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on 31 July 2007
Directed by Lucio Fulci, perhaps better known for his zombie movies, Perversion Story is a cracking thriller set in the swinging San Francisco of 1969. The main character is a womanising doctor - cum - playboy trapped between his asthmatic, unloved wife (Marisa Mell) and his sultry mistress (who's of course a sexy photographer as well - naturally). When his wife suddenly dies leaving him with a massive life insurance policy, all his problems seem to be solved. That is until he receives a mystery call to go to a strip club, where the main attraction (Marisa Mell) just happens to be a dead ringer for his recently departed wife. Did he bump off his wife for the money? Is she dead at all? There are some really great twists and turns in this movie that keep you hanging on until the bitter end. Think Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo with go-go dancers and beautiful naked Italian sirens, and you're some way to imagining how enjoyable this movie is.
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on 23 March 2010
Perversion Story (a.k.a. One On Top Of The Other) is a significant film as it was the first giallo film (Italian thriller) directed by Lucio Fulci, who would become one of the greatest exponents of this genre with subsequent films such as Don't Torture A Duckling, Seven Notes In Black and The New York Ripper.

Perversion Story is unusual due to the fact that it is set in San Francisco, whereas most giallo films are set in Italy, and it even makes use of San Quentin Prison in some scenes. The story involves a married but philandering doctor, George Dumurrier (Jean Sorel), who runs a clinic with his brother (Alberto De Mendoza) and has a beautiful mistress (Elsa Martinelli) on the side. Whilst out of town, enjoying a romantic break with his mistress, he receives a phone call informing him that his asthmatic wife (Marisa Mell) has died following an asthma attack. His wife was insured and the policy was for $1,000,000 so the police and insurance company treat the death as being suspicious but is George somehow involved or is someone else behind it all?

In true giallo fashion the plot incorporates a few surprise twists and some interesting characters and locations and there is a suitable jazzy music score by the famous Italian composer Riz Ortolani (who provided the music for Mondo Cane, Cannibal Holocaust and many other horror films, gialli and spaghetti westerns).

The two female leads, Elsa Martinelli and Marisa Mell look absolutely stunning and there is a fine supporting cast. Look out for Lucio Fulci himself in a Hitchcock-style cameo role - something that would become his trademark in his later films.

Perversion Story may not be one of Lucio Fulci's best films but it is still a good movie that Fulci fans and fans of giallo cinema will really enjoy. This double disc package also contains a CD of Riz Ortolani's music for this film.
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on 3 July 2013
Well this one took me by surprise. A stylish thriller from Lucio Fulci, easily one of his best alongside Lizard in a Woman's skin and Don't Torture a Duckling. Eyepopping cinematography and gorgeuos euro-babes, oh and a great story to match. Ok, its pretty preposterous but this is part of the charm. Dont be put off by the title, the "perversion" is either referring to the vast amount of female nudity and striptease (but nothing "perverse" really) or to the "perversion of justice" which forms part of the story. Great transfer with an excellent super cool jazz soundtrack. In all, a must-watch!
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on 16 July 2011
UNA SULL'ALTRA (AKA PERVERSION STORY / ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER) is a hitchcockian erotic murder mystery set in the swinging San Francisco of the late sixties, directed by the late, great Lucio Fulci.
After over a decade of directing comedies, Fulci began a successful period as a director of stylish thrillers. This film has been referred to as a giallo, but it doesn't fit the bill quite as easily as LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN, despite the twisting and turning plot. Apart from a brief glimpse at a decomposed corpse, Fulci's trademark bloody excess is nowhere to be found, unlike Fulci himself who has a cameo as a graphologist, and unlike his usual cameos, seems to actually be saying the words that have been dubbed over his performance! In fact, the dubbing in general is of much higher quality than usual in this sort of film.
Marisa Mell and Elsa Martinelli supply the eye candy, and Jean Sorel (Belle De Jour) is great as Dr.Dumurrier, who starts the film as a particularly arrogant and non-sympathetic character, who despite this has you rooting for him as the story progresses and events spiral increasingly out of his control.
I've knocked a star off because for me, the sex scenes are the weak point of the film, gratuitous and very 'of their time', and slow the whole thing down. The film is sexy enough with the mere presence of the two stunning leading ladies, and the story is gripping enough to get by without the unnecessary erotic scenes.
Overall though, an excellent film, although not as great as his next film, the outstanding BEATRICE CENCI (aka CONSPIRACY OF TORTURE or, confusingly, 'PERVERSION STORY'!?). Also worth mentioning is Riz Ortolani's sublime jazzy score, which is included on a separate audio cd, which is a very welcome extra.
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