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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 February 2007
I am a fan of all Hip Hop whether it be Brit, American, French you name it, accents and languages just dont bother me, I know good Hip Hop when I hear it and this here is top quality Hip Hop. I own a lot, and I mean a lot of Brittish Hip Hop albums and Lionheart Tussle With The Beast is a definete Top contender for Best Brittish Hip Hop album ever made. The production is flawless, some hardcore neck snappin' beats, some laid back and some in between. Then theres the lyrics, Klash is a lyrical genius spitting some of the most precise yet thought provoking lyrics Ive ever heard. Everything goes together perfectly on this album. So if you are a fan of genuine Hip Hop, not the pop/commercial ish thats destroying Hip Hop, buy this straight away.
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on 19 May 2007
I think this album and Sagas Of cements Klashnekoff as the best MC in the UK right now, it's good to see that it's been released on Low Life instead of a major as well, this can only strength British hip-hop.

[...] I can understand how you feel that Klashnekoff has not moved outside of his comfort zone as upon the surface it sounds similar to Focus Mode and Sagas Of but lyrically it is deeper with K revealing the treatment suffered at the hands of his own mother.

Once again Kyza spits some of the hottest rhymes on the album, "I'm ready for dead like Kamikaze bombers, the National Guard and the British Army wan' us" and "We cause fights in the clubs and raves, on the dancefloor we leave a trail of blood for days" being prime examples of his talent.

This is only second to Sagas Of for UK Hip-hop, a essential purchase.
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on 4 September 2007
Hey, before i start this, i just want to say - i am not a huge listener of Terra Firma, Klash or Kyza.. My knowledge of them are from other CD's i own and my favorite artists.

Im huge UK Hiphop fan, favorites: Jehst! PLC! Braintax! Lewis Parker! TaskForce! to name a few.. but there is many many more! I say this to just give u an idea of where i am coming from when i write this, so maybe u will understand me better..

OK, maybe i made a mistake by listening to the new NextMen Album, 'This was supposed to be the future' before this effort by Klashnekoff.. And because that album was so fresh and interesting, it has shadowed this CD?

I dont know, but what i do know is that this is by no means a top UK album like the previous reviewers have proclaimed.. and i am only writing this now to show how much i must disagree with them!

The beats are, although well made, a bit boring! I was disapointed right from the start as i could not really tell the difference between the first few tracks.. and this carried on threw the album and apart from a few tracks, never really shined..

Klash never really sounds comfortable on here, and seems to force it somewhat i think - he is a great rapper, and has great lyrics - but there is something that just doesnt sound right with him on here.. This is a big insult, but the couple times Kyza comes on, he blows Klash away i think..

Tunes that stand out to me:

6) Refuse To Die - it took 5 tracks to find a good 1, but it came!

8) Sayonara - Heard this on an old Skitz mix album bout 18-24 months ago, was top tune, was what made me start to notice TF and look out for them..

10) Bit By Bit - 1st tune where Klash shines for me - top lyrics, top beats.

14) Two Guns Blazing - Beats Beats Beats!

16) Make Ps - Catchy beats, good lyrics from Skiblah - on the cheesy side tho!! but still makes it to a standout track.... says alot i think.

All in all, this is not a bad album, infact im sure it will grow on me a little bit - but it is no where near a top UK hiphop album and does not deserve to be rated as 1.. this will never be a classic.. for me it will be one of them when, i am struggling to decide what to listen to, and i come across it and decide to give it a 2nd, 3rd, 4th chance etc..

Slightly better than average... 4/5

Unless u a hardcore TF/Klash fan.. i would skip this one - there is better albums to spend ur money on at the moment.
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on 10 December 2008
Well firstly what the hell is 'Rak' talking about !!!! You can tell he isn't a true hip-hop head who takes part in any of the arts, instead sits on the sidelines and criticizes the best combination of english artists in my opinion ever to get together. And all you have to do is listen carefully to the results.

I feel K-lash has explored delved and given a lot more of himself as an Mc in Lionheart than his previous works.
He talks about a broad range of topics addressing many different experiences throughout his life and does it in way so emotionally and compelling only K-lash knows how to.

As for Joe Buhdha well who could want a better producer assisting your lyrics. He started from scratch with all of his tracks recording and composing melodies and tunes you would think were taken from a golden age of music. NO SAMPLES !!!! INCREDIBLE

To summarise this album is absolute perfection. I only now feel sorry for K-lash/Buhdha as they have an enormously high quality level to maintain on future releases !! If you don't own this BUY IT NOW...
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on 3 March 2007
This is real British Hip Hop. It's not that 100 word a second MC rubbish you hear nowadays, where you can't understand a word they are saying. This has some great beats, some great samples and guests like Kool G Rap from the US. It has a nice mix of those tracks with great beats, and more slower ones with a more reggae (if thats right) and old school beats and meaningful lyrics. Klashnekoff is a lyrical champ, with some really deep lines with excellent rhyme. Glad he is trying to stay underground. A few too many skits, but at least half the tracks are excellent, and considering there a 3 skits, and an intro and outro, you will find yourself listening to most of the tracks over and over.
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on 28 February 2007
Sick album, Joe Buhdha's beats are sick, much more polished sound than Sagas of Klashnekoff. 2 Guns Blazing and Black Rose p2 are the 2 best tracks for me cos they show the 2 different sides of the album,one more grimey and the other more soulful. The only complain i got is that its abit short.
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on 29 October 2015
Inspirational lyrics and production from the UK underground!
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on 23 August 2014
not my fav low life of klashnekoff album
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on 13 April 2015
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on 12 March 2007
A big ole fat one. I know it easy to sit here and criticise saying blah blah...but its hard to escape the truth either.

Loads of rap fans in the UK have been waiting for the first LP proper from Klash and I'd say this is more Buddha's album than Klashs'. Although it is not adventurous enough to make much of an impact past small radio shows and one column reviews. Which is a shame as the quality of the style of production is immaculate and Joe Buddha obviously has the ability to make more varied music than this.

It seems that Klash has trapped himself in the role of `King Of The Road' and where he goes after this has been restricted. This isn't New York and whilst even in the bleaker days of the early 90s (where a lot of this seems to be set with Mobb Deep-ish beats) artists could shift 6 figures of units....I'll be interested to say how many `man dem' put their hand in their pocket to support this. You don't shift units from your community....its the people that want to be like you that will buy it, to buy into the lifestyle they're not part of.

Its not a bad album by any stretch of the imagination....its just that it seems to lack ANY real imagination outside his comfort zone. The problem that UK rappers face is that America is an expert at glamourisation. It makes death seem pretty at times. But over here, it comes across like it really is, grim, bleak and non attractive.

I only sound so damning cos I wanted so much more from this LP and it hasn't delivered. To be fair you have to compare it to similar releases in recent years like Roots Manuva, who whilst not always hitting the spot musically and lyrically is at least trying to take it somewhere different.
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