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on 9 October 2017
They do, this is one of them. Great animation, a brilliant voice cast for the English version, I really enjoyed this movie.

I highly recommend this film and I'll be watching out for other Studio Ghibli films.
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on 21 November 2015
WOW to get 2 copies and one in HD. Amazing. I love this story many might not but I have always had a fondness for Manga and Manga type films.

Howl's Moving Castle has some beautiful bits in and some not so beautiful bits. Wizards and witches exist in this world and Howl is known for his castle that is constantly on the move. Sophie who works in her family shop creating hats, never sees herself as beautiful compared to her sister and her mother she feels dull. However, whilst trying to get to her sister's workplace to visit she is cornered and saved by Howl. Unfortunately a witch who wants Howl's heart finds out and puts a spell on Sophie. Now old she can't stay where she is so she leaves and becomes a cleaning woman for Howl. Things develop along with a war brewing. Everything has a happy ending but the war bits might not be for everyone.
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on 21 January 2017
BEST MOVIE EVER! Personally this is my favorite out of all of Studio movies and that includes Totoro, spirited away etc, do not get me wrong I love the others but for me personally THIS is my favorite. Great plot, lovely animation and prime delivery got it here quickly! I am officially a huge fan of this piece now and I ma so glad I purchased it.
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on 31 March 2016
Classic Ghibli styling. The animation is typically wonderful as the storyline is typically floaty - just what we want: not knowing where we'll end up with plenty of surprises in the meantime. The characters are endearing and one cares what happens to them. This film made me love egg and bacon even more, and made me very hungry, for more Ghibli films, as well as for more fried breakfasts!
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on 11 November 2017
What an amazing film with some of the best art within an animation i have ever seen,great voice actors and its just a great cosy film for all ages
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on 30 September 2012
I watched this film before reading the original book, and now that I have done both i must say I much preferred the film. Although the book is wonderful, the way the world of 'Howls Moving Castle' is portrayed in this beautiful animation is so much better.

in a way I find anime films comforting as they have the perfect amount of beauty, fantasy, childlike imagination, intriguing story and of course breathtaking artwork and music. I definitely found that 'Howl's Moving Castle' had this in abundance.

The main character is Sophie, a lovely girl who gets taken for granted by her step mother. One day Sophie unintentionally annoys a witch and a curse is put on her which turns her into an old woman. Sophie is thrust into a world she has never known, and with her new found age comes a certain level of confidence. She no longer cares what people think of her so much, and forgets to be scared of the wizard Howl who lives in a moving castle. In fact she pushes her way into his household like only an old nosey woman can.

With entrance into his magic home Sophie meets new people and finds she is pulled into Howls magical battles.

My favourite character in this film apart from Sophie who i think is best when she's an old woman and very funny. Is Calcifer, the magical flame that resides in Howls castle, he's very funny and endearing, and I must say when i watched the English dubbed version of the film Billy crystal who plays Calcifer makes the character even better.

All in all a must watch for anyone who just loves to be swept up in a magical tale.
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on 10 February 2016
Adapted from a children's book of the same name, Howl's Moving Castle is Studio Ghibli's love story. But rather than the female lead fretting at still being single at 16, this is about learning to love someone for the person inside. Visually this is another masterpiece. The castle itself is incredible to behold with it's door of many portals and cobbled together rooms. Whilst the characters and animation are both charmingly strange and realistic. Like the other films from Studio Ghibli, this makes you want to believe in true love and magic again.
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on 8 October 2013
My children, girl age 8, boy age 6, just love this film (with Ponyo and Princess Monoke). They had not seen any anime before these film but they are now among their favourites alongside more mainstream US brands. They do take a little getting used to and the stories/imagery are certainly quirky in the extreme at times but this makes them even more interesting I feel. In some ways they remind me of the old TinTin and Asterix books - not to everyone's taste but if you bear with them you become a true fan.
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on 13 April 2016
What a truly exquisitely crafted tale, such an amazing classic from Ghibli, you really fall in love with the characters and the audience is taken through lots of exciting cliffhangers as Howl and Sophie's love blossoms. There are also a suitable number of refreshing and humerous points from Calcifer, the fire demon.
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on 28 June 2015
A visual delight, as with all Hayao Miyasaki's films. Though the story line is very different from the book, it grows on you with each viewing. There are some scary moments that may not suit very small or imaginative children. The twists in the tale make it more suitable for young teenagers who like animation...and very entertaining for adult Miyasaki fans.
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