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It worked OK to begin with once the two PCs were up and running (It doesn't matter what OSs you have), but the USB connections failed after 7 months - a message appeared on windows after booting, declaring that "one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned" and that windows did not recognise it. There is no way of repairing such devices yourself, of course, so I now have to employ two mice and keep switching over the keyboard to get on with things whilst I decide what new model to buy. It won't be a Trend.
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on 24 April 2017
Does what it says on the box. It was easy to install and easy to use, can't think of any downsides. If you are using up to four PCs and want to use just one screen, USB keyboard and mouse, including one set of speakers and microphone to control all of them, then no problem. One suggestion however, it would be nice if Trend could develop a similar KVM switch that supports more than one screen.
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on 17 August 2017
failed after a short period.
Cost too much to return to U.S. so scrapped and bought a replacement. Useless returns policy - you have been warned !
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on 16 September 2013
Just what I needed to upgrade my server racks. Not only is it perfect for the newer servers (USB only), but the cabling is thinner and neater too.
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on 3 July 2017
try it ,you'll like it Exactly as advertised, speedy delivery, great price, excellent warranty It does a fantastic job for being so well and so inexpensive really solid product Fabulous gadget. Good value.
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on 12 February 2013
First the good news - it works. I have 3 of my 4 main computers connected with this, and it functions adequately.

The bad news is rather more extensive.

Firstly, whoever thought that having cables coming out of each of the four sides was a good idea should have considered the resulting desktop footprint. I'm only using one of the 2 end sockets, and the switch and cabling requires about 9" front to back and 10" side to side. If I was using all 4 connections, it would require at least a further 3 inches side to side. Compared to my previous KVM (a Daxten), that's huge.

Second problem - the cables are only 4 feet long. As a consequence, I had to reorganise my computer area to connect the third computer. I'm probably going to have to reorganise it again to get the fourth close enough to use the switch. If the cables had been a foot longer this wouldn't have been necessary.

Third - every time I switch between computers, there is a chorus of "dong"s as the machines tell me that a USB device has been inserted or removed. In fact, one or more machines frequently chime for no apparent reason. This gets old very quickly.

Fourth (and so far last) - the switch is supposed to recognise <scroll-lock> <scroll-lock> as a hot key to switch computers. This doesn't work on one of my machines (which exarcerbates the footprint issue, as the switch needs to be close enough for me to use the buttons on the top).
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 12 January 2015
I was kindly supplied this item free of charge to test and evaluate. In exchange, I agreed to provide an honest review detailing my thoughts. This is said review.


- 4 port USB KVM switch with audio
- 4x VGA / USB
- 4x Audio cables
- Instructions



Compact, well packaged with clean design.



On the rear:
- PC1 & PC2 VGA and Audio ports

On the left:
- PC3 VGA and Audio ports

On the right:
- PC4 VGA and Audio ports

On the front:
- Console VGA, USB and Audio ports

On top:
- Switch array allowing you to select PC 1-4

- ✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚✚


Up to 4 PC / Laptops can be connected to the KVM this includes the following interfaces:
- VGA Display
- Mini Jack Audio in
- Mini Jack Audio out

A single console must also be connected with the following interfaces:
- USB Mouse
- USB Keyboard
- VGA Display
- Mini Jack Audio for Microphone
- Mini Jack Audio for speaks / headphones

Only the console interface has sockets for USB; as the USB for the PCs are combined in the VGA at the KVM end of the cable which is nice as it keeps the cables a bit more organised, which also means the KVM switch has been designed to a smaller specification. Power is also supplied via the VGA, therefore the KVM does not require an additional power supply which is another great feature.


—— IN USE ——

After using the KVM for a few weeks, the following are my condensed findings and information that may be helpful:

- My experience of this product was ‘plug-and-play’. I have not once needed to refer to the manual. This is a true plug-and-play product.
- Although the KVM is supplied with all necessary cables, you may find that the length of these to be an issue. In my environment this was not an issue as I only had one desktop and a single laptop connected to it, however you should bare this in mind especially if your devices are spread a distance apart. The VGA/USB cables are circa 180cm (71”). The audio cables are circa 130cm (51”).
- This switch allows me to work from home with a work laptop, and use my home PC screen, keyboard, mouse and audio. All of which as mentioned above worked as plug-and-play. I was also able to extend my display from the laptop therefore allowing me to have two screens which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.
- When switching between devices it is almost instant and in my experience I hear an audio alert, but this may depend on the configuration of the device/s connected. The speed it takes to switch to different devices is very good compared to other KVM switches I have previously used.
- Not that it’s been required, but the quick-start guide is very clear and easy to follow.


---- CONCLUSION ----

This is in my opinion a very a well built, easy to use KVM switch; it not only offers display, keyboard and mouse, but both audio in and out. A true plug-and-play product that just works.
For my current setup, this product gets an easy five stars. If my setup changes in the next year or so, I’ll have to source further (longer) cables or come up with a workaround - not a huge issue however.

Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, after getting them to read all the above!

✓ Clean, modern design
✓ Plug-and-play
✓ No further power supply required
✓ Excellent build quality
✓ Good audio quality
✓ Almost instant switching between devices
✓ Easy to set up
✓ Just works

✗ None

- The cables supplied could be a little short for some users

If you have any questions regarding this product, feel free to leave comments down below - I'm happy to help...
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on 4 February 2015
This works very well and I'm happy with it. I don't use the video signal. Two points of be aware of:
1. If you're not using the video, the usb is sent down the video cable and the cable splits into two at the PC end with a VGA and USB. The cable is quite thick so can make hard work to keep tidy around the back of your PCs.
2. The ports are around all four edges. This also makes for a messy desk with cables coming from everywhere. I have mine sitting on the top corner of my desk, but it's less than ideal. There are no wall mounting lugs on the back. If you will be using this thing everyday, it might be tidier to get one where all ports are on the back.
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on 16 April 2015
Bought this after some severe difficulties with another model. The other model would only allow low resolution and would not work properly on the linux box. This unit allows switching between my Linux and windows box both of which work at 1920 x 1080.
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on 15 November 2015
I've got 3 devices (2 lapdocks and 1 server) so ideally wanted the 4 port but couldn't justify 4 times the cost over a 2 port so settled for a 2 port and am using RDP to the server if I need anything from it.

This device, although very cheap, has a hot key functionality (hit scroll lock twice within 2 seconds) which works fantastic for me as I have been able to hide this in my cable tidy under the desk.

Switching from one device to the other works perfectly and I am getting the full HD resolution on my 23" screens which makes me very happy. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo and the switch leaves no lag in waiting for the lapdocks to pick up the keyboard and mouse.

I had to drop one star because of an intermittent issue I'm experiencing. A couple of times, I have turned on one of the laptops and the resolution has dropped to very low. I have to unplug the cable from the lapdock, pull the power on the monitor, replug in the cable and it seems to work again. If both machines are on, I've never had this issue and only has happened to me a couple of times out of 10. No idea how to replicate it or how to prevent it yet and it is a slight annoyance.
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