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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: 900 mm|Change
Price:£6.69+ Free shipping

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Im glad I bought and tested this, as I needed a rule which could be bent, plus one which I wouldn't mind if it got damage as my more expensive and accurate engineering rules can't be bent.

It was a gamble buying this steel rule as other reviews made negative claims about it. Its possible that in the manufacturing process (not very likely with a steel rule(!) but possible) that each rule leaves the factory in a different state. Ive only bought one of these and this is what I found.

1) Thankfully, the rule is bang on accurate in length. To the millimetre! Not all rules are. Even tape measures by well known brands are often out by a millimetre or more at much shorter lengths but this is not. This is (as far as I can tell) very accurate in length. I have many rules and tape measures and this measures up to engineering rules costing 5 times the price.
5/5 for measuring accuracy. This surprised me as others had stated otherwise. Maybe its a newer design, I don't know.

2) Straightness. Again, 5/5. No edge is ever perfectly straight, but my rule appears to be. I certainly can't find any of the flaws others spoke of.
The method I used was to attach a very thin string to two points, ensure the string was taught, and grade the rulers straightness looking carefully along its full length for deviations mentioned by another reviewer. I could find no deviations with my hands, eyes, the string, nor could I see any deviations after using a sharp pencil to draw a straight line and using all four methods and all of my available senses to find defects. I just couldn't find any problems with it.

3) Quality, sturdiness. Perfect. A rock solid 5/5.
I Cant scratch or rub off any markings. The steel rule is 900mm in length, completely flat, free from burrs and aesthetic defects and is one of my more durable workshop items. It appears to be perfectly cut, inked, and lined with no visible flaws.

Im not going to criticise the methods others used to review this, but it appears to be perfect in every way, despite others stating theirs was not.

Im thrilled with the purchase. Having spent time trying (and failing) to find fault with this rule, id say it might safe to ignore the other reviews and give this a punt. I ended up simply wanting another flexible rule to use and abuse and would have been happy if this was slightly off, but was surprised to find it actually measured up to the best equipment I own.
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on 17 February 2017
I've now been using my Silverline ruler for five years, and (while grubby) it still functions perfectly and is my go-to ruler.
In that time, I've probably gone through a minimum of 15-20 plastic rulers (which are handy just for the transparency), but since I use this for cutting with scalpels for art projects, plastic rulers just won't do.

I resisted spending (comparitively) so much on a simple ruler, but to be honest it's like boots and tools: Get yourself one good-quality ruler (or tools, boots, whatever) and while it'll cost more, it'll last a long time. If you just stick to lower quality plastic...well, I've gone through 15 plastic rulers minimum in five years, and have spent more on those than on this metal ruler - which I still have and use daily.

In short, going for 'cheap and cheerful' is a false economy if you're actually going to be using something regularly. If you're cutting with it - don't even bother looking elsewhere. This is perfect.
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on 16 April 2015
Had I wanted a 900mm steel ruler, rather than a 90mm one, I would have been thrilled to receive this. It is fine and I am learning to love my unexpectedly long item. The lesson today is that one should read the product description more carefully as I am pretty sure this won't fit into my pencil case. However, it is not the product's fault that I have had a moment when placing the order. As well as the usual measurement markings, it has an inches and centimetre conversion table on the back. If you are looking for a 900mm steel ruler, it seems to be good value money.
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on 4 September 2013
The ruler arrived very promptly (hence the 1 star) but was a huge disappointment!
The manufacturing process and/or quality check was completely lacking. The ruler is intended to be used from the end edge, as such it needs to be cut correctly. Even by eye it was evident that it wasn't cut square on the end / zero edge and was about 1/16th inch short! Useless as a ruler, would be fine as a cutting guide (I also purchased 6" Silverline rulers which were cut too long!) all Silverline rulers being returned (BTW: Thankfully, the Faithful ruler I purchased at the same time was spot on..)
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on 12 September 2016
I use a scapel a lot when cutting up card and paper and needed a metal ruler. I've been using this ruler for 2 years now.

This one does the job well with accurate clear markings that haven't worn off. Also the conversion table on the back is handy when working with imperial and metric lengths. One criticism is that the edges are quite sharp and can blunt blades quite easily. Works well with pencils and pens. This rule is handy in the workshop as well as the studio as one side of the rule is zeroed. I would recommend a cutting mat like this [[ASIN:B001IOZUHK Am-Tech A3 Cutting Mat] ]if you plan on using this for cutting in general.
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on 12 August 2017
I bought this item because I wanted a long straight edge for marking out woodworking projects. This rule is not straight! It deviates from the straight by 3mm (⅛") in the centre, which renders marking long straight lines impossible. It is also useless at checking items for straightness or being level. If I had discovered this fact earlier I would have returned it as being not fit for purpose. Avoid at all costs if you want a straight edge that is straight.
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on 24 April 2016
This is one solid. ass. rule. has been shoved in my bag amongst other heavy items and has not warped at all. due to its hefty build quality it is also very useful for threatening those who displease you. the markings on the front are clear and easy to read, and the conversions on the back are also very useful.
About the only complaint i would have is due the sharp edges it can mark paper if slid across it and would certainly scratch glass desks. and because it is made of metal it does slide around a but if you were say cutting using it.
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on 26 July 2017
It's going to be hard to say much about this - it's a ruler. It's 2 foot, or 60cm, long. It's metal. It's got markings on it.

It's fine.

I'd recommend having a 30cm, 60cm, and 1 metre rule in your workshop. Covers you for everything.

Amazon did, for some crazy reason, dispatch this to me from Spain, via UPS. In some giant packaging.
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on 12 March 2014
It's a solid 6 inch steel ruler. Marking are etched and coloured in black. Plenty of small divisions, both imperials and metric. There's a conversion table etched on the reverse which is a nice touch. There's a hole for hanging it on a hook so you don't loose.
It's a little narrower than it's longer version. Comes in a little plastic sleeve.
Only down side, as others have mentioned is that it is clipped badly at the zero mm end, losing about a millimeter. The inch side is fine. Not ideal for accurate measurement, but fine once you realise that. For less than a quid I cannot complain.
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on 28 January 2014
I purchased this from the seller Bargain warehouse because it was slightly cheaper than the Amazon price and it wasn't an add-on item.

I did not receive a Silverline ruler, but a different unbranded one.
Although I was unhappy at first, I have found the ruler is better in comparison to a 150mm Silverline ruler I have.
It has metric on one side and imperial on the other.
I particularly like that on the imperial side, it has markings for 10ths and 20ths of an inch on one edge, and 16ths and 32ths on the other edge.

Personally, I would highly recommend.
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