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World Trade Center [DVD]
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on 7 September 2017
Oh dear , write out a load of cliché's , put them in a hat , pull them out one by one , and make a film around them ,
I think the first problem the film maker had , was he chose to make a film about just two Police officers trapped , we forgot that a lot of his group were killed that point seems to be glossed over . a better film would have focused on the recovery of all victims that day , and on the sheer scale of the task , the problem the film maker had was there are very graphic documentaries that do a far better job

The acting is poor in this film , the problem is that should have put this idea on the back burner is , actors trapped in a hole with no lighting and unable to move , isn't very interesting to watch on screen , hence we have the flash backs , the wives do an ok job , but you know they are not feeling it ,

Other poster have mentioned the Marine , he comes out with some cheesy line about I'm a Marine I'm not leaving you its my mission , I am sure in the cinema there were great cheers , but if the scrip has to resort to cheesy platitudes then you know somethings wrong , I lost count of tell my wife and kids I love them , may be the writer should have added tell my wife and sick dying kids , I love them , just for a bit more effect

A decent film needs to be made about 911 , thats for sure but this isn it
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 16 August 2014
It's not an easy task to make a film about a very recent human tragedy with such a large number of innocent people having lost their lives, even more so if the event is still relatively fresh in people's minds.

Upon hearing Oliver Stone had taken the director's chair I wasn't expecting a wildly over the top "JFK" type film with tons of conspiracy theories thrown in (that could have backfired and possibly not worked for an audience). But I did expect more from Stone and he's gone down the ultra conservative path of not raising any questions about the attacks at all. I wouldn't have been surprised if the film studio would not have gone for a more energetic and asking questions type production (I am sure they will come later one as time passes), but this looks like it hit George W's desk and got the rubber stamp of approval.

Even taking all this into account the script is unexciting, the cast merely passable at best and nothing realty stands out from the film at all. Despite being based on a true story Stone fails to deliver.

The story follows John McLoughlin (Cage) and Will Jimeno (Michael Peña) who are port authority police officers who arrive at the scene, after co-ordinating rescue efforts and helping people they eventually become trapped and against all odds manage to survive.

Cast wise it's ok but I'm not a fan of Cage in roles like this he's better suited mostly to lighter work, we get some decent supporting cast members too Maggie Gyllenhaal, Stephen Dorff, Maria Bello, but they're hamstrung with a script that is uninteresting and contrived.

I'm not marking the film down for it's lack of edge or wild theories there is nothing wrong with a very human and personal true story esp with such a tragic event. It's just on every level the men's story has not been done anywhere near as well as it could and should have. Stone is lazy in his direction, he's lost his edge on this production failing to draw the crowd in to the story, and I felt largely unattached to the characters partly down to the cast choice.

What should have been a very good true story, has unfortunately become rather tired and obvious in the storytelling and screen play. I'm sure better films will come along, but much more care needs to put into cast choice and Stone needs to shake himself up a bit, this is the second film of the "Oliver Stone has lost his Mojo" era that disappoints fans.
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on 12 September 2017
16th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, I watched this film. Much better than I thought it was going to be. There are some scenes that remind me of the importance of family, as well as a timely reminder of the enormity of the event that took place that day. In years to come, I think they will divide our era from before 9/11 to after 9/11, the way historians divide eras, say up to 1532 reformation and before. As with the World Wars, the importance of having stories from the individuals who took part on that day are paramount importance. This film I hope will get the ball rolling in terms of filming the stories of what unfolded that day. It was an event that will still be talked about in hundreds of years, as are events such as the Battle of Ypres or the first hand accounts from the Crusades. As a Christian I loved the scene with the Sacred Heart, but this is a film that sets itself firmly in the mould of showing our human capacity to cope in suffering and the heroic bravery of people to show practical solidarity to those in their hour of need. And I am becoming a fan of Nicholas Cage: two films with him in in two months having never scene a film with him in before. He's great!
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on 7 April 2008
I was longing for a film about this tragedy because it was one in a life time event that happened in my time. This tragedy was so unbelievable that it did not need much acting. I thought it ought to be good no matter what. But I could not have imagined how someone could trash such a big story. This film did nothing. It was very hollow and boring. I watched the first 10 min, fast forwarded the next 20 and binned it after an hour.

First of all a film about 9-11 should have been 3 to 5 hours long to cover all aspects. There were so many issues that needed to be included to get the whole picture and they picked the worst and ignore the most important ones.

They should have shown the terrorist planning to do this so we get an idea of WHY people resort to this in the first place and give some balance to the film.

The acting was appalling. There were too many long pauses and slow motions. I am no director, but character building is done BEFORE the climax not AFTER, so we have time to relate to the characters. There were only few characters and they were almost dead after 10 min. This works if the film was about 3 people trapped in a capsule going to Mars.

They did not show the plane crashing into the building at all. All I saw was the shadow of the plane and then a bang. The strike itself would have told half the story and cause enough shock to set the mood for the film.

The plane strikes happened right at the beginning. It should have been somewhere in the middle. With the new special effects they could have done something really special that would stay in your memories for life or even change your life.

The most frustrating aspect of this film was, when there is so much happening outside and thousands are dying they concentrated on few firemen trapped inside, which were acting so wooden that I did not have any emotional attachment to them anyway. The firemen being the hero and the subject of the film could have worked they covered less of the film and built up an atmosphere first.

This film in fact did 9-11 a disfavor and reduced the weight of the tragedy and made it seem like an average car crash.

This was an awful script, terrible acting, very bad directing and worthless in every sense. I just hope they put aside the politically correctness and a talented team make a movie to capture this event in its true light and produce something visually impressive.
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on 17 June 2007
Lets face it, most people when they heard that Oliver Stone was to direct a film about the 9/11 attacks were expecting a visual assault on the senses using every film-making technique in the book and detailing how America singularly failed to defend itself on that awful day. What most of us were not expecting was a thoughtful and moving piece of cinema detailing the extraordinary acts of heroism from the everyday people who were caught up in the awful events of that day. But with World Trade Centre, that is exactly what Stone has given us.

Centred on the experiences of two men, John McLoughlin (a craggy and weary Nicholas Cage), and Will Jimeno (a superb turn from Michael Pena), both Port Authority cops who are trapped in the rubble when the buildings come down. Focusing on their real experiences (both men acted as advisors on the film, so you can't fault it for authenticity), the film details their initial reactions to what many believed at the time was a terrible accident, and then their struggle to stay alive following the collapse of the towers. Also involved in this tragedy are the cops wives Alison Jimeno (again a superb performance by Maggie Gylenhall), and Donna McLoughlin (played by Maria Bello). Although the ultimate outcome of the film, i.e the rescue of the two men is telegraphed at the beginning of the movie, by focusing on this small story Stone has managed to make a thoughtful and effective film about what many would regard as an almost taboo subject (I mean lets face, a lot of people were outraged when United 93 was announced, the old line of "its to soon" being trotted out by a lot of knee jerk social commentators).

The four leads handle their roles well, although Maria Bello's character of Donna does seem a little unfocused during much of the film, with very little to do, and Michael Pena as Will Jimeno becomes our focus of attention during much of the scenes involving the two cops, which is no bad thing, but the real outstanding role is Maggie Gylenhall as Alison, an expectant mother who rapidly becomes the real soul of the film. The film contains some brilliant moments (the shadow of the first plane to hit the towers as it passes across a nearby building is just one of them), and whilst it is never flashy it is at least memorable, with the collapse of the towers being a genuinely terrifying moment (a real situation that is so much scarier than any amount of monsters under the bed). However the film is by no means perfect, with some of the dialogue slipping occasionally into schmaltz, and much of the central section of the movie feels a little bloated (a spot of judicious editing and we could have had a much more compelling movie), but it is hard to find to much fault, particularly with Stones overarching intention of telling the true story of the men's experiences that day.

And if some find fault with the fact that the film occasionally comes across as a tribute to the rescue workers who lost their lives that day, well, so what if it does come across that way. This is a story of genuine heroism, a tale of men and women, cops, firemen and others, who went into those buildings that day without a thought for their own safety to rescue complete strangers, and many of them didn't come out again. If you want to find fault with that, then shame on you.
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on 26 April 2008
If this film was about anything else, maybe I would give it a bad review. But because of the subject matter I was moved to tears. I was watching it on my computer (I have a Bluray/HdDvD combo drive) and had to pause a few times to get control over myself (the brief shot of a person jumping out of a WTC window was one such scene). The film does a good job of reminding you the significance of 9/11 as one of the most depressing days in recent memory. I'm not a knee-jerk patriotic type, but I still found it difficult to keep myself from being affected by the power of the memories of that day. (I'm American but I have lived in the U.K. for a long time).

In terms of the Blu-Ray quality, there were some pretty good scenes but overall it didn't really stand out from a picture clarity standpoint. I haven't seen the DVD version though, so I can't say whether it is any better. I can't unhesitantly recommend it on picture quality though, so I suggest you rent it first to decide whether you want to add it to your permanent collection.
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on 11 August 2017
Bored .... Bored ...Bored ..... 30 mins of my life I could have spent cleaning my bathroom
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on 9 November 2010
I don't know if it's because we have become conditioned to wanting or indeed, demanding violence and shock/horror with our entertainment today but the film did not hit the right buttons for me. Yes, Nicholas Cage is always good, at least for me in whatever he does. That being said, I guess it was a difficult film to make with so many viewpoints and opinions having to be brought into play. What must have been nigh on impossible was how to communicate the feelings and emotions of such an horrific event. What did come through and that almost perfectly was the scenes where the families of Nicholas Cage and his buddy were in that place of not knowing one way or the other. The tension and anxiety was quite tangible, and if this was meant to adequately convey how thousands must have been feeling at the time, then the director certainly scored a hit.

The rescue from such a horrific environment was handled well, with the marines ALMOST missing the pipe banging and shouting from beneath them..the horror of being missed also came across very well. The film would have ended up being hours long if all the issues that I wanted to see incorporated had been covered. Is that a criticism? No far from it. Would I recommend the film? Certainly, but don't pitch your expectations too high and you will be pleasantly suprised. Life from almost certain death? Yes, just a great pity more didn't make it.
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 July 2007
Firstly, I would just like to say I totally agree with the previous reviewer - not long after 9/11 happend, I think a few people were saying "would they go as far as a film, just to cash in?". It doesn't get any lower than bringing it so quick, just to make some money (because if it was truly a commemerative film, it would have been shot more 'docu' style.
However, Nicholas Cage somehow gets the lead part (why oh why does he get the part for so many films, for such a wooden actor?) as the Chief of the Fire Department. The film uses apparent real events that happend to make up the film - these being 2 sub plots; a group of firemen that sadly got trapped beneath many feet of rubble under on of the towers, and the drama that faces the families.
Admittedly, they included some actual footage people took at the time of the events, but to have the cheek to portray Nicholas Cage and many other actors as the poor guys who only just survived is undoubtedly bad. And this leads you to constantly thinking through the film "why watch this when there are plenty of documentaries around? Its a very long winded film, and is mainly set in the dark-underground were Cage puts on his 'hero' persona, and tries to find a way out.
You may think any of these negative reviews are harsh, considering the consequences of what happend. But if you had the oppurtunity to make a 'movie' out of such an event, i'm certain you could direct in a more harrowing and effecting way than this.

And oh yes, as Cage see's daylight once again, you can perfectly cue that patriotic 'American Pride' orchestral solo in the background. Now that is Armageddon level!
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on 24 September 2014
This is simply one of those films that everyone must see at all costs no matter what. The story is well known (and true) and demands to be heard (and seen). What better man for the job than Oliver Stone. His is a film that effects and affects in equal measure. The quiet moments (ie with the always delightful and lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal and the just as luminous (and that in of itself is quite the accomplishment given the nature of the film) and dependable Maria Bello, as the wives at home watching the horror evolve on telly) are as powerful as the action notes (tho this is first and foremost a drama film and not an action picture) which are truly heart rending. Nicolas Cage is always, Wicker Man remake aside, the go to guy for real acting gusto and prowess but here it's Michael Pena who delivers in spades what he started in Crash. Beware this film WILL make you cry. Essential viewing tho not easy to watch. A harrowing film.
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