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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2015
The Maglite 2D LED torch is constructed from aircraft grade machined aluminium anodised inside and out with an exceptionally high quality of construction. As well as being constructed from a corrosive resistant material the battery compartment cap is fitted with a rubber water tight seal making this a truly all season all weather torch.

This is only the 6th torch I have ever purchased in my life and would state right off the bat that it is the joint most powerful torch I have ever owned, with the comparable torch being three times the size and nearly twice the cost of the Maglite 2D. It is also the best I have ever owned in terms of construction and quality of materials used.

The Maglite is not only far more powerful than expected, but also a little larger, a little too large for standing upright on a cupboard shelf but perfectly fine for a drawer or toolbox.

The following measurements are approximate, and taken with a digital calliper.

The handle measures 39.39mm in diameter.
The bulb cap measures 56.83mm in diameter.
The torch is 25.8cm total in length.
The handle is 19.5cm long.
The handle has a 7.7cm long textured grip patch on the handle.

There is also a 0.7mm textured band on the battery compartment cap and on the beam adjuster, which is welcomed as the parts of the torch without a textured grip on the body is very slippery.

The Maglite 2D takes two “D” batteries that are not included, and weights 648g with the batteries installed. The stated runtime is 8 Hours, although I’m not sure what batteries they used, but you can be sure that cheaper Alkaline ones will not last as long

The torch has a rated output of 134 Lumens, this being a measure of the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the “brighter” the lamp will appear.

The Candela rating is 37,567, which means it emits light with a luminous intensity of 37,567 candles. The colour temperature is quite high, I am unable to find official specs regarding this, but would state it was in the region of 4,000k to 5,000k.

On wide beam settings the torch easily lights up around 75% of my rear garden when standing at my back door, even doing a better job of lighting it up than the 120w of lights I have installed. Leaning out my loft window, it not only lit up my entire garden, but also part of my neighbours as well.

At 4am on a June morning just before sunrise on spot setting I was easily able to light up a house that according to Google is 495ft away, impressive considering it was far from dark outside.

I can also state for the record that the light from the bulb of the torch can be seen from at least a distance of 3092ft according to Google.

Unlike an incandescent bulb the LED requires no warm up time

There are 2 flaws with the Maglite 2D, one is a minor niggle and the other is rather more serious and while it will most likely not affect me, it will some and had I of known about it in advance I would probably have reconsidered my purchase.

The first very small fault is with the beam adjuster action, it just lacks the quality and finish of the rest of the product, it’s a little stiff and imprecise and far from tactile, but is at least functional.

The second is a fault I found by accident when reading a very detailed and highly technical review of the torch posted by “NewBie” on the Candle Power Forums with a thread titled “MagLite 2C/2D 4D 3W LED drop-in Technical Review”

Having replaced quite a few lights in our house with LED bulbs I was already fully aware how they work and that they are controlled by microchips and that they generate quite a bit of heat and that they require a heatsink to prevent them burning out.

Well, as it turns out the heatsink on the Maglite 2D might not quite be fit for purpose, and having tested NewBies theory and found that I concur with his findings

After the torch has been switched on constantly for around 11 mins the size of the beam on spot setting shrank by around 20%. So with prolonged use, it appears chip warms up, becomes less efficient drawing more power and reducing output.

The torch has a 10 year warranty, so if it gets damaged from overheating it shouldn’t be a problem getting it fixed just be aware it does not cover against bulb failure.
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on 7 January 2016
Having finally got fed up with a filament-bulbed 2D torch whose beam barely reached the ground, I decide to go for a bit of quality. And this Maglite is top quality. A really solid feel with nice simple lines. It also lights up the place like a searchlight. The packaging claims over 400m of beam throw and I can well believe it. The only trouble is that my oh-so-smart Collie has decided that we can now play Fetch in the pitch dark. So if you have a smart canine, stick to a candle in a jam jar. Otherwise, don't hesitate to get one.
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on 17 February 2014
This product is extremely sturdy and somewhat heavy for a torch, which is a good thing because a lighter torch would be easier to drop. Very easy to grip therefore, very nice feel in the hand, very powerful beam. Only grouch, battery life is not excellent. After maybe 3 Scout Camps, battery was done, however this was with extended use, so probably down to users own fault. However, depending on how you intend to use, very powerful tool, very nicely built and extremely useful.
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on 23 July 2013
This is a really well built torch, but suffers from poor battery life compared to my LED Lenser P7. It may be an improvement compared to previous Maglite models as mentioned by many reviewers.

Maglite requires 2 nos of D cells whereas the Lenser requires 4 AAA batteries. The light intensity is similar between the units. When I looked at the FL1 standard I realised that the rated battery life for Maglite is 9 h and 15 min compared to 130 h for P7. The worst bit is that it drains the batteries even when not in use. I will only recommend this if you have at least a pair of rechargeable D cells.
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on 11 July 2016
Great torch- we got it for dog walks this past winter. The beam goes really far and lights up our dog at quite some distance. We used it all through the winter season every night time walk and haven't had to change the batteries yet. Maglite are a little more costly but very durable and you get what you pay for in my opinion- a great product.
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on 18 May 2013
A 1st class quality torch which I feel will last quite a long time. When compared with other products which may be at a lower price there is no competition, and is worth paying the extra money.
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on 31 January 2014
After less than 6 months of use and regular battery changes this Maglite which is one of two I bought goes dim after about a week on new batteries. I use the torch for about 10 minutes every night when walking my dogs in area that aren't lit very well. A great product in the first 4 months but slowly deteriorates. Not impressed that I now have to buy another torch.
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on 22 July 2009
My sole reason for buying this 2 D cell Maglite was to replace my trusty 3D cell one. It was confiscated from carry-on baggage by Paris airport security as it was heavy enough to be a weapon. Not sure if two battery one will pass the test, but if taking on as carry-on baggage I suggest you stow the batteries separately to make it less scary.
Red is a great colour for finding a torch in a bag - better than black!

Been using Maglites for over 20 years - they are the best.
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on 22 March 2010
I am involved in a lot of model engineering and am forever dropping tiny components (e.g. 16B.A. nuts) on the floor where they manage to become invisible. A beam of light cast horizontally across the area does wonders in revealing their hiding places, but getting a light source with a strong enough focus and sufficient reliability proved difficult. All the torches I tried, in spite of advertising boasts to the contrary, were not really up to the job....until this one. Its performance is flawless and consistent. It has been worth its weight in gold (well, brass anyway). I am still on the three cells originally fitted with no signs of reduced performance in spite of considerable use. Highly recommended.
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on 31 March 2016
A very well made torch (as you would expect) which is surprisingly light in weight (I disagree with others) and extremely bright, providing enough light to be able to walk in darkness and illuminate things to a good standard. I chose this one because it was LED so would hopefully be brighter and more energy efficient, meaning the batteries would need changing less often. Also with LED, the bulb shouldn't need changing. However, my only gripe, is because it is so bright it needs batteries replacing rather often with a number of different batteries. I am trying to find a high capacity battery to try and maximise the time before they need changing again. Apart from this, which I expected, the torch is very good and would be suitable for anything and should indeed last a very long time!
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