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on 21 July 2007
The unit came in a snazzy little box, and importantly didn't promise too much.

First up - it plugged into my laptop and didn't require any further setup as it was automatically sync'd with WMP. the process of loading songs onto it was easy, but there was a time lag of up to 20 seconds PER TRACK to load them fully, which having owned mp3 players before I was not expecting!

The unit takes a charge which lasts at least 4 hours before the battery level drops. Initially I thought this was good, but effectively it makes the 'Battery Level' indicator useless - plays for over 4 hours on 'Full' charge, and then you can almost watch the level fall...

Warning - there is NO lock button on the unit, so buttons can be pressed and stop or change the track. Because they are all surface mounted, I found this happening a lot until I 'customised' my MP3 wallet to prevent this.

Despite the looks on the photos, this unit does feel a little plasticky - the buttons are not particularly stable and although the full colour screen is bright and colourful the resolution is not the best.

On the subject of the screen, I had expected the screen to turn off or at least the backlight to go out when playing music, to increase the battery time, but this does not happen. This, in my opinion is a waste of power, as the screen only shows a graphic equaliser (which has no correlation to the music being played at all!) and some basic icons telling you that you have the earphones plugged in (otherwise you wouldn't be able to hear it) and the battery is full (otherwise it would be off within minutes) etc.

The FM radio built in is manageable but not powerful enough to maintain a fantastic reception unless you are fairly still and in the right place - no good for running or working out in the gym - but then if you wanted radio, you would have bought a radio, right?

The earphones that come with the unit are useless - it is worth getting another, decent and comfortable pair along with it...

Now, although this may seem like a rather scathing review of a mp3 unit, it really shouldn't be, and here's why:

The whole package, including postage, was less than £30. There are some USB memory sticks that cost more than that for 2GB, and this works perfectly well as an external memory module. It does provide crisp, quality music on the move, and although I have no illusions as to a long life expectancy, in this day and age I expect to replace an mp3 player with a new, larger capacity, sleeker unit once a year or so anyway. So why not make it a cheap one which does everything I need it to?

As mentioned above - if you have a budget of £30 for an mp3 player, you aren't going to be expecting an iPod or a Sony, so this little baby may be great for your pocket in many different ways.
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on 23 June 2007
Bought one of these a week ago. Couldn't be more impressed. It takes around 200 tracks (about 6 hours of MP3s) with no complicated software required to load them, the radio works, and its tiny. Battery life appears to be around 6 - 8 hours and it charges quickly. Bought some better headphones, but for £35, it's great value.
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on 8 December 2008
Got 3 of these for 3 kids for Christmas (Looking for cheap & cheerful). Have been messing around with them & pre-loading songs onto them (don't want to spend all Christmas day getting them sorted).

Here are just a few of the unusual quirks I noticed (Which are common to all 3 of the players):

- The speaker doesn't work with the radio & you can't listen to the radio and do anything else at the same time. This is odd seeing as you can browse, play the game & use the speaker with the music.

-There is only 1 game on this & there is absolutely no way of getting another one onto it (not sure how long Tetris will keep them amused).

-The organisation of music: You can drag & drop whole albums onto this player but when you go into the music you have to scroll through each song one by one by one - very very time consuming when there is more than 10 songs loaded

-The touchscreen can be very unresponsive & slow & sometimes doesn't work at all

-The plugs they were supplied with worryingly don't have fuses in them & the first time I plugged in one, it blew all the fuses in my house & singed/blackned the metal on the USB lead (have taken the plugs out of the 3 boxes as I don't want to risk it with kids)

-Battery life is a bit bizzare - you can fully charge it. Turn it off. Turn it back on & it will be half empty.

Now this might seem like a very bad review, but for the money, I wasn't expecting as many features as this has & all in all, I don't regret buying them. If you buy one of these, be under no illusions about what you are getting & you won't be disappointed.
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on 25 April 2007
I have never had an MP4 player before, or an MP3 one come to that but I thought (being a girly) that it looked cute, funky and generally like a great accessory! Although the instruction manual doesn't actually tell you how to upload music etc from your pc, its fairly obvious really and I managed to put 198 songs on in a matter of 10 minutes.

The sound quality (once you manage to put the earphone jack in properly!!) is excellent. I love the little graphic thingy and even the earphones which I usually find miles too big and consequently they leap out of my ears are not too uncomfortable.

All in all my only complaint is that as soon as my kids see it I'm going to have to buy 3 more and the fact that its so tiny I'm at risk of losing it!

Absolutely love it, can you tell???
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on 5 December 2007
For the price, this product does everything and much more then anything you could buy from the shops. but the battery life is so short, only lasts roughly 2 hours listening to music and not even an hour watching videos.
My advice would be to find another competitor on amazon (as there are many) and find one with a longer battery life. but if you only want to use it for short journeys then its fantastic.
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on 27 May 2007
Followed the reviews on this lovely wee item (it's my first Mp3 player)- for the price it's an amazing bit of kit, pity it's only 2Gb, 'cos now I've got it, I want a bigger one. Only one wee problem with this player is it's manual, and the lack of info for novice users like myself, it would be good if some of the manual wasn't in pijin English. Although, Tecknet did send a separate sheet explaining the easy copy and paste routine).

Nevertheless, once I sussed out what I was doing and how the player organised the files,I was cookin' with gas!

Found the earpieces a little uncomfy but it wouldn't be fair to knock the player on that point - all in all - a great wee piece of kit. Buy it now!!!

Price - 5*

Performance to Size - 5*

Sound Quality - 4* (might be better with a better set of earphones)

Stuff in the box - 5*

Delivery - 5*
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on 24 March 2007
I couldnt quite believe how small this player is but dont let the size put you off........The sound quality is very very good and the screen is crystal clear. Its so easy to load music on to as well , it only takes less than a minute to transfer a whole album !!

It's very cheap as well. Only 1 thing i dont like about it is the ear phones, too big and the jack is smaller than the usual 3.5 ml.
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on 12 September 2008
it arrived before opening the box i didnt expect much but it had a lot of features eventhough it was small (the picture on amazon must of been stretched) the buttons were plasticky and the headphones were absolute rubbish but its microphone was clear its screen was fairly large the games were ok and the radio was strong so its not so bad but i reccomend getting another pair of headphone's the right ear of the headphone went dead in a few hours of opening so i contacted the company and they have aggreed to send me a another pair
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on 12 July 2007
The MP3/4 seemed to be a great piece of equipment and I spent several hours learning how to use it. The radio worked fine but the MP3 player ket cutting out. The returns policy was that the customer pays for postage both ways, i.e. including returning faulty goods. Very disappointed with Tecknet and won't be using them again.
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on 27 April 2007
Already owning an iPod i purchased this mp3 player to go on holiday. The build quality is ok for the price. The headphones are uncomfortable after a while like all cheap headphones for inner ear. The only gripe I have with this unit is the software on it. There is some delay between pushing the buttons and the software responding. This can be quite annoying when trying to do things like set the unit's clock/date, or turn the volume up/down when listning to music and change tracks. You have to be a little patient and expect there to be a short delay between actions. Overall for the price I am pleased with this unit, it's no iPod though, clearly.
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