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Pet Trimmer Pocket Pro Black
Size: Black|Colour: Black|Change
Price:£9.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 18 August 2016
The product is probably ok for mentally stable pets, not so much for deranged Main Coons with attitude!

I bought this item as various comments had said that it was silent, although I noted one or two who disagreed. I disagree strongly, it sounds like it's powered by a loud angry moped engine. Perhaps I got the duff model, who knows.

Anyway, our Main Coon had been suffering from what can only be described as 'Star Trek Syndrome' . . . he had various sized 'clingons' hanging around his back end. We'd tried in with scissors and managed to keep them at bay, but we were hampered by the cats impatience each time. On a trip to the vets for a booster jab we decided to have his back end shaved. It can't be pleasant having someone mow your rear end but they did manage it. It took four of them to hold him whilst they passed the trimmer to each other to clear a patch around the cats exit.

Not wanting to spend further cash on vets and hoping it would ease the Main Coons stress we purchased these clippers.

Two of us excitedly got the little things buzzing away and got hold of said mental moggy. He was ok at first but must have had flashbacks to his back passage being trimmed and he quickly flew into a panic. Almost 2 stone of extremely large Main Coon cat is difficult to keep hold of. He managed to escape half way through the trimming session and completed several laps of the 'wall of death' around the living room.

I ended up with an almost broken wrist, various cuts and bruises and serious frustration. My other half ended up with a forearm that looked like I'd attacked her with a cheese grater and a clump of her own hair missing. Somehow in the struggle for arse protection the cat had managed to divert the trimmers!

The cat . . . no bum hair clipped with this thing. It does make a loud scary noise though that could come in useful as a threat if he gets out of hand.
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on 6 August 2017
I'm so impressed by this trimmer! I normally trim the hair in between my Cockapoo's pads with round ended paw scissors but I didn't feel like it was getting rid of enough. My dog doesn't like his paws or nails being trimmed but he let me trim with these clippers without much protest! I was able to do in between the pads and around his paws, which makes it easier to see and trim his black nails.

The machine is battery operated and fits easily in my small hands. It has a rocker switch which you have to keep pressed down manually - that takes getting used to but it means it's quick to turn off if your dog moves. The trimmer kind of slows down if you press too hard so stops you hurting sensitive pads.

I'd definitely recommend this trimmer and now my boy isn't panting as much and I think that's because his pads are cooler!
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on 19 April 2016
My dog (a jackapoo, beginning to resemble hairy maclary at the time) was in dire need of a makeover for comfort and hygiene. He hates the groomers and it has basically resulted in bad experiences for him, a lot of expense for me and fairly disappointing results all result. So I decided to have a go. Having bought some clippers I read several “how to” guides that included a trimmer on the “must have” list of tools and accessories, so I plumped for these.

The frequency of the noise from this trimmer bothered my dog more than that coming from the mains powered Wahl multi clipper. Resultantly, it was harder to user, despite its small size and lack of cord. The cutting power of the blades also failed to impress. They’re certainly not useless, but I didn’t find them useful in my task. In the end, I put this to one side and relied solely on the clippers, with a guide comb attached, and scissors to finish off. I regret buying the trimmer and wish I’d saved a few pounds (on the plus side it was only a few pounds). My advice, for novices, would be to try clipping or cutting before going for a trimmer as you may not need it. For those that decide they do, it may serve you well to invest in a slightly better model.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 May 2016
This is a very good little trimmer. It cuts close so l will use it to trim my dogs feet. He is a larger Yorkshire Terrier. His coat is silky and grows quite long. I always cut it quite short when the warm weather arrives. Hairy dogs suffer in the heat. He is an unusual dog with a mass of wavy blonde hair. Just like me. They say dogs look like their owners. I first tried to use the trimmer on his tummy and he started to resemble a "Skin-head". Much to his disgust. He looked at me with a sad expression and his always wagging tail, yes they have tails now.,went down between his legs. So I decided to finish the task using scissors. He looked good when l had finished. I managed to remove up to half a plastic shopping bag with disguarded hair. I recommend theis cutter for trimming between nails or tails etc. They are good value for money. Delivery was prompt as usual. They are quite well made and are easy to handle. They come with two attachments for the teeth. Both cut short. A small oil. Which has to be used beforehand on the teeth. Not yours, the cutters. A small brush for cleaning the fur between the teeth after use. A switch on and off on the underside. Wall is one of my he best trimmers you can buy.
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on 8 July 2016
Brilliant for my big fluffy maine coon who hates being groomed. He often develops matts and this has been invaluable to keep his coat under control. It's extremely quiet, works efficiently and quickly, and my cat seems almost calmed by it's gentle buzz. Very happy that my cat is happy with it.
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on 23 July 2014
The motor on these is similar but weaker than my own stubble shaver. For 2 strokes it'll melt through fur like butter... only, it then stops working like that. It sounds like normal but will cut almost nothing. Something warms up and stops working so well. I've tried oiling it. cleaning it, changing the battery. It just will not work after 1 or 2 strokes which is a real shame because for the first stroke it really is an amazing product, if only it kept that up!

I packed it up after arranging a return/refund with Amazon then thought I'd give it one last go, and once again for the first 2 strokes it worked! But then nothing, again. So I'm very sure something just isn't happy here, or it's made for the absolute lightest use you can imagine.
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on 9 September 2015
I've been a bit disappointed by this. The description states that it's silent but I think they must be having a laugh as it's actually louder than my electric toothbrush and even louder than the clippers I use to cut my husband's hair. I bought this in a bid to get my dogs paws tidied up quickly and stress free but unfortunately it's not worked and she hates it just as much as the other clippers so I'm back to using scissors again. When I have managed to clip anything off her it does seem that the blades are sharp - my dog has thick cocker spaniel hair and it's managed to cut of the odd chunk between barks.
All in all would be great if your dog is fine with clippers but if, like mine, they hate it don't buy this. The description is very misleading in this regard and should be changed.
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on 17 June 2014
I bought this product after seeing my vet use it to trim off fur to take a blood sample. She seemed quite happy with it so I decided if it was good enough for her it would be good enough for me.

I have a very heavy coated Border Collie who I usually trim on her legs and under carriage - great for the hot summer months, great to stop her getting clogged up with mud during the winter. Her coat is incredibly absorbent and difficult to keep tidy. I'd previously used scissors for this trimming but never felt entirely easy doing so, too easy to make a mistake.

I didn't want a heavy duty trimmer, nor one with the constraints of a lead. This has proved to be perfect for the job, it's also excellent at cutting through heavy matts. It's relatively quiet, my dog isn't in the slightest bit bothered by it, but then she's pretty bomb proof at the best of times :) It is important to oil it before and after use (as stated in the instructions), the battery it came with lasted quite a long time. You wont get hours of use out of the battery, and the only reason I've given 4 stars and not 5 is due to the fact that the replacement batteries I've used just don't seem to have the same punch as the original one (which I no longer have and have forgotten what type it was).

I've been using this trimmer now for several months, it's comfortable to hold and the switch is easy to operator. Another reviewer said they had to hold the switch down the whole time - I've not found that to be the case but you do have to be firm when switching it on.

If you are wanting to trim a dog all over then this is not the tool for you (it clearly states it's purpose on the packaging), but in addition to face trimming, I would recommend it for the use I'm putting it to, ie tidying up under the belly and the rear legs in order to cut down the amount of matts gathered.
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on 24 August 2016
Bought these clippers with the intention of using them to trim around my dog's face. He is not keen on having his face fur trimmed and I figured this might make the whole process quicker and easier for him than using scissors. However, these are not quiet. They are very loud and my dog will not let me anywhere near his face with them. Don't waste your money if you need a quiet product.
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on 9 December 2017
Useless. I had a Wahl small red one previously I got in Argos. Very similar in looks and size. The red one was very useful until the blade got blunt and since it seems that blades can be fairly expensive and because this one was prime delivery, I ordered this one. The one I received was not fit for purpose and I abandoned it after attempting to trim my dogs face and paws. My previous red one did this no bother and my dog had confidence with the red small clipper on his face etc. He is nervous with the larger clippers near his face. I have a Border Collie and his hair is kept short with clippers during the warm weather. This product is hopeless and the switch won't stay on, you have to hold it down. Wish I'd returned it and got a refund though I was working away from home and didn't have time to do that at the time. Waste of money.
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