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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2007
The Longest Journey is a long, interesting and beautifully designed 'point and click' adventure with an absorbing story and great characters. It's not a shoot 'em up or action game, and all the better for it.

There's a lot of dialogue, but it's central to the story and you can skip it if you wish via the 'esc' button. However, if you do, you may miss some clues.

The graphics and rendered backgrounds are excellent, although character mvement is a little stilted at times. The only minus of this game is that a very few of the puzzles and tasks are really quite illogical and may have you consulting a walkthrough.

The 'Explosiv' DVD release is XP compatible, whereas the original isn't. It seems to work fine on XP with the occasional crash if you double-click on the mouse (which makes the character run) too much.

This is actually a far better game than its sequel (Dreamfall) and is great value.
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on 30 May 2007
Let me first start by saying that until I played this game, I really wasn't into point-and-click adventure. I saw a review in PCGamer about Dreamfall - the sequel to The Longest Journey - and really liked the look of it. Having the mindset that I do, I had to own TLJ first, as I cannot bear missing parts of a story. I took the (for me) slightly hesitant step of hunting it down on eBay, and was not disappointed.

The story of TLJ is absolutely brilliant - I won't go into it here, as that's what the manufacturer's description is for. It is enough to say that from beginning to end, I was hooked, even to the point where I was playing quite late at night, which I don't often do. You really get a feel for the worlds you are in, and all of your actions feel like they have a purpose.

The graphics are very good for their time, and the voice-acting suits the characters really well. The cinematics and conversations are consistent and really help the story along. My only gripe with this game was that a couple of the puzzles felt slightly awkward and didn't seem to have a logical thought-process to work out the solution (the scenario where you either resort to looking at a guide or trying to use every object with something on the screen until it works). However, these are very minor, and did not affect my opinion of the game.

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a good story and who likes to feel a part of it. It is a very long game, but it is by no means too long - I would have liked a little more! Also, if you enjoy this, look at Dreamfall - it isn't as good as TLJ, but it continues the story.
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on 18 September 2007
I really, really loved this game. I found the story fascinating, charming and at times witty and funny. The game is excellent value for money, it is not called the longest journey for nothing and it takes a while to get through the thirteen chapters. If you like a cassic point and click adventure game you will really enjoy this game it has a charming story, stunning scenery and puzzles of a ranging difficulty.
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VINE VOICEon 26 May 2007
Be prepared for a VERY long journey. I had to be in the right sort of frame of mind to play this, as there was a lot of chatty dialogue to begin with in the story and I didn't feel that I was getting into the whole puzzle routine again. So, I waited... and patience seems to be a virtue.

The main character, April Ryan, is a most charming character. She is of the late teenage "trying to find myself" variety and is slowly drawn into an adventure. Puzzles at the beginning are everyday problems (trying to get money out of your boss so you can pay for a train ticket, for example) that become get stranger (using someone's fishing line so a catapult can be repaired, thus letting your grappling hook... etc.) - along with the story itself.

This a worthy addition to the adventure genre - you actually do care about the characters that are involved and the situations that they are involved in. If you buy this, be prepared for a long trek...

P.S. If the game keeps crashing on XP, then start under the Windows 98 compatability mode: Shortcut icon -> menu -> Properties -> Compatability.
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on 27 November 2007
If you've never played this game, but you are considering buying it due to the rave reviews published here, then I submit a word of caution. Don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant game, but it's far from everyone's 'cup of tea'.

The Longest Journey has many good points, but it also has a few dozen bad ones. My largest gripe is the fact that - despite rumours to the contrary - the storyline isn't that good at all. After discovering the storyline about 1/4 the way through the game, I was vastly disappointed, as I had been told that the story was brilliant, even original. Not the case. The fantasy/sci-fi crossover has been done before, and the idea of a balance between the two worlds is an old one (see Flight of Dragons, for starters). Indeed, being a writer myself, I saw most of the plot 'twists' coming a mile off, and was left - by the end of the game - thinking I could have done a whole lot better. Another let down on the storyteller department was the dialogue. Although I'm willing to bet that it suffered somewhat somewhere in translation, it still does not excuse some of the lines of speech that at times are downright corny, predictable and long-winded (most of the game is taken up by dialogue, and while there is nothing wrong with this, the dialogue is at times pointless and repetitive).

Story aside, TLJ has but a few inconsequential flaws. The animation is pretty bad, as are the blocky characters. I do not usually gripe about graphics, but in an adventure game, graphics keep the eye entertained in the middle of aforementioned lengthy dialogues (although I do have some great things to say about the graphics a little later). Another problem I had with the game was the often out-of-place course language. Sure, it's realistic, but the game itself isn't, so why stick a million f-words into a fantasy game that could otherwise be suitable for all ages? Seems a little ignorant to me.

And now the good points.

Firstly, let me start by saying that the voice acting is brilliant. When you consider some of the trashy lines they were given, the voice talent has done a remarkable job in fleshing out the characters with drama and subtlety alike, where required. It is in no small part to the acting, that the characters were given a life that is lasting and memorable. However, credit must be given to the writer for the creation of the main heroine, April Ryan, who is far from the a-typical girl. Some degree of thought has gone into the personality of April, and it shows, as you could quite easily imagine her as being a real person, with real likes, dislikes, fears and quirks. By the end of it, I found myself actually very fond of the little lady (and her sexy voice. (clears throat)).

And then there is the art of the game. This is probably the strongest point of the whole 50+ hours, as the music and imagery alike both leave a lasting impression on the soul, which is something a video-game rarely does. The scenes are vast, beautiful, sprawling with wonderful graphics (a "stark" contrast to the blocky characters) and intricate detail, and the music is haunting at times, and subtly provoking at others.

Like a film that - although fairly basic in plot - is an artistic experience that leaves a lasting impression, The Longest Journey will both frustrate and amaze you. However, if you have no interest in beautiful art, music, acting and characters, and dislike heavy dialogue, weak plots, and games which require you to think, I'd avoid this one if I were you. Fortunately, I'm not you, which is why I gave TLJ a 4 star rating.

Overall, I'd say that it's an experience. I'll leave it at that.
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on 27 November 2007
This game is one if the best I've ever played! The storyline is fantastic and easy to follow and it's quite a long game (not the type of game you can finish in a day!). I think the thing I love most about it is all of the locations! There is so much to explore! Great game, I highly recommend it!
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on 24 October 2008
This is one of the few games in my collection that I would never ever ever part with. The story is absolutely outstanding, a match to any best-selling novel. The voice acting is outstanding. Okay, the graphics are dated but the backgrounds are still really beautiful, if not the characters themselves. It's also a pleasantly long game, so you don't feel like you've rushed through it. Some of the puzzles are easy, some are hard, I felt it well balanced. I did have to look up a solution to 1 or 2.
I've replayed it a few times over the years, the magic is never lost on me.
I would never give a game 5 stars unless I felt it absolutely lived up to that. This game totally does.
No self-respecting point n click adventure fan should exclude this from their collection!
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on 21 November 2010
I don't normally bother to write reviews, but this game I felt I had to, its simply amazing, I go as far as to say its the best point and click adventure gam ever, its very long, very in depth, fantastic story, great puzzles, none of those silly hidden object games and all adventure and logical puzzles, the puzzles themselves are not too hard but hard enough that 'occassionally' might need a walkthrough, i think the difficulty is nicely balanced.

The graphics (for its age) are very good, many breath-taking backdrops and scenes, this game will grip and drag you in to a great a compelling tale.

Additional note, I have Windows 7 64 bit operating system, and this game still worked perfectly fine despite its age, so you no excuse not to buy it ;-)
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on 9 August 2010
This game has a great gameplay, characters, story and more! It's a very classic adventure game. April Ryan is an 18 year old student who discovers that she is a shifter; a person who can travel between worlds. While she lives in our world, called Stark, the world of science, there is another world, the world of magic, called Arcadia. Many weird things begin happening in Stark, because magic is leaking into our world. There are problems in the Balance between Stark and Arcadia, and April must go on a very long journey, where she will meet a lot of interesting characters and places. A truly wonderful game!
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on 1 May 2010
It was a great game to play; it had good characters and an interesting story. It had a lot of puzzles that were challenging but not impossible and you'd laugh at the end of the puzzle since it was so obvious but hard to spot initially. What appeals to me in this game is that the puzzles involves characters but doesn't have any boring conundrums like putting thing in an order or a sequence.

Report by Elyse Davey:
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