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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2006
After having released the 1980-1990 & 1990-2000 Best Of Compilations, it seemed logical that the next U2 compilation would be a 2000-2010 compilation. Apparently, U2 no longer have such patience and have delivered this single disk career overview just in time for Christmas.

This is a pattern that has increasingly been developing by U2, i.e. releasing recycled material of sorts between each new release. We've had this decade alone 3 concert DVD's (plus Zoo TV re-released) and the 1990-2000 CD & DVD compilation.

On the plus side, at least for the very casual fan, all the biggies are included on this set. For those who have been Following U2 for ages, it is highly unlikely that such fans will have any Desire listening to Pride One more time (included on all of the concert DVD's). Granted, there are 2 new tracks included but the average price for each new song for those who own U2's previous material, probably in many shapes, is steep.

The song selection is, as a set for casual listeners, as close to perfect as possible. U2 have e.g. skipped all the songs from the Pop flop; as are Zooropa and the first two albums (one hidden track though Follows). 2 UK #1's, The Fly and Discothéque are also nowhere to be found here, indicating that the songs are chosen by their world wide success. There are obvious misses, such as City of Blinding Lights, Numb and Angel of Harlem, but which songs to replace them with would be a difficult task.

U2 fans probably will, with a slight grumble, purchase this set en masse. With the entire catalogue yet to be re-released, however, patience with their recycling efforts may begin wearing thin if this process continues.

I would give this set 5 stars for the songs themselves, they do stand the test of time (having heard many of them so often, I hardly will listen a whole lot to this set). There are, however, only a couple of stars given to the 18 release itself, due to U2's abnormal recycling efforts, which should be concentrated more on earth's resources, not their back catalogue.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 April 2013
I had always been a causal fan of U2, and I know that it is those kinds of people of whom compilations such as this aimed at. I decided to look deeper into their music and bought this greatest hits CD from 2006, which, despite the name, actually has 19 tracks on it, not 18. As I started hearing more and more of the songs on here, I became a much bigger fan.

If you don't already own an U2 album, then this is a fantastic introduction to the band. It had all the tracks that I already knew and so many more. No fillers, just big hits and great music. My personal three favourites are the beautiful 'With or Without You', a timeless song which will always remain relevant, the uplifting 'Beautiful Day', and catchy anti-war protest song 'Sunday Bloody Sunday',

This release subsequently encouraged me to seek out a good number of U2's studio albums, and I feel it will have the same impact on other people who wish to hear these guys' deeper cuts. Ultimately though, this is a great way for a newbie fan to become familiar with their music, and for bigger fans and collectors to have many of their favourite hits in one place.
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on 16 February 2007
This compilation is really what people like me have been looking for - non-fans who have heard the singles, like them and want them on one easy to digest CD. This also serves as a great introduction and my surprise love of the single "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" has led me to purchase the Atomic Bomb CD.It seems rock bands can get better with age! Don't knock this CD - it does precisely what it was intended to do - expose the band to a new generation of fans. So what if some hardcore fan's favourite songs aren't on it - the people who buy this CD won't want to hear those initially. If it does for others what it has done for me, then the fans should be thanking it. I always recall the flack The Best of Bob Dylan got (a similar "slimline hits only" collection) - but a colleague of mine only had to hear "Tangled Up In Blue" once from that particular CD and almost immediately amassed a 20-strong Dylan CD collection! A thrilling listen from start to finish and a couple of very good new tracks to boot.
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on 15 November 2006
It should have been so simple - U2 put out a collection of all their singles on one compilation. But as with the previous 2 collections (covering the 80s and 90s) there's some significant ommisions. I know it's impossible to put all their singles on one CD, but this compilation is being mis-sold as having "all the hits on one album". If that's the case then where are hits such as The Fly, Unforgettable Fire, Wild Horses, Discotheque, Fire... I could go on.

And when are they going to put genuine hard to find singles like A Celebration on an anthology?!

Great songs - shoddy compilation.
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on 7 December 2006
It must have taken unusual gall, even for record company marketeers, to claim in magazine ads that this CD contains 'all the hits'. It's not a verbal sleight of hand, not an evasion - it's the purest of fibs. A good two fistfuls of top ten singles are missing, including two Number 1s ('The Fly', 'Discotheque').

Most of the songs from this decade confirm that U2 are, creatively if not commercially, a spent force. The clodhopping 'Stuck in a Moment' and the hooting vacuity of 'Elevation' are the band at their very worst. There's nothing at all here from 1997's *Pop*, perhaps the last time they were interesting (listen to 'Please' and 'Wake Up Dead Man' again). Even one of the few highlights since then, 'Electrical Storm', is nowhere to be seen.

I just cannot imagine who would want this CD. It exists purely to prey upon the most exhausted and uninspired of present-buyers - honestly, nobody will thank you for giving them this.
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on 13 November 2006
Don't get me wrong - all of these tracks are fantastic. each deserves 5 stars. However....

I have been a fan for years and have seen them in concert many times. Each new Album - I get my hard earned cash out and donate to the U2 coffers. Happily. Historically the study albums have all been great. You know what, I even liked bits of Pop. But this is an embarassment. After 2 'Greatest Hits' albums - to come out with ANOTHER stripped down version of the first 2, smacks of creative stagnation. Sure - the album has 2 new tracks on it. But one of the tracks is a cover. Which you did with Green Day. Presumeably so that you continue to look 'hip'. This is the most unworthy piece of marketing trash to date and is clearly targetted at the yummy mummy end of the market who buy one CD a year for dinner parties. Come on guys - no more sponsoring iPods and undermining your principles. Do one more worthy album for the fans, and then if you must, retire to Dalkey. You're not short of cash. Think of your legacy.

Still love you guys - but this is a cynical. And you know what's really sad. I'll probably buy it anyway for the 2 new singles and then spend months feeling robbed for paying £6 a track for the new stuff.
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on 22 November 2006
Having been a fan since the release of Boy U2 always impressed me with their integrity. However, I wasn't particularly bothered when they brought out the Best of 80-90 and Best of 90-2000 compilations as the "special edition" versions of these albums contained some interesting mixes etc,. This half arsed U218 effort at a singles compilation is appalling. The U2 website calls it a "career spanning" collection yet singles (by the way Sunday Bloody Sunday was never released as a 7" single) from the albums Boy, October, Pop and Zooropa have been omitted along with such classics as Hold me Thrill me..., A Celebration and Electrical Storm. Presumably there is a market for this kind of compilation but even a person with a passing interest in the band will have a fair bit of this material in other formats already which leaves me wondering who would want to fork out for it all over again even if it does contain a couple of new tracks one being a cover version? Save your money and avoid this rip off - or if you must, you're better off buying a couple of U2 albums from the mid-price range. NB: itunes will only allow you download the two new songs if you download the whole album so U2 are not the only ones in on this disgraceful cash in.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 October 2013
Okay, I'll admit I'm not a diehard U2 fan, so the reservations some reviewers have about this collection doesn't bother me. I'm happy with what I get here: 18 singles, including the epic 'One', my personal favourite, all in very good, warm quality sound.

In addition, the insert booklet features photos of the band showing their development from fresh-faced young guys, and you can also trace their music development as you listen, and (most wonderful of all) follow the lyrics, as these are given for each song.

One reviewer compares this collection to a Dylan selection, but Sony are too lazy to include lyrics, so well done Universal Island!
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on 13 November 2006
As a hardcore fan I do somewhat agree with the other review. This album is not essential for those of us who own all the albums, including the previous 2 "best of's". Despite the fact there are 2 new songs, both of these are going to be available as singles. However, if you are a 'must own everything U2' type of person, look for the special edition of this album as it comes with a DVD of live performances spanning their career.

However, if you are a casual fan or just getting into U2 and you don't have some of their albums, then this is an essential album at a great price. Many of these songs simply deserve to be a part of everyones music collection. The only down side I can see, is the lack of ANY tracks from either Zooropa or Pop, which although disliked by many, hold some of the bands most adventurous and creative songs, such as Lemon or Mofo. Lets not forget memorable soundtrack titles either; Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me or The Hands that built America. These tracks are also omitted.

Despite the omission of some of my personal favourites, it is impossible to say that this album is not worth buying. To put it simply, if you own all the songs buy the special edition for new content, if you are new to U2 buy this and play it really loud.
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on 27 November 2006
I spotted this album in my local music store this morning, and from the cover shot I expected a decent collection of early singles -- Another Day, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, Fire, A Celebration etc.

Instead we're treated to an entirely pointless 'Best Of', adding nothing other than a couple of new tracks which are available single-shaped anyway.

We're used to bands long past their sell-by date like ELO and The Eagles churning out endless compilations of the same old hits, but U2 are (or at least were) still a musical force to be reckoned with, and there's absolutely no excuse for this lazy offering.

W've been treated to news stories of the band going to court to retreive a twenty year old hat -- now they're trying to flog us their overcooked back catalogue -- again.

How about (radical idea) a collection of rarities & B-sides,live offering or even something eccentric like the band choosing their personal favourite album tracks?

In fact pretty much anything but this 'aimed at nobody' offering.

Sorry lads but I won't be purchasing.
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