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on 4 November 2012
despite warnings about problems with this game I purchased it because it was the deluxe etd and it had a nice book, a CD and the first Longest Journey Game included at a cheap price. It has a starfire copy protection problem and after installation it won't let you get any further than a purple screen with a spaceship on it.The net gives you a million and one ways to crack/bypass/remove/insert dll36biscuitbanana codes/dire warnings of windows 7 destroying your computer, ignore all those & get the Dreamfall patch [I used the US version, I think it was V3, a little googling will take you to it] unzip & run it and hey presto the game works, otherwise it seems pretty much as the Longest Journey so far, the graphics are par for what is now an old game and it has the usual point click and description. It isn't Modern Warfare but it is a nice looking game and as far as I know MW doesn't have a purple monkey called Wonkers in it so it's DF 1 MW nil.
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on 12 October 2013
What an amazing box, it's so well presented and packed filled with stuff. The art book has a lot of pages in and some of the art is amazing. Also it's not made clear but it comes with both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall the longest journey, both games!
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on 23 September 2013
A wonderful story.
Total immersion in what is happening.
It remains in the memory for a lifetime.
Continuation of one of the best adventure games.
And the excellent Edition.
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on 4 November 2012
This is one of the most exciting games that I know of. I do not think that Amazon makes sense to write an overview of the game, you can find it elsewhere. Here it is necessary to describe the product, and so the box was dented in one place. Inside, everything is intact.
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on 12 July 2016
Since its release in 2006 I must have played Dreamfall at least... twenty times. It's a fantastic game with an absorbing storyline. If you've played the game then you'll know what I mean when I say that it is beautiful. The world of Arcadia, the land of magic, looks like it could be taken straight from a fairytale while Stark, the land of science, is cold yet intriguing in its own way.

Each world has its own conflicts. Stark has the EYE (the military) watching your every move and WATICORP, the tech giants (Apple, anyone?) are developing a product to control dreams. Arcadia, or Marcuria which is the town you are based in, has issues with magicals being ostracised by the Azadi (faith militant) and thrown into ghettos and not being allowed to practice their craft. So all of this going on with the politics of two parallel worlds and then you also have the added bonus of needing to save the day and stop the dream machines from going public.

The whole game is about balance and you'll find that as you play it you'll become fascinated by the lore of this world that has been lovingly developed by FunCom and Ragnar Tornquist. The characters are believable; the confused Zoe, the angsty April, and Kian who is struggling with his faith. Each character has aspects that one can relate to. They aren't just cardboard cut outs, they feel like real people. They're relatable and that's what makes this game one of THE best games I have ever played.

So the limited edition version - what do you get? Well, you get a copy of the soundtrack (which is, may I say, superb!), you get a copy of The Longest Journey and also a hardback book of concept art which is just beautiful!

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is a must-play for anyone with a PC. If you don't have time to play it watch some of the Let's Plays on YouTube (I recommend Cryaotic's) but believe me, you will not regret playing this game for yourself.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 21 February 2016
This is a first rate classic of old school adventure gaming with a wonderful story and characters you care for. In giving it 5 stars, I am taking into account when it was produced. By today's standards it is very dated and it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to play it except as a warm up to playing the more up to date sequel.

In case it gets expensive here, it's also available on steam.
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on 28 May 2011
I have been looking for the original The Longest Journey for quite some time now and when I saw this collector's edition that comprised of both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, it was too good a deal for me to miss out on. Both the games are great fun and brought back old memories. Definitely worth checking out if you're an adventure game fan like myself and if you haven't played these games before.
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on 5 February 2008
In a nutshell, brilliant fairy-tale story (Planescape Torment's story is the only game that comes close). Just sit back and take in two of the best adventure games the PC has to offer (to date Feb 2008!). Once you are finished with both, you WILL want another sequel and the various plots will have you thinking about the games even after completion.

First off, the contents. The limited edition comes with the original DVD (equivalent to the 2-CD version) of The Longest Journey (TLJ), the sequel on DVD, the 22-track CD soundtrack to Dreamfall and a hardback book containing concept drawings (some in colour) of Dreamfall. So if you haven't played any of the two games, the limited edition is a must! On my old AthlonXP2000/1.5Gb RAM with GeForce 7600GS and X-Fi, both ran flawlessly.

The graphics for TLJ aren't the best these days but trust me, that won't matter. Dreamfall, on higher settings at least, looks the bees knees of 2006. The voice acting is very, very convincing and the music is undoubtedly worth listening to outside the games. However, the story is the selling point. TLJ is the better of the two and deeper (by a bit; I'm even saying this, cutting a long story short, having played the sequel Dreamfall before TLJ - take-home-message: play TLJ first). The plot is very apt for those in their early 20s, at college/university. I say this because you will almost certainly empathise with the key characters, April and Zoe. The story is often sad at times, especially near each respective finale but also hilarious (the Crow!). There will be plot holes that need filling but that's where the sequel to Dreamfall should come in.

Gameplay is different for both. TLJ is click-and-she'll-move type affair, usually with the camera static, often viewing from quite a distance. Dreamfall is more Tomb Raider style i.e. more up-close moveable camera, sometimes annoying when in combat. Both games feature interesting puzzle elements. TLJ has no combat (April can't die by your hand) and the game lasts longer than Dreamfall. The combat in Dreamfall is reasonably easy. Some authors commented that the combat should have been omitted in Dreamfall, which is understandable. For me, Dreamfall was so heavily focused on story that the combat sequences provided a respite and did not detract from the plot.

By playing Dreamfall after TLJ, you will notice the welcome return of some of the original characters (and their voice actors) and locales. All of the characters you meet in these games are highly memorable and the story is balanced with enough detail without feeling overwhelming. The only downside is that in TLJ, you need Dreamfall in order to fill the plot holes. Dreamfall is a bit short and the combat takes getting used to. However, this edition gets 5 stars because it comes with both games. With the myriad of PC games focused on graphics and all out action, it is reassuring that games like Dreamfall are conceivable. The fact that I also thoroughly enjoyed TLJ supplied in this edition is a testament to its success, given that TLJ is over 7 years old!
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on 7 July 2009
First, I'd like to say that I absolutely loved those games, and that the packaging was pretty good. If you want to see reviews of the two games, I suggest you see the Xplosiv editions of those (Also on Amazon).
The only problem I encountered was that the Editor (Empire interactive) put a silly protection on the "Dreamfall" DVD.

Apparently, with this protection, if you have a Virtual CD/DVD -If you don't know what that is, you probably don't have any- and/or a Reader+Writer DVD , the Dreamfall DVD just won't boot. Your computer will act as if there was no DVD inserted. I couldn't find any solution for this, and since the Editor is now dead, I had no other options but borrow a copy( from another editor).
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on 2 July 2011
I bought the limited edition box set of "The Longest Journey", "Dreamfall - The Longest Journey" and the cd soundtrack & booklet.
I played the original game - The Longest Journey - no problems on Windows XP. However when I successfully installed "Dreamfall" the copyright accreditation software (StarForce) didn't recognise the disc as an original and requested a Disc Key. The former distributor Empire used to provide the required Disc Key when this issue used to arise (which it frequently does with the Windows version), however they are no longer around so I contacted Funcom. I was advised to return the disc to the retailer, however most retailers will not refund if a box set has been opened & used and the disc is neither damaged or defective. I requested a Disc Key & was advised that they are not able to provide replacement keys at this time.
I've trawled through online forums to find that a huge number of people have this issue on, I have also tried many suggested remedies, all to no avail.
I have contacted StarForce who will see if there's anything they can do, if successful I'll try to post the solution.
So anyone who downloads a pirated version can happily play Dreamfall whereas many of us who paid for the fully licensed version are blocked from doing so.
It seems to me that Funcoms' inadequate support service is not going to help the industry to encourage people to pay good money for original, licensed games.
So by all means buy Funcom games, just be aware that if there's an issue you might be on your own.
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