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on 14 October 2017
My husband was struggling to find the right bar for our folding bike. Ternjoe bike. Fits ferfect. Being using to attach to my 4 year okd kids bike. Easier to detach and just keep the bar on the side.
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on 2 November 2017
Great addition to our bike rides where my 3 yr old feels involved. Great product and delivery time.
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on 16 October 2017
all good
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on 17 April 2017
It's fantastic easy to disconnect bikes although does make my son somewhat lazy as he loves getting towed!!
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on 13 July 2017
The problems are with the receiving unit which is mounted on the child's bike, and I think the mix of reviews maybe maps to how compatible the receiving bike is with the current design of mount, and how far people cycle with it.

The receiving mount must not move at all, *and* needs to stay perfectly vertical. Any movement either laterally or vertically means the receiving bike will lean or bump, and once it starts leaning or bumping you have a giant lever with a 20kg weight on the other end making it worse.

The effect is that the child's bike drifts out to one side, either into the traffic or onto the kerb and you get a distinctly heart stopping moment. This is seriously dangerous.

For us, I tightened the mount so much it actually cut into the bike frame (see pic).
We tried a 5 mile journey along cycle paths which had some tree-rooted parts. For about the first 2 miles everything seemed fine, but then our child thankfully noticed something was up when their bike drifted over the central dividing line and we nearly took out a pedestrian. This loosening got worse, and the rest of our journey became a series of shorter hops between stops to re-align and try to tighten everything.

So why do some people get on just fine with it compared to others such as ourselves? I suggest the following:
* They have a lighter than average child's bike (reduce the weight on the giant lever)?
* They do not travel far (less time to work loose, fewer bumps)?
* Their passenger doesn't wriggle or shift their weight?
* The headstock on the receiving bike has a flatter front, (not flatter sides)?
* Their receiving unit had less vertical play when connected?

Practically the actual experience further impacts the successful use of this tow bar:
* Its not great when the rear rider shifts their weight
* If your child is caught by surprise and leans suddenly, you end up in a hedge or a road
* If your child accidentally puts backward pressure on the pedals, you get a big jolt as the rear-pedal brake kicks in
Because of those things, you cannot cycle much faster than the child can cycle themselves.

I guess it all comes down to physics: Can you get the receiving mount to stay tight enough to resist 20kg on the end of a 1.5 metre pole?

The reviews seemed to have a marmite-like split: People either loved it or hated it, with little in-between.
Unfortunately we hate this (unlike actual marmite), and think this should not be sold in its current state.
review image
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on 26 July 2017
Thank you for a fast shipment and good quality product!!!
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on 5 November 2017
Did not work!
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on 19 April 2013
This has been a great investment as with 3 boys on bikes, one of whom is only just off his stabilisers this enables all of us to get a decent trek in - my youngest, the 'towee' loves it.

In use it's a lot easier than expected to ride as the adult - there is some feel of weight shifting side to side and it takes some careful and secure (tight) fitting to prevent the parts moving slightly off center which affects performance considerably. Just pay attention to a solid fit initially and it'll be ok. If your child is into peddling this can be a surprising help on longer treks, but the option to tow them free wheeling is also a nice option (for your child at least!). The turning circle increases obviously, which you have to account for, as well as navigating any gaps - make sure you're in a straight line to allow for your passenger! Having said that the tow bar allows for a good degree of departure from a straight line so when turning there's no issue of forcing any bikes wheels in a direction they don't want to go in. Once assembled properly (took me a couple of hours) it's easy to attach and detach which is great for letting your child run free on easier/safer sections of your journey. On intial outings it's worth taking a compatible spanner/s with you to make any adjustments. Once you're happy any attaching/detaching is done by hand without any tools necessary.

All in all I would have paid the asking price to hire this for 3 or 4 outings - we've had a lot of fun out of it and intend to have plenty more! Recommended.
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on 3 June 2017
Bought from halfords as I needed the same day, the daughter loved it and we have just completed our first 20 mile ride, she was laughing for at least 16 of those miles.

I read the reviews on setting up and while it did take time it is pretty easy and straight forward, for those who struggle aligning I would suggest the following.

1.attach to your seat post the bracket only and align that by looking from the rear and looking down your top tube and top bar.

2. attach the pole and leave sat on your wheel down the center of your rear tire.

3. follow the instructions and attach the attachment to your childs bike the 1 of 3 ways which suits the bikes frame, tighten but not all the way so with a bit of force you can still twist it left or right.

4. get a second adult to hold the main bike straight up dont try this with the bike lent against wall, attach the childs bike and now you can align the childs rear wheel (dont use the child's front wheel for alignment!) with main bike rear wheel and the main bike top tube and tighten the bolts up as tight as you can get them.

5. Now finish the installation with attaching the child's handle bar lock.

I did this first time and the bike is perfectly aligned with no issues except it was picking the childs bike up too far off the floor, adding the 3 spaces provided to the bottom of the childs bike bracket fixed this.

And now one happy kid who can now go biking with dad, also be prepared as dad was unfit and towing the 2 of us was dam hard work lol
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on 5 February 2016
Installation wasn't easy, but not impossible either - have decided not to use this product as it is shredding my son's frame where it clamps on. That won't be an issue if your kid is using a cheap bike, but it wasn't something I was prepared to do to his brand new £150 bike.
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