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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 13 December 2007
My wife thought that this pen would make a lovely Christmas gift for me and ordered it online. When the retailer emailed her asking which region type of pen she wanted, she was confused and neglected to reply to the message. About a week ago or so, the pen arrived via international courier and my wife presented it to me with a beatific smile and sparkles in her eyes.

Charmed by her thoughtful gift, I set down to jot some notes regarding a special remodeling project for the kitchen, but the pen refused to write. The crystalline barrel showed that the ink reservoir was topped off and there were no obstructions on the ball end, so I attempted to write once more. Alas, nothing appeared on my sheet of paper but scratches.

I frantically checked the package to see if there was some sort of activation process for the pen and stumbled across a warning note. Apparently the Writing Implement Association of America (WIAA) has established the UK as being part of distribution region 2, while North America is region 1. Because of the region differences, my imported pen will not work with region 1 8 1/2 x 11 inch letter-size paper - it only works on European (A4 and such) paper. Unfortunately the import duties on the pen itself cost quite a pretty penny, and I cannot afford to purchase appropriate-region paper to write on. I have looked up some so called "gray paper" import companies but I don't know if I altogether trust them.

If you're from the States like me, and you're interested in purchasing this fine writing implement, remember to specify the correct region!
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on 19 December 2007
I've found I can chew this pen for at least two working days, rarely do I end up with a mouthful of ink. A+++ highly tasty. It seems you can also write with it too.
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on 12 December 2007
I unlike most of the users on this site have yet to experience what they are relishing in. I cannot find the "ON" switch, and have tried everything. No manual came with this item which I feel is repugnant. I went online hoping for a PDF version of the manual, to no avail. I wish some of these companies would have customer support on these issues.
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on 24 December 2007
I ordered 300 of these individually gift wrapped for a client's wedding and was horrified to learn 14 minutes before the reception that this is NOT REAL CRYSTAL!!! From an arms length and after 3 stoli martinis this could easily pass for Ireland's finest leaded or even a clear quartz from the mines of Malay but one look under the jewelers glass and it was immediately apparent that Bic was using low grade plastique. I will give their craftsmen due credit for their obvious mastery with the grinding and polishing wheels, as i've rarely encountered such precision in a "cigarette cut" piece. But crystal? Snort! I THINK NOT!
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on 19 December 2007
This product is not edible.
Do not make the same mistake I did and with the lack of warning labels its easy to do so.

Do not consume this product as it is not edible.
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on 19 October 2011
This pen has been a wonderful investment. Previously I used to write ransom notes in my own blood, but the constant fainting meant all my kidnap victims got away. And cutting letters out of newspapers was useless because there were never enough zeros. But now with one of these little beauties to demand money, my dungeon is far tidier and I'm making out like a Somali pirate.
Thank you Amazon!

NB. If any real Somali Pirates find out about these pens, they'll have to close down whole shipping lanes.
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on 16 October 2008
Being a career criminal, extortionist, and blackmailer, i take great pride in the threatening letters I dispatch to my victims and their immediate family. For years I have used my own blood, because it's always handy.

Recently however, advances in DNA profiling have meant that I've had to consider other mediums as an alternative writing material. My wife has been at me for years to get one of these 'pen's that I'd often heard mentioned, but I thought that they were just a load of old nonsense for those soft 'city' types. I had seen people using them in the moving pictures, and I refuse to be drawn in by 'fads'.

Putting my skepticism aside for a moment, I decided to invest in one of these pens, and went in search of an appropriate model. Being a shrewd investor, I sensed that the Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Black might be a good choice. Firstly the ink color, black, appealed to me. The night is black, ravens are black, black pudding is black. And black pudding is black because of the blood in it. As mentioned previously, blood was my writing medium of choice, but if I could acquire a pen that offered the convenience of a pen, and without the light headedness and iron deficiency associated with regular blood writing, then I was on to a winner. I figure that the black ink will still have the desired effect when my clients read it, because they will still think it's blood, only *dried* blood. Which is arguably even more dramatic. "How did he write with dried blood? Why is his blood so dry to begin with? Maybe he's thirsty. Why is he bothering sending me this letter when he's so thirsty? He must *really* want his money if he's going to so much bother when he's so clearly thirsty. It'd be best if I just paid him. Maybe he could buy some orange juice with the money. Perhaps I'll leave a bottle of it with the money for him, poor chap."

In short, now that I'm a biro 'convert'. I shant be looking back.
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on 13 January 2011
Having unwrapped my new Bic pen from the two foot wide box Amazon sent it in, I happily started to write some memoirs in the A4 note pad I'd stolen from a small child earlier that day. With a bottle of Blue Nun and some sugar coated monkey nuts at my side, I set about penning my latest ode to existence, entitled 'If I Stick My Hand Up Here, Will My Dreams Come True?'.

For a blissful three hours the pen was wonderful. However as I wended my merry way into the fourth hour of composition, I noticed that the pen was no longer writing what I wanted it to! Instead of recounting the delightful time I went punting on the river with Reverend Chumley on that clear August day when the mescaline was really kicking in, it instead began to write out such odd epithets as: 'Bow to your lord and master Shaberoth, he of the tentacles and oddly shaped genitalia' & 'The sky will rain blood as Shaberoth comes down among you...and waves his oddly shaped genitalia'.

Imagine my surprise!

I was further amazed when said demon lord Shaberoth appeared from the end of the pen in a cloud of sulfur...and waved his oddly shaped genitalia at me. This didn't faze me, having played rugby in my younger days, and I subdued the hellspawn with large Blue Nun and all the monkey nuts he could eat.

So, while the pen did turn out to be possessed, a lovely evening was had by all - until Shaberoth ate my pet guinea pig Winklehoven. I had to kindly ask him to leave at that point.

Other than this slight problem, the pen was very reliable and I still have it.

Five stars!!
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on 7 December 2010
I dont see whats so specail about a crystel ballpoint, the spelling is no better than other pens ive used, thoughe i havent tried all the coulers. Why cant the seller be honest and just say 'rights nice but canot spell corectley'
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on 18 December 2007
Overall a good product, but I have a little discrepancy,

I tested the endurance of the ink by drawing tiny phalluses on my little brother's forehead while he was asleep. He managed to wash the pen off the next morning in time before he had to go to school with minnimal soap usage; it only took around 30 seconds of scrubbing to remove it. The previous ball point pen I tested left a mark for a couple of days. I would like some sort of explanation.
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