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on 8 January 2008
I gave this game to my friend for christmas.
We played it for about 6 hours and got a disk read error.
We took the cd out of console and realised it hade huge cracks coming out of the inside of the disk.
I have to say Amazon treated this situation fantastically and sent me a replacement and apology immediatly. However recieved the new disk opened it, looked at the disk and there was a huge gauge in the disk. I could not believe it as we really wanted to play it again. After speaking to a friend at work he told me about the collectors edition having many problems with scrathced disks.

After telling amazon about my replacement they sent me an email saying they sincerly appologise and the following:

"It seems that this problem is more widespread than we originally thought, so we are unable to send another replacement. We will investigate the matter and try to remedy the situation; however, we cannot guarantee when the error will be fixed."

It is a fantastic game and i really stress how great it is. But it is not worth the hassle of the poor quality disks being sent. I stress it is not amazon's fault they are fantastic customer service. I reccomend you buy the original halo 3. Amazon 5 stars Collectors Edition 1 star Halo 3 5 star!
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on 6 October 2007
In truth I went into this game with a little apprehension. And apprehension based on the fact that bungie may have spoiled such a hyped up game and so far great series. WELL THEY HAVEN'T! The game is brilliant, truly, brilliant. Visually it is stunning (especially if you own a HDTV) and the gameplay is just bang, bang, bang! Literally.
I think it is a good thing that Bungie have kept the campaign side of the game short and very sweet as it puts forward the best element of this game which is the online play.
In fact why am I sitting on my comp writing a review, I'm off to play

Buy and enjoy this game!
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on 24 November 2007
This is a great game without a doubt, not as long as halo 2 and not quite as epic in feel, but none the less a really good game. The new vehicles are good, the graphics are very smart and the online features will keep you hooked long after you finish the game.

Now if you like halo you are going to buy this game regardless of what I say, hence the short review, but I have a word of warning about this particular edition. I have gone through 2....yes 2!! copies of the collectors edition. The first arrived with a crack through the game disk and second only plays if you polish the disk for 10 minutes and even then its hit and miss. The problem is the cheap plastic spindles that hold the disk in the box, or rather don't hold the disk in the box. If your disk arrives loose I suggest you use an empty cd case to store the game as trying to put it back on the spindle may split the disk, also it will only work it's free and get scratched anyway. I have since managed to get myself a copy of the legendary edition which uses traditional dvd cases. I recommend the legendary if you want a collectors piece that lasts, that is if you can find one that isn't being scalped on ebay for £150. Basically the collectors edition looks great but is highly flawed and may see you returning the game before you've even played it.
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VINE VOICEon 3 October 2007
This final part in the trilogy is THE game that every Xbox 360 owner has been waiting for for the past 2 years. Anyone who has played a Halo game in the past will know what to expect here with 'Halo 3', only this time there are more weapons, more vehicles, more enemies and bigger missions and maps.

The single player campaign is fairly easy to complete on the easiest setting so it is well worth ramping up the difficulty settings a bit. In addition to this, the fantastic split-screen co-op mode returns allowing 2 - 4 players to simultaneously play through the campaign. There are also tonnes of different multiplayer deathmatches that can be played either on or off-line, which gives the game a lot more lastability long after you have completed the main game.

The graphics are some of the best yet on the 360 and are almost movie quality with massive backgrounds and ships flying past all the time and the attention to detail is unbeatable. The sound however isn't great as the music can be a little too loud in the cut-scenes, stopping you from hearing key information in the dialogue, which is at a slightly lower volume.

Overall this is definitely the best game so far on the Xbox 360 so far and is one that will be very hard to better. Any fan of Halo or the first person shooter genre should check this game out immediately as it doesn't get any better than this. Highly recommended.
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on 29 September 2007
It seems, finally, that Bungie have cracked it.

Halo, released in 2001, was an excellent game worthy of the flagship game status when Microsoft unveiled the original Xbox. It was released to great reception worldwide and broke sales records. Its ambition and scope proved a mesmerizing and ultimately fulfilling experience. Halo 2 was not as good, the game was rushed out and as a result gameplay suffered accordingly, with ridiculous reports of graphical textures loading up often as much as ten seconds out of sync with the foreground, sound glitches, and a whole array of problems and disappointments that would not have happened had the whole affair not been rushed.

Halo 3 loomed up on me almost quietly, but Bungie have been hard at work. Apart from developing the most extravagant limited and legendary edition boxes, they have actually made another brilliant game.

The immediate difference is in the graphics, which are razor-sharp and run like liquid. The explosions and special effects are very impressive (try and pause the game mid-explosion and you'll see just how much work has gone into this) and the sound is also improved. Thank God for pixel shading too, because the game engine also makes brilliant use of this.

Gameplay has been optimally tweaked throughout, too. We have a small warthog-like quad called a mongoose and there are a couple of new Covenant vehicles, including the crazy lawnmower that is the "Chopper". All the old weapons are still here, with a couple of brute additions. A touch I really liked was the ability to prize a selection of tripod guns off their mountings and run with them into a battle scene. It really does give a great sense of satisfaction. The levels are all quite epic too, I felt in Halo 2 and indeed in some areas of Halo the level designers lost the plot a bit, but they seem to have got their fingers out.

Multiplayer is still great. I miss the map called Blood Lust / Coagulation but hopefully this will be available for download shortly. The new type of grenades make for excellent 4-player skirmishes and I was astounded as to how little the graphics actually suffer during split screen play. What the game needed this time round was some bot support for split screen mode, but I suppose this is not the end of the world. Unfortunately I cannot comment on online performance because I do not have Xbox live.

Overall, probably the most all-rounded and well polished Halo game yet. An excellent and engrossing single player experience which is backed up by a good storyline, great effects, superb cinematics and dramatics, and very, very solid multiplayer which is very easy to tweak and customise. The result is a game which will be played constantly for years to come.

Buy it.
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on 5 October 2007
Being the overjoyed new owner of an Elite 360 system, I decided to jump on the hype bandwangon and got myself Halo 3. As the difference in price isn't all that much, decided upon this edition.

My advice for all is to open it up immediatly and check if the Game Disk is scratched and dirty. My first purchase was so and I needed it replaced. Open it in the store where you buy it, but if you do so through Amazon, make sure to email the support team and ask for a replacement. Apparentely a batch of disks - only for the limited edition (legendary and "normal" have no reports of damaged game disks so far) - have this problem. Someone in quality control was sleeping in China when these boxes went through. As removing a star from the game is unfair due to this manufacture mistake (not Bungie's fault), I still was eager to see if this game was a life changer for me.

After this first hiccup, I, profound ignorant of FPS - having only played the demo of Bioshock (and loved it, but the game is ordered and on its way) - took the controls and went for the kills.

Being a noob (idiot), I started on Easy Mode. First two levels were a breeze, and actual quite fun. Its not God's gift to HD gaming (as it happens, its 640p so its not even HD) but it does look good. If you have a big screen like I do, with good sound, it looks good AND sounds amazing. Great soundtrack, and fantastic ambiance. Then the third level kicks in and the crap hits the fan.

Riding vehicles in Halo 3 is bad. No, its not bad, its terrible. If you leave it to your allies' AI (playing solo, like I was), your vehicle goes crashing all over the place. You HAVE to take controls of the vehicles (thankfully you can), but still, you see the problem. They are not manouverable, even with your deepeest efforts. Its like your grandfather driving a F1 car through rain after half a bottle of whisky. its worse, actually. One star removed from the temptive 5 star maximum, then.

Unfortunately, these levels are forced upon you throughout the game. Halo 3 does change my prespective on FPS's, somewhat, but it only marginally does so. If you, like me, have no will to go multiplayer, then its minus another star to this review, to boot.

That leaves a 3 star game, at best: for this asking price, if you want to go FPS for once in your gaming life, I suggest trying out Bioshock first.
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on 22 January 2016
I ordered this to add to my collection as I wanted a limited edition version of a game I played when it first came out and loved. However when i arrived I was shocked to see that it was a version from a different country and the front of the box had writing in a different language. Inside the box was much the same. Very disappointed as it looks out of place in my collection.
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on 27 September 2007
I spent around 4 hours playing it yesterday and it is an awesome game. When I played Halo 2 I started wandering how can Bungee make it better but they did. Graphics are absolutely fantastic. Your enemy doesn't blindly charge at you either, they are much more clever now. They know how to hide, deploy shields when being shot at etc. I do not want to rush through it, I want to play it slowly and see everything. Grunts are hilarious coming up with lines like 'he is going to kill us all','I didn't sign up for this','he was my best friend', etc. I have seen the guide that comes with it and haven't driven any vehicles yet but from what I have seen so far I must say that I am well impressed. Master Chief also has new weapons and skills but I will not talk about it now so that people can find out for themselves. Can't wait to see the rest of it.
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on 11 October 2008
I wasnt disapointed. Admitedly i think the Campaign could have been a lot longer, considering Halo 2 was amazingly long. With only about 9 levels the campaign was Ok, but i completed it in about 2 days. (Excluding when I went away for a week.) The multiplayer is great fun with a couple of mates, especially over XBL. Now on to XBL. It's great fun but this morning I was playing a match on social skirmish and the lag was amazing.
I mean seriously i couldnt even capture any flags. (Capture the flag game.) It's great fun normally but I just quit early because of the lag. Overall I advise you to buy this game or at the least, rent it. Custom games is fun with all the variants. XBL is amazing (excluding the lag), and the campaign was Ok. 4/5 from me.
Well I hope you found this review helpfull.
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on 1 March 2008
I was a massive fan of Halo and Halo2 and was looking forward to this game. Before I played it however, I was told;

it wasn't as good as halo2,
The single player game was too short,
the graphics were not as good.

TO my joy, i found ALL of these to be completely false! The single player game is amazing. They have added in a few nice weapons, new enemys and new vehicles to make it even better. They have not changed the game play too much to make it worse. It's still great.

This game is a must have if you enjoyed halo before. If you like first person shooters, then you have to get this game.

I've finalyl completed the single player game, but the fun doesnt stop there. online playing is just fantastic. there is so much to do. It's a great game.
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