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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2014
This is a preposterous load of tosh, with Hugh Jackman as an IT expert being suborned by John Travolta to hack into hidden CIA cash reserves (for the best of reasons, obviously). The plot twists and turns, (is JT and bad guy? A good guy? A bad good guy? what?), Halle Berry is gorgeous as the cinematic eye candy, Hugh struggles to do what's right, and Vinnie Jones is utterly crap as a hard man (as usual...). If you like crime thrillers, you will love the roller coaster ride. A firm favourite - I've probably watched it into double figures by now.
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on 7 February 2013
Bags of action, this is an exciting film that held us all the way through. I bought this film for my son. And then bought a second copy for my own collection. Some may say the film is over the top, but surely that is what it's all about...sheer escapism. Like what we find in Bond films and the like.
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on 14 February 2002
Wow! what more can i say about swordfish to really sum up my feelings. This film has achieved what few other films have managed over previous years, it's high-octane, stunning hacker thriller. Not an easy job when all's said and done. Obviously some criticms can be levelled at swordfish, true, Halle Berry's topless scene adds little to the plot and the car chase is a bit unrealistic, but let's be honest, it wouldn't be a particularly good film if the lead characters got killed halfway through (except pulp fiction!), because that would bring something of a halt to the action dont you think? Once again, John Travolta clearly has great fun playing the villain and does a terrific job being dark, charismatic and a generally great character as Gabriel Shear. The film also has some stunning setpieces which include the opening 3-D matrix style explosion, and a final getaway scene that really is terrific! If you can ignore the little niggles that nitpickers have obviously spent hours looking for because they didn't like the film and had no excuse, then you can sit down and enjoy one of the most clever thrillers of recent years. This film won't disappoint.
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on 30 December 2011
A film that makes you change your regular Starbucks order whilst engageing with the new world order of terrorism and state funded counter terrorism - how bad can it be? Well neither good nor bad. Travolta is terrific - isnt he always - but the rest of the cast and the direction let the engageing plot down in a big way...
Good attempt - worth a watch - but could have been something...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 September 2008
This is a seriously flawed movie. It so wants to be cool, but misses the target by a long way. Sure its fits the critera of a high octane movie, but it has no soul. That said, for its time (2001) its not without intelligence. The concept of external non-government privately run organisations in the U.S. being involved in taking out terrorists etc is now a virtual fact (Blackwater).

Furthermore Travolta IS cool, especially in the riveting opening sequence. Halle Berry looks great and overall Hugh Jackman probably gives the best acting performance. But these plus points are spoilt by an over-reliance on car-chases, explosions and gun fights. This has all been done before and so much better, and with a lot more style. See Michael Mann's Heat for one.

Overall then its an average, but hugely overblown blockbuster. If you like that sort of thing thats fine, and if its cheap you'll probably buy it. I would rent first...
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on 6 December 2015
I watched this film once, and I loved it. It poses a very serious question as John Travolta's character asks Hugh Jackman's character, would he kill one innocent child in order to save millions of others? And it's something that if we personally were in that position, what would we do? That line is probably my favourite in the movie.
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on 27 May 2008
To say this movie came out 7 years ago, when blu-ray and HD was unheard of, this movie is AMAZING on Blu-Ray. I've always loved the film, but it has re-kindled my love for this classic. And I think that's what Blu-Ray is all about.

Get it. Watch it. Love it.
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on 22 December 2001
John Travolta stars in this film as the laid back ganstar type. Big cash, big cars, beautiful girls. But when he gets a hacker caught up in his work, the world spins out of control.
Travolta gets a role he finally fits well. After his recent 'successes' like Battlefield Earth, this gives people a chance to reflect what he can really do when given the right role.
The plot is a deep a intricate journey taking you on rolleroaster ride of women, guns and explosives. But despite what I make it out to be there is a very visable plot in there.
The action is all it is suppossed to be cracked up to be with scenes like Travolta riding a covertable with twin pistols leaning out of the window and making a mess of the clean streets.
Although some parts owe themselves to the Matrix (.i.e. the bullet time sequence used in the first five minutes) it is still an excellent film. A must for all action addicts.
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Ignore the negative reviews for this movie. It is much better than many of the critics would have you believe and [...] you could do far worse than to add this to your collection!
Unlike many other reviewers, I don't want to spoil this movie for you by telling you too much about the plot or describing in perfect detail some of the best scenes in the movie but what I will tell you is...
1) Yes, it's true, Dominic Sena's last directorial effort Gone In Sixty Seconds was a MAJOR dissapointment BUT SWORDFISH ISN'T!!! It's a good movie!
2) Travolta is reliably good
3) Halle Berry is very good
4) Don Cheadle is underused and
5) Hugh Jackman is a major star in the making.
6) The now infamous scene of Halle Berry topless was probably unnecessary and perhaps gratuitous (but hey, she's a good looking woman with a good body). Sorry, did I say good? I meant great...but if this is the only reason why you'd watch this movie, then you really do need to get a life.
7) This was one of the better films of the summer.
8) It is neither formulaic nor does it lack ambition. Unlike most movies of this genre it challenges it's audience to excercise the old grey matter and it's got a half-decent twist.
9) Vinnie Jones is undeniably rubbish. He has about two lines and unfortunately for him they are probably the two worst written in the whole movie.
Sure it has some faults, like did they run out of money for FX when they shot the scene of the bus landing on the roof? And the change of pace and edit from past events back to present was badly thought out and jarred a bit. BUT you know what? I liked this movie and the directorial set-piece that everybody wants to spoil for you by describing it to you in every detail is excellent. I only wish the moviemakers had been able to take that extra step and made a great rather than good movie. Buy some popcorn, kick back and enjoy this one on a Saturday night at home in front of the TV...
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on 28 April 2012
This is a very cool techno thriller with a stylish direction, the movie is paced out well with an awesome story full of twists and turns at every corner, the cast is fantastic Travolta is super cool and this is Jackmans best ever role too. The soundtrack is awesome and pumping with cool over the action, this is a super slick movie well worth checking out.
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