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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 August 2010
Bought one of these about a year ago when I was suffering from noise and hum problems in my iMac/USB audio setup. There was a ground loop from my USB audio equipment, and some noise/interference from power-supplies, driving me mad after shelling out some serious dough on audio gear and a new mac. I was at a loss as to how to fix it, until I discovered this neat little gadget.

I have to admit I was skeptical when I ordered it... but...

I plugged it in, and.... nothing. :) No noise. No hum.

This no-nonsense little grey box *completely* eliminated my hum problems, and the background noise level from my Synth equipment dropped so low it only shows up if I push my input amp way beyond normal recording levels, whereas before I had to use a gate filter to eliminate the noise from some recordings.

Regarding quality of the box -- it's a simple folded sheet-metal box, screwed together. It looks pretty robust, and the sockets are perfectly fine. No unnecessary lights, switches, or extra power supplies -- it just sits there silently doing its job.


My only complaint is that the price of these things seems to have risen substantially over the last couple of years... but if you've got problems like I had you probably won't mind shelling out a few tenners to fix hum problems in much more expensive audio/computer gear!
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on 30 March 2017
This does exactly what its advertised to do. Glad I bought it.
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on 9 April 2017
Made my hum/buzz problems worse, so returned.
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on 20 April 2012
Purchased this for our Church sound desk. Our recordings always had a hum in the background and this small piece of equipment has done the job and now it is a pleasure to listen to the recordings online.
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on 21 April 2016
FINALLY! After days of researching, pulling my computer to bits, switching plugs around and buying USB filters, I HAVE A SOLUTION!! I built a new PC with a high performance GTX 980 graphics card, and since day one I've had this static/hum/buzz sound coming from my PC USB ports to my audio interface (Steinberg UR824).

On the desktop I could hear some static 'frying' sound, but in video games or anything demanding of the GPU, it turned into an aggressive buzz which was at least as loud as the actual music coming from my speakers, and changed volume and pitch depending on the content on screen. I was almost certain that this box wouldn't fix the problem completely, but it really does!

I'm absolutely over the moon with this piece of hardware. It feels well built, it's very compact, and it's far more practical (and simple) than USB filtering, which wouldn't work for me as my hardware requires 'high speed USB 2.0'.

However, I rated 4 stars because I also have the problem of one of the inputs not quite seating properly. Input 1 (for me at least) requires some twisting and pushing of the jack to produce sound from both speakers. Perhaps this is fixable, and honestly it's a small issue to deal with after all of the trouble I've had.

The sound quality seems completely unaffected on my Yamaha HS80M monitors. No change in volume, clarity etc. Thank you Behringer!
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on 10 June 2013
Imagine moving your mouse and hearing a horrible sound not unlike a dot matrix printer. Or hearing the kind of static you wouldn't even hear on an FM radio whenever your video card exerts itself just a wee bit more than usual (such as when playing a game). Then imagine pure, unadultered silence. This is what HD400 does and it does perfectly; isolating ground loops that cause these unwanted humming & static effects.

Here's some background about my setup: I use 2 sound cards on my PC. One is a Firewire audio interface for my pro-audio & music authoring needs, while the other is a Sound Blaster for all other sounds I expect from a PC. The audio interface is connected to my studio monitor while the SB is connected to my HiFi amp. However, the amp also has one mono output for the subwoofer while I also drive a third output from the Audio Interface to the subwoofer (I cannot really afford the space for a reference subwoofer).

This, in addition to differences in the power input (some components are connected via a UPS, most others are not) creates a ground loop. I'd rather climb a mountain rather than try to figure out what might cause the loop, but I did notice that if I unplug one of the two inputs to the subwoofer, it stops.

Connecting the HD400 to the inputs of the subwoofer solved my ground loop issue for good. Highly recommended; I don't regret its price.
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on 16 April 2014
...when buying this item that it will do what you want it to do. I bought it to slip into my homemade pedalboard to try and eliminate a low buzzing noise, and while this didn't add to the noise it certainly didn't get rid of it, I sold it on pretty much immediately on a popular auctioning site for the same price. I managed to get rid of my buzzing by simply cutting the lows on my eq pedal - if this is what you are looking at buying this for, just try to single out the rogue frequency and cut it out with a cheap eq.

I'm sure this pedal will do a good job when it's used for the right application, behringer have a bad reputation amongst musos but I've never had a problem, I run a PH9 phaser on my board and I love it, just make sure it's the right tool for the job before you buy!!
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on 10 November 2014
Did a DJ gig a few months back and there was this incessant hum on the venue PA system, I had a laptop plugged into the mains, that then connected to a Pioneer DDJ SR, that then connected to the venue amp. I couldn't figure out why the humming occurred until I unplugged the laptop and it stopped. I went to DJ stores and asked what to do and they hadn't a clue, the venue didn't know either, in the end I shifted all my music to my mate's laptop that didn't seem to have the same problem. Nightmare.
The day after that I then Googled the problem finding a YouTube video saying that it is a simple matter of ground loop interference that can be solved by changing the laptop power cord - expensive - or by buying this Hum Destroyer at less than £20.
So I did option 2 and boom, problem fixed, using the same laptop and equipment. Happy DJ. :-)
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on 9 February 2017
This arrived today. A simple enough device, but I have to wait for the 1/4" adaptor cables to link it into my system. Seems well constructed and solid. I've added some small adhesive rubber feet to keep it from slipping about. There is a very clear set of instructions, which will make installation foolproof - between the line level signal and the power amplifiers. So I'm waiting for a bit and will post the immediate results as soon as I get the hum destroyer connected into in the system.

I will also make a short real time installation video and post a link to YouTube so that you can hear the pre and post installation effects at the same time that I experience them for the first time.

I'm running a pair of powered Mackie SA1530z speakers off a Bryston 12B preamp, with a Musical Fidelity CD player and Roksan Xerxes/Artemis turntable with full Artaxerxes voltage control and MC phono stage. The AC hum occurs as soon as the preamp is powered up, which is no real surprise.

Adapter Cables are due in the next day or so, so I'll replace this review with a fully tested one as soon as I can.
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on 8 September 2012
I have tried lots of ground loop isolators when really I should have just bought this one in the first place!! I had awful hum coming from my iMac and could even hear when scrolling with the bluetooth mouse - this completely got rid of all of the noises!! GREAT!
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