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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 January 2012
This amp was bought primarily as a keyboard amplifier to complement my Yamaha PSRE423, mainly at home in my bedroom studio but occasionally for performing. I was immediately impressed by the well finished, solid structure of the amp, with 'carpet' covering. It looks and feels very professional. The sound is great too with its 12" driver and horn, more than adequate for my needs.

The graphic equalizer provides more tone variation than the usual bass, middle, treble and the effects (FX), while not extensive, cover the basics very well with a good reverb amongst them. Another advantage is that this really has a PA mixer built in and you can set the FX level independently for each of the 4 inputs. The fact that channel 1 has an XLR mic input is great in making this a self contained entertainment package although the phantom voltage is only 15v if you are using a condenser mic rather than the full 48v that some require. No problem if you are using a dynamic mic however, like my Shure PG58.

I've looked at other similar amps that cost a lot more and I must say I don't think they do any better. This amp represents great value for money and has led me to take a second look at Behringer amps for other uses. I already use a few of their accessories (headphone amp, cable tester, simple small line mixer) and have found their quality consistently good.

The one word of caution about Behringer amps though is their power rating. Although classed as 180 watts, I can't believe this is an RMS rating. I suspect it is more like a peak power rating as the sound output is probably a bit less that a Fender 100 watt lead amp I also own. The specification does not state the measurement used. Given, however, that I am using their amps alongside other 100 watt RMS equipment with a feed to the PA mixer desk, this is not a major issue for me. Indeed I could have bought the next model up with a Behringer rating of 300 watts for a few tens of pounds extra if I had been really concerned.

I do wonder though why Behringer seem to be inflating the rating somewhat. Perhaps they just felt that, while amplifying the sound, they could amplify the spec as well.

Still good value nonetheless, as the price is very reasonable even with that caveat.
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on 3 March 2013
...I'm buying another one. This looks quality. It has a very attractive finish, like black carpet all around the cabinet. It's feature packed with a seven band equalizer and 100 digital FX including reverberation and echo delay to name a few. It is primarily a P.A and keyboard amplifier. The four input have left and right 1/4 inch jack sockets although this is a mono amplifier, it has a stereo link socket again 1/4 inch jack which allows you to "link" this amplifier to another amplifier to attain a true stereo image. I'm using it with my Roland Juno Stage synth. The sound, to my ears is excellent and will be even better after I've purchased the second one for stereo reproduction. There has been questions raised concerning the output wattage of this amplifier. I can say for sure that the 180 watts advertised is certainly NOT a RMS rating. For the layman; RMS is a mathematical equation that stands for "root mean square". It is the only true way of evaluating an amplifiers performance power. It's like an oscillator in a keyboard playing a note like a sine wave (without any form of modulation). The waveform will have a constant pitch and volume. PMPO (Peak Music Power Output) is another way manufacturers rate their product because the wattage rating is higher and it looks good for the punters. The big but is, when music "peaks" at a high volume, it induces harmonic distortion and other nasties. If an amplifier is rated at say 100 watts RMS, the prospective purchases knows he can get 100 watts before any noticeable distortion kicks in. Also watts do not necessarily mean higher volume levels; a 4 ohm speaker on a similar amp will give a higher volume than a 8 ohm speaker will at the cost of strain on the output transistors of the amplifier.

For the price IMHO I think this amp is a bargain. It looks good, performs good and is worth 5 stars. It may not suit everyones' needs but for me, it's a gem.
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on 24 August 2012
First off this is NOT a 180 Watt amp and quite honestly can't see why a big company like Behringer would not state the real Watts (45 RMS) ?!! at least state 180 W peak power or AMPO.

I have received a refund but what a waste of time, energy and transport fuel!

A really nice amp with a nice EQ and effects unit, very sturdy design and good looking. The sound was cutting it well in my bedroom with the highs and lows well matched, the treble from the horn was really pleasing.

I had chance to test that anti-feedback EQ and found it very impressive! the leds in the EQ faders glow and fade depending on the feedback frequency so you can see the problem even in the middle of a high volume jam mayhem, very nice.

Im giving it 4 stars despite the wattage issue as i would have kept this but i know it would not cut it at a loud gig. Other reviews around the net have said the amp is prone to blowing, maybe because the user thinks its a 180 wat amp !

If you need a good sounding keyboard amp for a good price then 45 Wats, 12 inch nice speaker , treble horn, EQ, 4 channels is for you.

Top service from Amazon supplying and returns. I caused a mix up on the returns incorrectly booking a time then cancelling! Yodel and Amazon did well :)
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on 19 February 2012
I bought this for someone else who plays Keyboards in an Elvis tribute band, he plays keyboards thats what this amp is meant for.
He used the amp last week for the first time and was very happy with it, you couldn't get an amp of this quality and price anywhere. the picture of this amp on Amazon is not very flattering, but it has got some amazing features.
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on 7 September 2013
My amp has just given up the ghost after a relatively short period of time; about 3 years. The price is good, but beware: the electronics are solid state and cannot be easily repaired. When my Behringer developed a pronounced crackle, it has proved uneconomic to repair. The 180W output is, as others have stated, fallacious. It's a shame because having good on-board effects and a balanced line mic input to boot, it would seem a good solo musician choice for gigs.
Amazon's price is good (my favourite big German company(!) charges more) and I daresay I may have been unlucky. However, I shall look at other products for my next choice. C'est la vie.
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on 6 June 2013
This is an excellent quality amp which is extremely versatile. Not only has it got great sound quality and power for keyboards but with the graphic equaliser in use, you can tweak the sound for other instruments and vocals using the 4 input channels available. Very neat design and great value for money.
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on 7 September 2013
I have had one for sometime now and needed a nother p/a amp, so I chose this from my experience with the other one.
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on 9 March 2013
Ez a cucc tényleg nagyon király. Az én otthoni zenélésemhez tökéletesen megfelelő. Eddig legalábbis nem volt vele gondom, teljesen kifogástalanul működik a mai napig. Mindenkinek nyugodt szívvel ajánlom!
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on 6 March 2015
Too much white noise
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on 13 October 2014
great amp and great service
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