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on 11 December 2011
My inner geek has thoroughly enjoyed using this gadget for making all kinds of labels for both my garden and office supplies.

Using the labeller

It's very portable and easy to use. Labels can be produced quickly without really needing to read the enclosed instruction leaflet as it's very much like using a calculator. However, if you want to make full use of the functionality available, then the leaflet is most useful. For example, gardeners may want to use italics and quote marks so their labels follow plant naming conventions.

Text entered and any setting adjustments are saved when the machine is switched off, so it's worth getting into the habit of resetting everything at the start of the next session. This is very easy to do, as is using the function keys to select fresh settings or using the special characters available. The back of the unit has a handy quick function key and shortcut reference label, so it's easy to quickly get to and adjust the particular settings you want.

Up to 9 labels can be stored in memory, which is particularly useful for producing name tapes without having to type them in time after time. I've been given a reel of the special iron-on tape available and I'm anticipating using this over the Christmas period to label some of my niece and nephew's new schoolwear. Note: there's lots of different types of tapes, plus a range of sizes and colours available.

How to ensure the tape lasts as long as possible

It's very easy to quickly use up the reel of tape provided with the machine and as replacements are relatively expensive to buy (as other reviewers have noted), I found several ways to conserve tape via a combination of:

1. adjusting text size and width
2. adjusting margin width (though unfortunately this only adjusts the margin on one side)
3. printing on 2 lines (only available with the larger sized tapes, which mine was)
4. using the repeat label (up to 9 at a time) or chain label (for different names) options
5. using the smallest label size setting (mini DVD) which restricts the maximum label width to 42mm (NB an error message appears if the text won't fit)
6. simply keying names one after the other with minimal spacing between them

If several of these options are used together, then the readability of the text on the label needs to be weighed up against the amount of tape saved. And if the last option is used, then I recommend using the preview function to make sure everything is spelled correctly!

Note: to see how much tape you have left, you need to take the back off the labeller and look in the little window in the tape cassette.

Things to watch out for when using

1. Batteries aren't included as standard and you'll need 6xAAA ones
2. when using the 2 line option, the space between the word at the end of line 1 and the beginning of line 2 can be omitted, otherwise the start of line 2 is indented
3. when using the chain print option, say yes to the tape feed option presented after the last label, otherwise it'll be cut in half. Say no to the tape feed option for your first label through to the penultimate one to minimise tape wastage
4. the error message explanatory text in the leaflet doesn't really explain how to correct the problem encountered. I found resetting the machine is usually the answer

Overall opinion

This is the kind of thing you might not see the need of because your usual label + pen/pencil approach usually works fine. But then when you get one, you fall in love with it. It would make the perfect Christmas present for a gadget loving gardener.

Small businesses will also find this a useful piece of kit, particularly if portability and/or label durability is important. Any community group or other society needing to label lots of items e.g. for plant sales will find a good use for it.
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on 5 December 2010
Good value, works perfectly, arrived on time. Unless you are labelling every item in a skyscraper you don't need anything more than this. Needs batteries of course (rather than rechargeable) but doesn't seem to consume them too fast. There is a useful function-shortcut reminder on the back of the device so it's easy to access functions like the memory (for storing frequently printed items like kids' names). My only caution is this - you can become obsessive about labelling. That way lies danger; you may get labelled a 'compulsive labeller.'
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on 16 March 2017
Useful tool
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on 21 March 2015
Item as described good delivery.
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on 9 May 2011
I purchased this to replace my elderly Brother label machine - it is better in every respect except that it insists on printing too much blank space before the lettering. You can adjust the margin but this only affects one side and the machine prints two dots to show you where to cut the tape with scissors to get equal margins - simply not good enough for users but probably rather nice for Brother as tape costs money! My old Brother printer and a Casio I wrecked by dropping it from a great height did not have this annoying feature.
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on 18 February 2012
Wasn't sure what tape(s) it would arrive with as pictures seemed to show pink and lime green. Actually came with a 12mm Black text on White tape, which was perfect for me.

Works beautifully. Creates clear labels, quickly and quietly. I love the ability to create two line labels too. Labels seem to stick very well.

It works so delightfully it's hard to resist labelling everything in the house.

As others have noted, there is about 25mm worth of lead tape for each new label if you set the margins to their narrowest, but this seems a very minor waste and certainly does not cause me any sort of problem.

Strongly recommended.
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on 9 April 2010
I really like this product. I use it for labelling dishes of soup and food that I have put in my freezer. I can put the date the food was made and what it is and I find the labeller really easy to use and freezer proof.
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on 17 July 2013
I needed a labeller for general use around the home and garden. This machine does the job very well and the machine itself is reasonably priced. However the tape is very expensive and worst of all about 50% of this expensive tape is wasted as the machine insists on leaving a long blank at beginning and end of each label. This is totally unnecessary and has to be cut off and binned. Obviously this is done to ensure people buy as much tape as possible - unworthy of such a company and will damage it's reputation with its customers.
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on 28 November 2009
Difficult to get too excited about a label printing machine, but this is easy to learn, easy to use, very portable and produces good quality labels of various sizes. There is a good variety of fonts and formats, and loads of special characters if you need that sort of thing. Overall strongly recommended.
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on 1 April 2011
A very good tool, used for labelling any thing from reminders of next service due on farm equipment to jam pots!
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