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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Sharkoon 1337 Gaming Mouse Mat
Size: normal, Textiloberfläche|Change
Price:£10.85+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 14 January 2013
Upon arrival, I was taken aback by how thin it actually was. Of course, I had read the description beforehand, but didn't expect it to be as thin. Quality is very good, almost on par with the Razor mats I've used in the past. On the underside is a rubberised texture which is used to grip your desk - although it does tend to slip from time to time. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, especially at the price I paid for it as I know these can go into double digits.


*Excellent response from mouse. The top side is remarkable*
*Quite a large mat, which is what I needed so don't expect to run out of room*


*Underside could use more grip. Can slide a little, but that may have been my fault as I had polished the desk*


A good quality mat you will be happy with. I do feel the Razor mats are of higher quality (just) but then you end up paying a premium for them. If you have the cash, go for the Razor mats. If not - this will be more than sufficient.
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on 10 November 2013
I recently changed my keyboard and mouse so needed a mouse mat. Whilst looking through some gaming keyboards came across a gaming mouse and this wonderful flexy flat mouse mat that is 25x35.5cm and 1.1mm high. A large mouse mat but so versatile. It lies flat and does not creep and wipes clean when necessary. I find it comfortable to use with its smooth surface.

I am not a gamer however, the mat is in use almost every day - I like its large size. This means that your hand/wrist has no mat edges to contend with.

I am glad I bought it.
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on 6 July 2017
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on 2 October 2014
Washable and functional. I have a feeling that it will be discarded because I am tired of it rather than that it wears out!
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on 17 February 2013
Fairly sizeable, takes up a fair amount of space on my desk, but it's got a great feel to it. Now I just need to get used to using a mat without a wrist rest...
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on 3 October 2011
Whilst this mouse mat's appearance is as expected, after only one weeks use the edges have started fraying through absolutely normal use of the pad. Poor product design
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on 10 December 2012
Silly name aside, these seemed like a decent, affordable choice for a gaming mouse mat. It's well sized, though not especially large (it would be more useful if it were a little nearer to square). The logo is mercifully small, leaving a nice minimalist black mat with a very slender profile. This thinness of the mat is my favourite aspect, your arm glides over the seam without interuption, the surface is smooth and very fine, and the mat grips my laminate surface desk very well too. A very pleasant surprise was how the edges did not curl at all - it hugged the desk despite its svelte qualities.

However, now for the big down-side. As others have mentioned, the edge began to look a little ragged within one week of using this. While the top is not coming lose or anything, the black surface being constantly interrupted by white bits of a few millimetres around the edges the visual effect and make it look tatty. While this may be seen as nitpicking, my concern is that the wear will get worse over time, and perhaps not after not all that much use at all. While I am a fairly heavy PC user, one week of use with a long sleeved top is all it took to begin to remove the fresh edge from the bottom side and one of the corners.

Other than this caveat, this is a decent pad and well-priced - it will do what you want if you don't expect it to remain beautiful.

Edit: 1 month later - the edge wear has not gotten any worse.
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VINE VOICEon 21 May 2008
It seems odd to review a Mouse Mat, but this is exactly the product I was searching for, and I'm not a gamer.

You'd think in this age of optical mice, you wouldn't need a mouse mat. Mice don't have balls anymore, so you don't need a special surface for them to run on. True. But unless you have a very high quality, smooth desk, you might find that your optical mouse makes an unpleasant scratchy sound as you drag it around. You might find that your optical mouse has tracking issues on your desk, which cause your pointer to occasionally get stuck. You might also find that your optical mouse is wearing the surface of your desk away, producing a shiny spot.

So, with these issues, it would seem like a good idea to buy a mouse mat. Wouldn't it? It would. Problem is, the mats that most shops sell (such as Staples and PC World) are rubbish. They restrict your mouse movements to a tiny area, making you aware of "falling off the edge". They're thick, meaning your wrist cuts into the edge of them. They quite often don't actually stick to your desk, meaning they can drift around easily. Plus they come with horrible designs all over them.

This is where the Sharkoon 1337 Gaming Mat comes in. It's very large, bigger than A4, giving you a luxurious amount of space to move your mouse around on. It's extremely thin, meaning your wrist DOESN'T cut into the edge of it, because there is no discernible edge. It sticks and stays exactly where you put it. And it's completely plain black, except for a tolerable white Sharkoon logo.

So there it is, the Sharkoon 1337 Gaming Mat. A nicely designed product that actually addresses common issues, and deals with them.
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on 20 May 2013
I bought this mat half years ago, it was brilliant when I received; Sadly however it does not last long, the edge is fraying and it is getting worse and worse, nevertheless, the fraying edge is decomposing and giving some sort of dust.
Consider the low price and how well it was in the first month, it worth 2 stars.
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on 2 February 2013
I mostly use my laptop on a wooden tray, and the space for the mouse is very small, which causes me to lift my mouse up from time to time. So one of the main reasons I enjoy using a mouse mat is to avoid hearing the "clunk... clunk" of me putting the mouse back down again. I also wanted one to help with the accuracy and comfort factors, and boy, does this one deliver.

It is PERFECT for what I wanted. It's very skinny, so the excess fits under my laptop without lifting it up or blocking the air circulation - it's about the same thickness as a piece of thin, supple leather (1-2mm). The fabric is an extremely fine weave which is comfortable on my fingers, and there's the slightest sheen to which my mouse seems to respond well. (I have a Logitech M505 laser mouse and do some photoshop work; I have had total accuracy with this mat & mouse combination).

I've been using daily it for a couple of months now, and there is a small area where the fabric looks slightly more matte, but the performance is the exact same. The mat hasn't buckled in any way (one of the user-submitted photos looks buckled, but that was not my experience). I love the design, and that the logo is subtle - it's hidden under my laptop, either way.

I read so many reviews before finally settling on this mat, and I'm so glad that my research paid off. It can be especially difficult to buy stuff like this online, since they're things that are usually best handled in shops, but the other reviews really helped me out.

Oh, and the packaging is *beautiful*. You wouldn't think it would be a big deal, but I really had the sensation of handling a quality product from the second I opened the box.
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