WWE Championship to become the new WWE Champion. *****

Other matches I liked
1. Carlito vs Randy Orton
2. Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy
3. Trish Stratus vs Lita
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VINE VOICEon 12 June 2007
I think there's always something about WWE pay-per-views whenever they're hosted in Canada. Naturally when WrestleMania takes place in Canada you're in for a first-class show and outside of that, I've always found that WWE events in Canada really bring out the best in the WWE wrestlers/performers, creating so many classic moments that defy time.

And in the case of Unforgiven 2006, it can't be any truer. This was easily one of the best pay-per-views of 2006. It delivered everything it promised and made for a truly unforgettable night.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Johnny Nitro (Champion w/Melina) vs. Jeff Hardy

The WWE was without Jeff Hardy for too long, and it's so great to see him back. Both Hardy and Nitro give a good showing here. Although this is undeniably flawed, the chemistry and signs of potential are here, and would naturally turn into a great rivalry over the following months. Solid opener. (7/10)

Kane vs. Umaga (w/Armando Alejandro Estrada)

Finally Umaga was given a rivalry to show what he's really capable of. Finally Kane was given a feud and an opponent that does him justice. This is basically a slugfest between two giants but it's one that's pulled off quite nicely. Very decent. By the way, Armando is one of the best managers I've ever seen. (7/10)

World Tag Team Championship Match

Spirit Squad (Champions) vs. The Highlanders

I could NEVER stand the Spirit Squad. As well as having a truly annoying gimmick, they did absolutely NOTHING with the tag titles and it was about FOUR MONTHS after they won the belts that they actually started defending them! The Highlanders on the other hand, are a talented and very likeable team who should have been given the opportunity they deserved. This match is okay but is spoilt by the wrong team winning (Guess who!). Ah, well. Maybe one day the Highlanders will get their break. (6/10)

2-on-3 Hell in a Cell Match

D-Generation X vs. The McMahons & Big Show

It's so hard to put on classic Hell in a Cell matches these days. Probably because HBK, Taker and Foley set such a high standard. Regardless, like all Hell in a Cells, this one is bloody, brutal and very violent. While far from being one of the best, this particular Hell in a Cell is one of the finest I've seen in a long time. The handicap format works very well indeed. D-X shows why they're kings of the Cell, the McMahons perform very well, and the Big Show truly impresses. Horrifying, yet compelling at the same time. (8/10)

Women's Championship Match

Lita (Champion) vs. Trish Stratus

Thank you, Trish. For revolutionising the women's division and its championship in a way no-one else has. You will always be missed. A beautiful swansong that will forever remind us what the WWE has lost. Easily one of the finest women's matches I've ever seen. Trish goes out with a bang and Lita deserves praise, too, for giving an emotional story. A legendary end to an awesome career and rivalry. Bret Hart must be proud. (7/10)

Carlito vs. Randy Orton

We've seen both these guys compete in some awesome matches, yet it's disappointing that this only turns out above average. Don't get me wrong. This is another solid encounter on what is an awesome show but this match is a bit slow at times and suffers from the lack of a real storyline. Nonetheless entertaining with a finish that is both well-executed and has infinite replay value. (7/10)

WWE Championship TLC Match

Edge (Champion) vs. John Cena

This is what made it all official. Edge was the best wrestler of 2006, Cena vs. Edge was the best feud of the year and Cena could always deliver in big match situations. Awesome story-telling and the high-point of the Cena/Edge feud. Full of high-spots and excitement. Why there were still people who hated Cena after this I have no idea. Match of the night and one of 2006's best. (9/10)

Extras-wise, the DVD disappoints. There's only four and three of them are rather `meh', I found. They focus on the road to the Hell in a Cell, meaning more of the McMahon/D-X rivalry, including a very poor HHH/Vince McMahon bout that degenerates into chaos. The only extra that I enjoyed was an emotional farewell interview with Trish Stratus.

But at the end of the day, the extras don't really mean anything, as they detract absolutely nothing from the pay-per-view itself. Unforgiven 2006 will more than please any wrestling fan, as it boasts a classically awesome main event, a brutal Hell in a Cell and an emotional farewell to the greatest Women's Champion/wrestler ever. All the other matches earn their keep, making this a great and unforgettable show. Purchase!
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on 1 January 2014
Unforgiven was a good PPV and here is the review,

Singles Match For intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro W/ Melina - 7/10

A good match enjoyed by fans and a awesome show opener.

Singles Match
Kane vs Umaga W/ Armando Alejandro Estrada - 5/10

This match was okay and it ended up in a double count out so they drew but I never think Kane's matches are good and it was boring the crowd were not so hyped either they were only bothered when they had a draw.

Tag Team Match For Tag Team Titles
Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) W/ Mitch, Johnny & Nicky vs The Highlanders (Robbie & Rory) - 2/10

I feel so bad to think this is how Dolph Ziggler started out in the Spirit Squad...

Hell in a Cell Three on Two Handicap Tornado Tag Match
D - X (Triple H & Shawn Michael's) vs Mr.McMahon, Shane McMahon & Big Show - 9/10

An awesome match that totally made up for the preivous match was enjoyed and loved by the crowd the were ecstatic especially when Vince and D - X were the only two stood up and Michael's super kicked Vince then followed by a sledge - hammer to the face for D - X picking up the victory,!

Trish Stratus'es Final Match Singles Match for WWE Women's Championship
Trish Stratus vs Lita - 8/10

The Fans were so very alive in this match cheering and rooting for Trish chanting please don't go and eventually when Trish picks up the victory Lillian Garcia, JR, The King & The fans stand up cheering most of the fans in tears and especially Lillian, apart from that it was an amazing match from start to finish from both Diva's.

Singles Match
Randy Orton vs Carlito - 7/10

A great match where Randy Orton was very much hated for calling Trish a B**** for beating Lita and considering they were in Trish's hometown in Toronto Canada the crowd were also not very happy since Orton won.

TLC Match for WWE Championship
Edge W/ Lita vs John Cena - 7/10

A good match with a bad ending to me considering Edge is my Superstar but still it's a great match although I love how Cena was booed to hell! Ahaha!

Overall - 9/10
A great PPV with only two matches they should be ashamed of apart from them awesome!
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on 19 May 2008
I found unforgiven 2006 to be a very good event,a great card and the matches worked out as they should,there was quality and some stunning moves and little in the way of filler so all good then,well maybe not all.
The intercontiental match was up first as the champ johnny nitro went up against jeff hardy who wasnt long back from his TNA stint,this match was pretty good,lasted a little too long so the high risk and high energy couldnt last forver but i found this to be a good opening and the signs are usually good when the opening match is for a title.
Kane and umaga were up next,this match was gonna be a braw with slaps being exchanged like presents at christmas and it was just that but there was more than that when i revisit it in my mind,this match wasnt that bad in truth is my final conclusion.
The world tag team championship was up next as two members of the spirit squad went up against the highlanders who put in a good shift and avoided their annoying trait of acting like dogs and scratching themselves and just got on with their big chance,this match was solid enough,lots of cheating by the spirit squad and suchlike but this wasnt filler by any means and i was impressed with the highlanders at times but as a whole i find them slighly bushwacker like and that is never gonna be a good thing.
Ac/dc once sang if you want blood (you got it) well that works with the next match,a hell in a cell handicap match where DX went up against shane and vince mcmahon and the big show.
This match did seem to last a hour when it didnt but there was plenty going on here,some comical moments and some savage beatings,out of the five men only one doesnt bleed like a stuck pig,shawn michaels and triple h worked so hard here and battled like tigers,their rivals beat them up like dogs and carnage followed,there was the odd botched move,such as a flying knee that triple h did to vince that missed by a country mile and yet they sold it which was a bit humilating but aside from that you will be hard pressed to find a more brutal ending,good match.
The womans title was up for grabs next and this is also notable for being the last match of trish stratus,she went up against the champ lita in a fairly good match,when i think back trish and lita were the only two ladies in past few years that looked capable in the ring on a consistent enough basis,this match was good enough then.
Randy orton fought carlito next,essentially this was two heels at war but the crowd came alive all the same,the finisher was superb and all in all this was a very good match,hard to fault.
The main event was next and was for the WWE championship,the champ edge went up against john cena,if cena lost he had to sign a three year deal with smackdown,in a tables,ladders and chairs match,this match was stunning,i adored it,so much happened and so many fine moves and momentum changing hands and ,i could go on,but i will end this quick by saying that unforgiven 2006 is a real clinker ,check it out.
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VINE VOICEon 1 September 2010
The WWE are back in Canada, which should be music to any wrestling fan's ears. When the WWE goes to Canada, the wrestling seems to change, the pacing increases, there are more spots, but also more chain wrestling, and the booking improves. Unforgiven 2006 is no exception, presenting a card without a single dud match - this is one to be devoured many, many times. Before we begin, a brief comment on my ratings: I have seen too much wrestling and as such have become a harsh reviewer and an even bigger cynic, so anything rated at 5/10 or above is a good match by WWE's standards.

Intercontinental Championship:
Johnny Nitro (c) w/Melina vs. Jeff Hardy
Here we have the best breakout high-flier of the attitude era going up against the man who was to be a breakout high-flier in the PG era (one of the few good things to come out of that time) as John Morrison. The match is given ample time during which the wrestlers can show off their wares, and they do that and more. We have everything from chain wrestling more akin to ROH than WWE to high spots more akin to TNA than WWE. There are some great moments, and this duo really put themselves through it. The crowd is lively and into the match, as are the commentators. A badly booked finish diminishes the quality of this match by one point. (7.5/10)

Kane vs. Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
As someone who absolutely detests the super heavyweight matches Vince seems to enjoy so much, I was not looking forward to this. However, Kane and Umaga both go at it well, slugging it with the best of them but also getting some decent wrestling moves in. The story is told well and the crowd is still active. Another inconclusive finish tarnishes the match slightly, but, for a monster match, this is a decent clash. (5.5/10)

World Tag Team Championship:
Spirit Squad (Champions) vs. The Highlanders
The Spirit Squad get an awful lot of flak, but they are actually decent enough in-ring performers, a fact that is evident in this match. The Highlanders are also a very capable team, and this too shows up. Nothing particularly memorable in this match, but everything is solidly decent fare. And, finally, a real finish to a match! (6/10)

2-on-3 Hell in a Cell Match
D-Generation X vs. The McMahons & Big Show
This is by no means a classic, but you can tell that when a new Hell In A cell debuts. This cell is much taller (so probably not many more bumps off the top now) and there is a large bar in the middle that renders the hard camera near useless. As for the actual match, it is bloody, as can be expected. The story is told well, with the Big Show proving the decisive factor. McMahon insists on baring his arse on television again (sho tells him that constitutes entertainment?) but even that serves as a good way to develop the story. Almost everyone bleeds, and there is a fair amount of weapon usage, which serves a good change of pace. (7/10)

Women's Championship:
Lita (Champion) vs. Trish Stratus
Here we have what I would argue are the two top divas in the WWE at the time. The chemistry between the two is great, and they really push the boat out for Trish's last match. This is real emotional stuff: one of the best women's matches in several years coupled with the painful retirement of the best diva in the WWE. A great match in front of a pumped crowd, well worth a watch or two. (6/10)

Carlito vs. Randy Orton
Two of the best rising stars in the WWE at the time slug it out in a back and forth affair with some great counters and a well-told story. The lack of high-spots from Carlito stops this from being a great match, but this is good back and forth action with my second favourite RKO in WWE history 9the first being against Evan Bourne out of the Shooting Star Press). (7/10)

WWE Championship TLC Match
Edge (Champion) vs. John Cena
Cena, no matter how much you hate him, always knows how to flourish in big match circumstances, and isn't afraid to take a few bumps. Ultimately, however, it is Edge that steals the show, taking two incredibly hard bumps and flourishing as he always does in TLC matches. Cena is better than normal, but still only sticks to a limited moveset. I can't help but think if this was Edge vs Orton or someone similar it could've been a five-star match. Not to detract from this match, which is match of the night and in the top ten of the year. (8.5/10)

As for the extras, we get unedited footage of DX that isn't too bad for one watch. You get an impromptu attack on DX by Big Show and the McMahons, which is okay. You also get a No-Holds-Barred match between Mr McMahon and Triple H, which just descends into chaos quickly and is typical Raw fare. Also on the DVD is a short interview with Trish Stratus directly after her match, in what is clearly emotional for her. It seems a shoot, as she just thanks the fans and is close to tears the whole way through.

In concluding, we have on of the best events of 2006, buffeted by two amazing matches and with not a single dud in between. I can't wait until the WWE comes to Canada again, although looking at the reaction Cena got, I can't imagine it will be soon. Overall, a great event worthy of any WWE fans money. (7.5/10
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on 9 October 2013
I am a life long WWE fan and this has to be my favourite ppv of all time! It was good start to finish from the Intercontinental title match to the WWE title match.
The matches to look out for are the 3 on 2 hell in a cell match DX vs Vince & Shane McMahon with the BIG SHOW. Looking at this match on paper I honestly thought it would be an average match nothing special but was I wrong it is a brilliant hell in a cell match with a good ending.
Trish Stratus in her last match for the WWE, she could only face Lita two of the best diva's of all time and they put on a great spectacle and good end to Trish's career.
John Cena vs Edge - tlc for the wwe title is just an amazing match the crowd were constantly on their feet, the match was back and fourth and you never really knew who was going to win. The Cena v Edge rivalry was the best in 2006 and in previous years still one of the best.
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on 23 December 2013
couldn't even see it. because the stupid disc was scratched up and the person i bought it from didn't even tell me
but apart from that. i will say that the match list on the DVD does look pretty good. so just because i had a bad time watching it trying too see it. doesn't mean it'll happen to everyone else. but sounds like pretty good matches. any wrestling fan sound have this., some good interesting moments.
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on 17 December 2006
The best RAW PPV since Vengeance 2005 (all the good RAW PPV's have Hell in a Cell. Amazing, isn't it?). Although this isn't the best PPV of 2006, with my personal favourite being No Way Out, this was an awesome event. Here's the lowdown (Sorry if I do give results away on purpose):

WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Johnny Nitro (c) vs Jeff Hardy

- Well this was meant to be Hardy's night. The insane comeback led to a rather tedious, near 20mins match which had an awful finish. I expected maybe much more, and since the rivalry is still going strong, maybe we will. This match though started out as a good opener but dragged on a bit and in the end I personally couldn't care less who won. Still good effort though for the rusty Hardy and the half-green Nitro ~ 6.5/10

Kane vs Umaga

- This was good for the rivalry. It started a brawl, and finished one, in what I consider a good ending to continue the feud and keep me interested, especially since we haven't seen that sort of finish in a while. The entire match was smash mouth, and a nice build-up led to an entertaining, but short match ~ 6.5/10

World Tag Team Championship:

Spirit Squad (c) vs The Highlanders

- Another "fairytale"-like story gone wrong with this one. This WAS the Highlanders night. They SHOULD'VE won, it was ridiculous. The match started off good, and we all just waited to see those cheerleaders lose and disband, but "shock-shock-horror-horror" the manage to pull it off, although they lose to two old guys on the next Raw PPV. It's ridiculous. Again, these were all relatively new guys, and the match came off OK. Maybe a teensy bit too long, but OK ~ 6/10

Handicap Hell in a Cell Match:

McMahon's and Big Show vs D-Generation X

- Nice way to FINALLY blow off the feud, which followed on from the most entertaining match at Summerslam '06. The Big Show was needed to make this a threat to DX otherwise it could've been a walk in the park, and it proved that way for a bit, and in the end this was a bloody, chaotic, kick-ass match. Major complaints being is that the new taller HIAC sucks because theres a steel bar going straight across the hard camera shot which ruins viewing, and that HHH misses a knee drop, right on camera, and it looks stupid. Otherwise, awesome (when the hell is someone going to go off the top again? At least off the side through the announce table. Jeez...) ~ 8.5/10

WWE Women's Championship Match:

Lita (c) vs Trish Stratus

- Ok, it was Trish's final match, but we've seen her and Lita one-on-one loads of times, and this one was barely different to what we've seen, which is why it pulls in an OK score - plus a nice finish. Not the crying, the sharpshooter. I much prefer Mickie James though ~ 5.9/10

Randy Orton vs Carlito

- 9 Minutes. Is that it? They should've cut the Nitro-Hardy match and made this longer. It was good anyway, what I expected and if it was a standard RAW PPV, it would've stole the show. Nice RKO aswell ~ 7/10

WWE Championship TLC Match:

Edge (c) vs John Cena

- You know what? I'm not going to go into detail. I'm not going to ruin it. This rating will help ~ 9/10

Overall, a must buy. It was TOO GOOD of a PPV, especially since there are loads of rubbish ones right now (*cough*D2D*cough*). Buy it....Buy it.....Plus it seems quite cheap on here.
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on 8 May 2016
One happy son, loves watching the wrestling
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on 25 October 2015
Great for any DX fans and John Cena Fans!
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