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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Format: HD DVD|Change
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on 6 June 2017
Fantastic movie. So much lighter than Man of Steel! Brandon is an excellent Superman, would have loved to see a sequel and where the characters would have gone etc especially with the likelihood of a superman baby!
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on 26 June 2017
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on 8 August 2017
I'm really satisfied and meet my expectation of this item. The condition of the disc and its casing is very in good condition. It looks in new condition although the release date was about ten years ago.
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on 11 August 2017
Very good
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on 17 April 2009
There are a few small faults with this movie the makers haven't look at the fourth film correctly.

This film tells the story of Superman returning to Earth after leaving to see if Krypton his home planet had reformed.

Back on Earth Lois Lane has moved on she has a son and boyfriend and has written a story why The World doesn't need Superman Superman and Clark Kent returns to The Daliy Planet and is given his job back Clark soon sees Superman is needed and flys back into action.

His arch enemy Lex Luthor is out of jail and back to his evil ways and has a new evil plan and a way to kill Superman.

Can Superman stop his old foe once again this movie tells you I must say it's not as good as the oringinal four but worth a watch.
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VINE VOICEon 28 July 2007
In the recent run of comic book to movie makeovers I dare say Superman Returns was the hardest of the lot. The burgeoning legacy left behind by Chris Reeve and Gene Hackman must have loomed large over the creation of this movie so to be honest comparing the old cast to the new one is unfair. For me this film is a triumph. If you can forget the atrocious Superman 4 and the out of place Superman 3, "Returns" is a fine follow on from Supes 2. After an absence of five years, in which time he discovers he really is the last Kryptonian, and coming back to good old planet Earth to find he maybe no longer appreciated Superman has every right to be introspective and brooding. This fits in well with the plot of the film as he struggles with his conscience and trying to decide whether to hang up his boots and cape. Luckily for everyone this is soon put to one side when the space shuttle comes close to disaster. Spaceys Luther I think is also needed to give a link back to the original movies, don't forget three of his greatest foes had been seemingly killed at the end of Superman 2, so bringing in some other super villain from the pages of the comic wasn't in my mind really going to work. The only departure which concerns me is the apparent superkid floating around.
Anyway, hopefully in the sequel (Please) we get to see an interesting antagonist for the Man Of Steel to wrestle with. Or maybe a couple. I am sure from now the sequels can only get even better.
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on 14 July 2010
This is not to advise you about the film (which isn't that good to be fair) it's to advise you to keep hold of the dvd release if you have it. Having brought the bluray I put it in and began to watch, the first thing I realised is that the sound was being transfered at a rate of 640kbps this is standard on a dvd (for example if you watch something like finding nemo on dvd which is in DTS Matrix 6.1 it transferers at 1.5Mbps linear pcm) which is more than double the quality of this crappy bluray release. The picture is just as poor and Transfers at the same rate as the dvd. I've kept my dvd version and gave the bluray to one of me mates as I just couldn't bring myself to have the bluray in my collection. The release is an embarrassment to the warner bros studio as it shows just how clueless the technical team is there.......do yourself a favor and wait for the re-release on bluray as it will be coming to replace this joke of an effort.
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on 25 April 2008
Superman Returns is a new sequel to the famous Chirsptor Reeve movies.

As the original actor now longer with and crippled at the and before this movie so we get a new actor as Superman.

There is only one bad thing about this movie, in Superman IV of the eariler film Clark loses both his adoptive parents but in this movie his Mum Martha Kent seems to have come back from the grave.

I wish film makers would do research on thier titles.

But on a whole this film is a great film to have to pass the time on a plane or car jounery over long distances.

And with the headphone socket on the PSP no problems with sound.
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The Man of Steel had vanished for five long years.

The world moved on.

So did the one person everyone thought never would: Lois Lane. She even wrote about it in a Pulitzer Prize-winning article entitled, “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman.”

But that’s not all that changed. Lex Luthor had swindled his way out of a double life-sentence with a new plan: create his own continent and wipe out all the others.

He just wasn’t prepared for one thing—Superman returns.

It’d been almost twenty years between Superman movies when this one came out, the last being Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Expectations were high, the hype was through the roof, a star director (Bryan Singer) was attached to it, huge names played some of the key roles . . .

The payoff: an embarrassing movie.

I remember feeling ashamed of my hero when I walked out of the theatre. Being a lifelong Superman fan, I thought Superman Returns would nail it and kick a certain red-and-blue wallcrawler off the box office charts.

I was wrong.

The story of Superman Returns is okay. It’s nothing new, pretty much a rehash of Superman: The Movie, just updated with a different spin.

There are also several terrible and nonsensical moments in the film: Superman’s son, Superman in the hospital, Superman lifting a massive island made of kryptonite and flying it into space even though just before that scene being around kryptonite made him virtually mortal.

It was tempting to give this movie two stars, but Brandon Routh’s portrayal of the Man of Steel saved the day. He did a stellar job as both Clark and Superman. Aside from Christopher Reeve, he’s my favorite boy in blue.

Kevin Spacey did an all right job as Lex Luthor—evil, funny, selfish, manipulative, king of understatement. But he wasn’t evil-evil, unlike Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville. Though I realize they’re different continuities/series, you’d think a grown-up Lex would be darker than his younger counterpart.

Warner Brothers et al. erred with this film because they didn’t remember the secret to Superman: people don’t want to relate to him. He’s an icon, an ideal. He’s not Spider-Man. We want to be amazed, put in a state of awe. People only want to relate to Clark Kent, not his cape-wearing alter ego. They blurred the line between the two when it should have been crisp and clear, and that is where this movie failed.

Hopefully the sequel will not be a drama, but a serious yet fun superhero movie, one filled with wonder, eye-popping action and a story worthy of the Man of Steel. I just hope they don’t use kryptonite as a weapon against Superman. If they do, they’re going to have to use a whole planet’s worth to make a dent seeing as how a kryptonite island didn’t stop him.
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on 29 March 2017
excellent service. happy 2 tumbs up !!
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